Introducing myself and Memes to this Galactic Senate


Hello There!

I’m new to this community. I ordered a m3 V in December. It may arrive in march. is my second home. Hence, I shall joy you with fine additions from my collection. Starting right now:


Welcome :grinning:

I am on the same boat: waiting for my flash sale m3 V


I shall embrace your memes with open hands .


Welcome to the V community.
It’s a high diversity place for sure, as a galactic senate always is :blush:


I AM the Senate.You won’t stop me! Darth V will become more powerful than either of us!


Oh help :scream:

Dont panic, there must be some psychiatric help available somewhere in this community… Is there ? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Oh, I don’t think so


General Kenobi Difripps, you are a bold one.


Don’t worry…I’m a therapist! (and yes, I’ve been taking notes…you know who you are!) :wink:


You know why I’m in the Eve community? I love democracy. :kissing_closed_eyes: