iPhone X: What do you think? What would you change?


I can clearly sense that you have not even touched on the X. Dismissing the FaceID is the biggest mistake. Even after two hours of use I didn’t care about touchid if anymore.

TouchID is also cumbersome, it makes you do extra work with your fingers. Also FaceID shows it’s strength with apps. With touchid you would launch an app, move your finger to the Touchid ( after the phone asks you to) and get it unlocked, with faceid you just launch the app, nothing extra is really needed as the phone is pretty much already on your hands facing your face.

Also don’t compare the lumias “scanner” to FaceID as it’s so far ahead. It’s a completely different world.


Uh… You still have to stare at the screen. And you need to direct the screen your way. What if the phone is laying on a table? Yeah right, you have to pick it up and aim at your face. Stupid.


This is actuallly the only flaw I see with FaceID, and it’s a very unique situation. I rather use my fingers still.


That can also to be made to work on the desk. There was an article with the trick.

EDIT: But yes in these situations TouchID/FP Sensor would be better.


Yeah, right. They’re exactly the same thing, minus some extra computing power.
Face ID is a gimmick. I will try to make it to an Apple store in the near future, as there are about 3 near me, but I really don’t think it’s going to change my opinion.

I can tell you’ve never used Touch ID. Calling this cumbersome is like calling breathing a bother. Touch ID comes naturally, and involves ZERO effort. Staring at a phone for Face ID should involve zero effort as well, but that is not always the case.


nope they really are not. There is much more “sensors” doing stuff in the X, even inside the phone.

Well personal preference then. Lets put it this way. When I use my iPhone 7 or 6s Plus and open an app from the top row of the home screen. That happens to be something that has TouchID support so it’s locked and needs my finger on the TouchID to unlock the app. At that point i need to move my finger to the touchid, so there is the extra work. Of course its not so big in the smaller phones but with the Plus versions it really is.


This is like the epitome of first world problems :roll_eyes:


As I understood it, the Face ID actually works pretty similar to the windows hello cameras for the Surface line, so i.e. it scans your whole face with infrared making it very secure and also very good in detecting your face in very different angles and directions and thus far superior to the Lumia 950 and S8 in terms of facial recognition.

And to add something to the whole iPhone X thing: On the spec sheet it actually sounds like the best phone out there right now to me as it combines everything available techwise (without adding anything new as always), but glass back and this price is just ludicrous to me. I actually like to be able to hold my phone without a case, which just isn’t possible with iPhones since a really long time. They’re just thin and slippery…

Thinking about it, it actually feels a bit like Apple hasn’t added all the current technical standards in the last few generations of iPhones to present something “new and revolutionary” with the iPhone X as it is the first iPhone to have the same features as the competitors.


My suggestion for the slip-problem…


There is no way to make it workbecause the camera can’t physically see you. Unless you putit under a mirror lol…


Can’t test it at the moment as I had to give the device back to Apple.

Yeah it won’t completely replace touchid but still imho I like it more than Apples TouchID


Lol that article is ssooooo retarded… Basically it just tells you to scan your face from the bottom side. OK, you know what, I see two huge issues here.

  1. It won’t work well in “normal” position anymore. Since you teach it to recognize your face only from the bottom, you will always have to hold it somewhere down so that it can see under your chin.
  2. It still won’t always work on a table, because your head needs to be above it. That means either sliding the phone closer to you (which is the same as picking it up) or stretching your neck to make your chin visible to it. Which is even worse.


Does anyone think that FaceID would still exist if Apple had figured out how to put the fingerprint scanner under the display?


That’s a good question. Maybe not, but a combination of both could be the most convenient actually. A fingerprint sensor that works anywhere on the screen and facial recognition that unlocks the phone while looking at it. The use of the lock screen would become obsolete then though, when you’re phone is basically always unlocking :smiley: and I actually like lock screens. I oftentimes don’t even need to unlock my phone.


I stand by this comment for all phones. Dumb trend…glass phones. Might as well live in a glass house.


You did not happen to drop it, did you?


Or then just don’t throw it around or drop it.


You know what, let’s make a car made of some shitty plastic. You will say “no issue, just keep it in a garage and don’t go over 50km/h”. I mean, this comment you just made is of the same level of irony. Just don’t use the phone and glass is OK.


The cost of repairing a simple drop is more than my entire phone cost. Crazy.


My boyfriend has a Samsung Edge and I believe the back is made of glass because yes, it’s all shinny, but it feels so slippery in my hands I can’t remember how many times it almost got out of my control.