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Recently my V has been finicky about charging. I currently can only use one outlet in the house to charge even though all my other outlets work (I haven’t tested them with a meter though). The charger plugs into the outlets both ways so I have to check before I sit down to see if it’s actually charging. It will not charge out of the lower USB-C port at all. When plugged into the Thuderbolt port, it goes in and out of charging status. It’s currently on battery saver mode EVEN with it plugged into the outlet and it was charging 30 seconds ago. The cable is secure in the port on the computer and the charger. Who’s got answers?


It’s maybe not be the same but I experienced similar problems recently and discovered that it was my USB charging cable that had, over the last few weeks deteriorated until it no longer works. I’m not complaining about the quality of the supplied cable as it’s had to travel around quite a bit and I must have introduced a break in it,

Good quality replacement sourced and everything now OK.


Yeah…my usb c cable just stopped working recently, doesnt charge the device at all. So i recommend getting a new ca le from the shols cause getting it replaced under warranty in gonna take more that a month. Also sometimes the prong on the au adapter are bent and that does affect the overall charging ability.


Thanks. I’ll get a quality cable and see if that makes a difference. Hopefully it’s not the port.


Hi everyone, I faced some charging issue too, mainly on the upper port which felt a bit loose when I plugged the charging cable. Tonigtht I tried to reverse the plug in the port, and great surprise, it wasn’t loose anymore, and the charge was without problem.
I don’t know if it due to the cable or the port. Nevertheless, it can be useful to have a spare cable in his bag…


I’ve seen several USB-C cables go bad without warning. The internals on the cable ends just get loose and stop making contact.


USB Type C cables can be a bit different from each brand and also each brand can have their diffrent design and manufacturing tolerence.

Therefore, different brand can make a diffrent from your current one, just don’t lost hope. Find the one that might be right for you.


I ordered a Belkin and another brand. Both work well. Charging resumed. Thanks.


Wow great.

Hope others who have this kind of problem can find the right cable for their machine too.


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