Is there an Eve V 2.0 Coming?


Do we know if there is an Eve V 2.0 in the work to rival the Surface Pro 6?


When they can’t even ship out orders and have trouble getting funding, I highly doubt that they have a version 2 in the works.


Somewhere they will have to, but as you said not before their biggest delivery/ support hurdles are taken.


Of course. The V is a great device for its value if you disregard all the controversy around it. Really hope they can put it behind them soon and begin development on other projects again.


I really hope the next project will be a quick rework of the V. Better kickstand (opening angle), narrower rim, less weight, next gen processor, keyboard from another supplier (this one is meh), available 12/2019. Rest of the specs should stay… and after that the next project should be a 8’-9’ always connected windows tablet with a snapdragon processor…


The V shines with its screen, the USB entries and the Thunderbold connection.
With the outstanding screen the flexible keyboard (pogo pins included) seems out of phase with the rest.
And a correct placed usb-c connector :zipper_mouth_face: And better heat dissipation/ trottling. And . . .

It should be interesting in collecting detailed V-user experience satisfaction/ ‘this could be better’ data.


that would be pretty big :rofl:
you mean 8"-9" (inches, not feet :wink: )


haha, for sure… but feet could be special, too… like a very big Surface hub…


Hmm interesting, lets poll this

  • Go Down: 10" or smaller.
  • Second Generation V
  • Go Up: 14" or larger.

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how about a 2nd Generation T1? Like a T2? I didn’t know Eve at that time, but would be curious. That was 10", wasnt it?


I’d also like a surface book competitor
I got some ideas for a two in one that’d I’d want to see implemented


Digitimes published a report claiming that tablet shipments are expected to drop over the years ahead.
They blame the increasing display size of smartphones for the decline.


I doubt it would affect Windows tablets. A cellphone will never be a replacement for a full Windows machine. People who buy Windows machines are well aware of its quirks and features, or otherwise they wouldnt have bought one in the first place


Considering Microsoft’s push to Windows 10S, the power and size of the iPad Pro, and Google releasing the Pixel Slate, I’d say the “average user” will probably move away from traditional operating systems to “app based” OSs which will probably bite into Windows’ market share and definitely affect sales of Windows tablets. Combine that with power users moving to Linux I’d say Windows tablets will definitely see a bit of a drop. How big that will be, only time will tell.


What you describe sounds like on a very looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong haul…
“time will tell” I wonder if I still will be alive on this earth by then :smiley:


Well, as the average age is climbing well beyond 80 years, it may encourage you to practice all the exercise_healthy eating_correct sleep pattern_eating unknown beens from Amazonia_avoiding depression advices on Internet.
Oh, sorry, dangerous advice: may induce stress :face_with_monocle:


:rofl: :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:



What if we dont have Eve V 2.0, but instead incremental updates…


I would like to see a 2.0 when the time is right, and maybe a recycle/refresh incentive.

Again when the time is right.


Undoubtedly down the line there will probably be an Eve V 2.0, hopefully not for a year or so though or it’ll feel like a bit of a kick in the teeth considering how many people are still waiting for their first gen Eve V.