iPhone X: What do you think? What would you change?


AFAIK Microsoft ownes the patent for fingerprint sensor anywhere in the display…


Lol, so until now you got to keep the phone? That just wouldn’t have worked in Lithuania… I would normally expect that you have to return the broken phone to get insurance money. Or at least send them a proof that it’s broken.


Good luck re-creating the durability of actually good quality aluminium with plastic without making it thicker… Lumias have quite thick frames, that’s why they don’t break…


That depends. Usually they don’t care, sometimes they want the broken phone back etc


There are already phones that do this, so these patents doesn’t really mean that it can’t be done.


Err… any examples? Because I’ve never seen that…


Well there was atleast one brand, Vivo that already has a “working copy” of the technology where the fingerprint scanner is under the screen.

Of course i dont think the technology is ready for primetime yet. Also that MS patent doesn’t really apply here as much as I read it, but anyways.

Also I think qualcomm already has created tech for this same thing.

IMO I dont think we will not see this implemented next year (maybe at the end of 2018 might be possible), it just reads as tech demo at this point.


OK. This is different from what I understand of screen fingerprint scanner. I thought of the whole screen as scanner, not just a special region. Every tap with the finger could be recognized and scanned if this finger is allowed to touch… We are far away from this tech…


Wouldn’t that waste energy to scan if that finger is legit with every single touch?
This would need to work 100% flawlessly as wel, which most fingerprint scanners don’t. People don’t mind having to touch their fingerprint scanner twice to unlock their phone every 20th time because it failed on the first try. But imagine the horror of typing something and every 20th character is missing because it didn’t recognise your finger because you tapped at a weird angle.

And you can’t hand someone your phone and let them save their number or dial their friend because their fingers aren’t allowed. No, I’ll gladly skip this piece of tech “advancement” :smiley:


This is how I understand the MS patent. But there surely should be a setting to turn this off or to just scan it when you try to open a app or tap on start-screen… Will be a big improvement together with double tap to wake up…


Addendum: Can’t wait for Consumer Reports to drop test the new Apple phone. :grin: I wonder what will happen?


Yeah but there are no actual phones (as in released products) that do this… This is just a prototype, isn’t it? Then it doesn’t count… Because maybe crapple also has a “prototype” doing it somewhere, you don’t know that…

That would be quite stupid, but I assume it would only scan the fingerprint when it needs to…


You know @pauliunas you’re a smart guy, and surely a smart guy as you realizes that if what you say ends up someone feeling insulted, it would seem to make it less probable for them to “get you”.

What happens when someone gets insulted, is that their fight-or-flight cognitive mechanism activates. There is nothing most of us can do to this, as it derives from our “lizard” portions of nerve system. This reaction, then, unfortunately prohibits rational thinking.

Seems a lot of people have over time asked you here not to use the word “crapple”. Should it result in someone being insulted or not and whether getting insulted about it is objectively defendable or not , is one thing.

Another thing is, that if these people end up getting insulted or annoyed by the use of it (whether they should or not, objectively speaking), what does it do psychologically to them in terms of their willingness to listen to your wisdom?

Does using this word, “Crapple” seem then to rather increase your chances of persuasion or diminish the chances?

What do you think?

edit: @Masters888 posts an example below


I see it as a total waste of my time to argue with @pauliunas about Apple.

You can google that Mark Twain famous quote about arguing with a special sort of people.


I’m not a fan of Apple either, but I sometimes enjoy using my iPad Pro, and use them extensively in my business.

However as you so eloquently said, derogatory phrases or remarks hardly makes that person believable, let alone persuasive.

You are correct!

I can openly admit and it has been seen by some of my past posts.
The derisive words and comments used by Paul have made me view most of his posts, if not all of them with disdain.
I now find most of his posts are hard for me to believe and that I have become judgmental towards them.

I know I am not alone in thinking this. Yet he does have a few followers.

Yes he is a smart guy. From what I have seen he is very smart.
I wish him well and I trust that he may one day see the other side of the coin so to speak.
Then I am sure he has the possibility of becoming someone who is admired


AFAIK patents work so that you can own a particular technical implementation, not a “solution”. Otherwise all “solutions” would be already patented and no competition between the technical implementations would exist.


Got you. You’re right. But are there other technical implementations patents out there. I’m just looking inside the ms-world…


Well, ok that actually came naturally without thinking :sweat_smile:
It wasn’t meant to make my comment more persuasive, that’s just what I call it all the time outside this community :stuck_out_tongue: Nobody has felt offended about it yet…


The idea was to push BT headphones, which is another universal standard, not Lightning headphones. This is true for virtually every phone with no 3.5mm jack, they’re all pushing for BT headset instead of whatever type of plug that the device has, be it Lightning or USB-C (though imo they should’ve shipped the device with a BT headset. This shows their lack of faith in BT by themselves. Same with wireless charger)

The adapter is useful for the transitional period, the same way early USB keyboards used to include a PS/2 adapter in the box. Also if you keep the adapter mounted to the headphones all the time, there is no difference than if it was a Lightning headphones. It’s all become one piece. Either way, you shouldn’t do it for long, only till you buy your next headset, which should be Bluetooth.


The best sounding headsets connect directly with a wire. The reason being, Bluetooth is a lossy format. Bluetooth is now somewhat better than it used to be but it will never equal a direct connection with a good output. Being an audio engineer, sound is important to me and I would NEVER do serious listening using Bluetooth anything. So…if you want to hear the best a phone can offer get a new LG or Sony with DAC converters and plug in. Forgetabout Apple and forgetabout MP3.

There are a few Bluetooth headsets that sound pretty good, that is they sound better than cheap crappy headsets. Good and bad, just like everything else. Do some research. FWIW Bose are not very accurate, Sony’s new model is way better. I’ve tried to keep this simple. I can get very technical.

To test this, try listening to a BT speaker wirelessly. Now plug the same device you are using as the source directly into the AUX input on the speaker. It will sound way better plugged in. Better highs, better lows and much better dynamic range.