Is there an Eve V 2.0 Coming?


Kind of what they are doing with the Surface Pro since the 4 now.


I would recommend EveV 2.0 to use wacom EMR pen tech IF they ever plan on doing it. Works much better for artist than the crappy N-trig tech, so much jitter and palm rejection issues.


Assuming Eve-tech survives (which the team seem determined to manage through sheer force of will), I imagine there will be a new product. I mean, there’d have to be, or the company would be dead anyway.
I’m wondering if there will be something which is not a tablet. I’m not sure what it would be, maybe a phone or laptop, but Eve seems like the sort of company who wants to try new things rather than rehashing the same stuff, so they may go in a completely different direction.
But they may settle into the detachable 2-in-1 market.
We’ll just have to wait and see :slight_smile:


what does the SP use? The Wacom tech?


I believe it used Wacom for the first couple of generations, can’t recall if it was 3 or 4 when it switched to N-trig.


At first, Surface pro gen 1 to gen 2 uses wacom EMR. But gen 3 onwards, they started using N-trig(which they now call MPP “Microsoft Pen Protocol”) tech ever since.

It’s a real bummer seeing this because it has been 3 generations and yet the pen jitter issue still persists. Wacom’s is much more stable and well developed in this pen technology area.

That’s why my only wish is that if I had came earlier in Eve V development time, I would have suggested the folks/developers use Wacom tech instead…


oh interesting, not only your answers but then I looked and found this:

I have a Dell XPS 15" for bigger tasks and I never tried the Dell pen on the SP4 neither the other way round. I have a Bamboo (Wacom) pen for the SP…
I WOULD have liked to use only one pen for the two devices BUT that is tedious you have to pair it each time…
I did not yet experience annoying jittering…


a really good device on paper, not on your hand not on people hands, its just a paper and a dream. :smile:


you’re right. my Vilma is a dream. I can work with her everyday and she has never let me down since November 2017 when I got my package from eve… and there is still no device on the market that fits my needs better than the V… so there’s no question for me if the hardware is up to date. screen is up to date, 16gb ram and 512gb for under 2000€ is not reached by another 2in1 and 8-10 hours working silently without charging and a enerving fan sound is still awesome in 2019…


Here I fully agree with @dibadibadu - My V (which I got in March 2018 and missing parts in April 2018) is working without problems (except for known problem or as EVE support wrote engineering standard - loose/unusable upper USB-C port). But truth is - I pray daily for it as it is known that support and warranty replacements/repairs are nonexistent for now.


My V is also sick. It works like a charm. She isn’t perfect, has had a couple of ups and downs. But I’ve been able to resolve or work around all of them thanks to help from Eve Support and Forums. I have had experience with delayed responses but I’ve been helped on all my tickets in the end, even if it did require a few small nudges.