It finally arrived but a minor defect in screen

I’ve finally received my Eve Spectrum today. Overall set up was smooth and display looks great. Almost thought it was DOA as I’ve been pressing the wrong power button.

Anyway, I slowly realised something on the corner of my eye. There seem to be some kind of a really tiny bulge at the edge of the screen, which almost seems like a dirt inside the screen. Definitely not a pixel issue. Hence when the display is all white, it becomes especially obvious like it breaks the flow of the straight line.

I’ve attached the images for reference. Although its hard to show on photo unless I have a camera with macro lens.

Have just tried to contact support and pending their reply but not too sure what they can do about it.

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Ugh, haven’t received mine yet…I sure hope there aren’t many issues with these. Will take 3 years to get worked out. Did you contact support?

Lucky you, mine did not work from the very first date and now it is Sim
ply imposible to use…

Yellow stripe
HDMI wont recognize signal

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Yea I suppose this is a small thing but I am just a bit particular since we paid good money for it. Yes pending support to get back to me.