Introducing my concept : eve-V-PHONE ! FINALLY!


No dual-SIM?
No FM-radio?
Why shoud I buy that one instead of any other phone? Esp. if it came with Windows?

The overall design (except for the keyboard) is really cool, but about the internals we’d have to talk more :slight_smile:


Doesn’t this mean dual SIM? Also, its unique feature is the multi-boot that allows you to run Windows (probably the real Windows instead of WPhone), Android and Linux


If battery lasts for 4 hours real use, I’d put a core M too :joy:


Actually, current top tier Snapdragon processors have TDP around 2-3W (sorry, can’t find the source of this anymore), so a 3.5W Core M would do just fine. Especially since there are phones with 2 day battery life - put the same battery together with a Core M and you still have a “normal” full-day battery life.


me also. I rather would prefer the core m, even that Microsoft is promising, that windows will run on Qualcomm CPUs very soon.


So he edited his post, nice.
And multi-boot is not that unique, rather a rare feature; btw I doubt Eve would ever work on a good multi-boot. If you can’t make it work on a tablet, you won’t make it work in a smartphone.


Well, multi-boot doesn’t really require much extra effort. The only concern is if all the chosen operating systems work properly. Linux doesn’t work properly on tablets (at least without complicated tweaking), so Eve couldn’t ship V with it. But both Windows Phone and Android run perfectly fine on phones, without extra tweaks to the OS, so I don’t see why they couldn’t make it work. Well, in fact I do see a reason - most manufacturers want to keep their bootloaders locked to have less warranty claims, but I think it’s just the time to stop this nonsense and start making smartphones with fully unlocked bootloaders. Just like PCs: warranty covers the hardware, but not software.


Really like the specs and especially the button layout.

Don’t really like the shape of the body of the phone.

I’d much rather have a similar style to the old Nokia bar phones, like this:

Or this:

Or, roughly, if you took that new HP Elite x3 and threw some color into it.
Then put a fingerprint scanner on the power button (like Eve V) or on the back (Like HP Elite x3).

Edit: One more thing I didn’t see - Qi Charging. This is a MUST for me in any phone. I don’t understand why manufactures have moved away from this.


I wish that more network providers in America would embrace Dual-SIM. My Lumia 950XL has it, but the way data plans are structured here, I can’t afford to use it. To have a data plan by itself from a different company than my main phone company would cost the same as what I’m paying for talk + text + data. It sucks since I think it would be quite useful in some regions my provider doesn’t cover.


Missing : Dual SIM, with Radio, Should have all sensors…standout with other competitor (especailly Nokia & Microsoft to come up disruptive smartphone 2017)


Headphone jack?

I am not a big fan of the glass back … other than that… looks nice…


I’d love for Eve to make a phone one day, but with the competition already out there having their licenses over everything, it’d be difficult to make it perfectly usable. Obviously a suggestion would be for Eve to make the own OS which would be amazing, but then there’s the talk of the app market and the security.
I don’t know whether Microsoft allows other companies to use their mobile OS, if so Eve could make there own changes to it. I know we don’t like bloatware on our software here but Windows Mobile does need a lot of changes to bring it to the level of Android and iOS.


well… i knw this kind of question will cme up… so yes, it’s support headphone jack :wink:


There is one quite huge problem with this jack… It’s not in a flat surface, so very few plugs will fit. In most cases, the plastic portion of the plug will prevent it from fully inserting

@Usmaan why would Eve make their own OS??? There’s Android, which you can freely use on any phone you want, with a really minimal fee for Google apps. And Microsoft is desperately trying to get other OEMs to produce Windows Phone devices (well, at least they were some months ago, I’m not sure if they’ve decided to kill the project now or not). So that wouldn’t be hard either - in fact, maybe even easier than Android, since we could get Microsoft’s help.

By the way, Windows Mobile was discontinued back in 2010, so let’s call it Windows Phone. Or Windows 10 Mobile, if you like the official name. Anyway… What changes would you want in the OS? IMO it’s actually a much better OS than Android, no customization needed. The only problem is lack of apps.


Eve is primarily a hardware company. Making an OS isn’t done overnight, and while I don’t underestimate anyone, I just don’t think Eve has the competence to make an OS.
Perhaps down the line, when Eve is larger (perhaps one of the tech giants), they might have the people to work on an OS, but the space is already starting to get crowded. But who knows what is to come?


I prefer Windows 10 Mobile to Android too. But it does try to take a lot from the desktop Windows 10 which just doesn’t work. I’d prefer for it to have Windows than Android anyway, just the apps would definitely be the problem


What do you mean? :confused:


I have the same question as @pauliunas Also, if I understand you correctly, I feel like it’s the other way around. I’ve been using Windows phones since 2012, and I feel like Windows 10 for desktop took a lot from Windows Phone/Mobile. All the stuff people said they didn’t like about Windows Phone is now implemented in Windows 10, and yet it seems to be selling like hotcakes even though Windows 10 Mobile is left stagnating.


In my opinion, the reason Windows isn’t up there with Android and IOS is the resemblance to a desktop PC that Microsoft gives. The common market just think it’s smaller version of Windows 10 rather than a dedicated mobile OS. Which is something that Microsoft wants to do, create a very similar experience from the PC to the phone


And… HOW does it ressemble a desktop OS? O.o

@gkmess actually they included some Windows Phone features (mainly the design) in Windows 8, and people didn’t like them, mostly. I liked them, but I guess I belong to a minority. In Windows 10, some of those features got removed and I think that’s why people like it. I’m again in the minority, since I hate Windows 10 for all its bugs.