Is there anyone from Romania who ordered a V?


Just curious :smiley:


RO: Eu !
EN: Me!


Nice to hear! Did you order a V? Are you waiting for one to come?

I’m interested in finding out how the package arrives to me. Do you have any idea?


Waiting for a LB i7 V. Who knows when it’ll arrive :-?


I didn’t even bother to ask WHEN it’ll arrive :slight_smile: I know this is a difficult question to answer. I was wondering instead how will the package arrive to my door because the transport companies they are working with aren’t present in Romania (I have in mind 4px). Or is there one which does have some subsidiaries here? Hmm…


Well they will use their coop partners or something like that if DHL etc arent available in your country


Last time I ordered something from Italy I had to go to a postal office in Bucharest (I’m not from there); they said to me that they can’t send it to my location. Of course the package was in a very bad condition.

Yes, it’s Romanian postal office that I’m talking about and only the thought that it’s possible to have that experience again freaks me out. I hope this won’t be the case.