Is the Eve V good for artists?

Hi Im Laura and new here, but i was so curious about the v! Ive been wanting to buy a surface pro 4 for a while now but i came across eve and not sure if i should save it for that. Im a young artist and wanted a laptop for on the go. SO i can doodle and do my work. To Take it with me everywhere i go. Its the reason i want one i dont care about the weight. I tried looking up people using the v (art wise) but not much luck. I am excited to grab a v though but i want one for drawing mostly. Can the eve support photoshop and other art programs? How does the pen nib/tip look like?


Hi, Eve is the company V is the product :wink:
@Prototypetester can give you more information about this or try looking for the info with the search function.

Edit: i also changed the title a little bit :wink:


Not a lot of testing has been done with the V prototypes in Photoshop, but from what I’ve seen in my short time playing with a proto the pen performance is not noticably better or worse than what I’m used to from my Wacom Cintiq 12WX.

Photoshop will run, of course, how well depends on what you do with it. I don’t foresee problems using it for sketching or painting, which is what I most look forward to doing with my V…


Hi Laura. I haven’t used the V but I know it uses the exact same pen technology as the surface pro 3(surface pro 3 and above pens work on the V).

Your best bet is to watch YouTube videos discussing SP3 pen performance, there are loads. also your mileage will vary depending on the software you use.

I will say though that I have been using a SP3 since it was released. I used it solely through my architecture degree and used the pen for all my concept sketches and lecture notes and basically cant live without it :).

From what I understand though the pen performance won’t be as good as the pro 4 or the new 2017 surface pro but the new one doesn’t come with the pen its $100 extra. The newest pen seems to be really good though and would be especially good for artists because of the tilt. Not sure if the tilt functionality of the new surface pen would work on the Eve v.


Pen debate aside, the V has other perks for artists. The keyboard has Bluetooth, meaning that, unlike other tablets like the Surface Pro, Spectre X2, Transformer Pro etc, even the Surface Book, if you want to put the tablet flat on the desk for drawing, the keyboard/trackpad is still usable on the V, which is a major plus. You can draw, and still use your keyboard shortcuts.


Probably a controversial response, but if art is your main thing I’d suggest looking v hard at the ipad pro which arguably has the best pen in this price range. No, it isn’t a PC, but it can do most basic stuff.

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oh i see my mistake thank you! and no problem

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I see thank you. I use other art programs but was just curious, seems like everyone uses photoshop? But yes just for drawing and painting and i look forward to the v too!

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For quick daily sketches I’ve actually taken to using Windows 10’s built-in Sketchpad. It doesn’t have a ton of features, and only a handful of tools available. Not even on the same continent as Photoshop. But it does a decent job at simulating a pencil, and I like the ‘infinite canvas’, where I can just move the paper around the screen without setting a size beforehand. It even supports tilt (though we have not yet confirmed if we’ll get tilt support on the V with a firmware update).

I’m also looking forward to trying Krita, which is free software that was designed from the ground up for digital drawing and painting, instead of PhotoShop which was built with more of a focus on photo editing. But I’m waiting to get my V before trying that one…


Hi @Whereislaurita Im a grafic designer myself and i bought the V as a hyperearly bird cause i think it perfectly fits my needs. I guess it comes down to the specs and also the tasks you wanna do.

As for me I need a device which I can take with me (cause i travel alot), edit photos, make logos, flyers, draw stuff, and do some webdesign. But if you want to render a Hollywood Movie its not the right device since you need alot more power for that.

On note to the pen: you can also connect the surface pen to the V device.

I hope that helps you making a decision. :smiley:


Would connecting the surface pen increase the speed/fluidity?

I think it uses the same technology as the Surface Pro 4. Am I wrong?


I may be wrong my memory is worse then a dead goldfish’s haha.

Edit: its not totally clear but you may be right. I think it uses the same tech as the SP4 but the same pressure sensitivity as SP3
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Hi, @Whereislaurita, you may want to check the videos in this other thread where a prototype was tested:

But I as @Attiq said, the best is to look for artist-oriented video reviews of the Surface Pro (3 or 4) and assume it will be very similar.


Hi Laura! I’m in the same situation and came out of lurking to give my two cents :wink:

I think the V would be very suited for what you seem to want to use it for (drawing on the go? Outside? Heck yes!) I myself am not going to buy an Ipad pro because I need to be able to do some 3d modelling as well as drawing/painting and I also don’t want to have to spend significantly extra for a pen and a keyboard. (And do not want to invest time learning new software)

Spec wise the V looks very solid to me, you would be fine with the i3 model probably. I myself use paint tool sai for drawing, it is about 50$ and makes really smooth lines, great if you make comic-y or manga looking stuff. The biggest advantage is that it is very easy on your computer and doesn’t require much to run.

Important for drawing is the pen sensitivity, the V’s pen has 1028 levels of sensitivity, which is good enough. It is lower than my current setup (2048 levels) I think it will affect line quality, which would make it more difficult to make clean lineart. (That is difficult either way though) if you aren’t used to anything right now, it’s really just a matter of practice. (I can eleborate about line quality, however it’s getting p long now, so ask me about it if you want to know :wink: )

Anyhoo, I hope this helps!


im so hooked on buying the V now thank you @Luxs !! i use paint tool sai as well, so it shouldn’t be a problem. But I’d like to know more if thats okay!

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Yep, thank you! and Iits decided V it is! Im very excited to get my hands on a V :blush:


I have to disagree with this. 1024 is more than adequate and 2048 is unnecessary, but looks good in marketing. As a professional artist since the early 90s i have used even 256 levels. I noticed the iump to 512 and again to 1024 but not to 2048…


The SP4 pen has 1024 pressure points as well :slight_smile: Just the SP pen has more plus the tilt.

What about the hinge?
How many degrees can we Open/tilt the kickstand?