Insert PF Memes and GIFs HERE


Hello Guys,
Since the Pyramid Flipper isn’t brainwashing customers like Apple, we need memes and GIFs to spread the word and help in a viral marketing campaign.
So, send your memes and GIFs here.
Unleash your inner creativity! :grinning:

Here’s my first attempt. Don’t judge me :smile:

It’s from Thrift Shop - Ryan Lewis and Mackemore


Its not a meme per se but it’s quite ridic :smiley: It never stops to amaze me how many Eves there are ! :smiley:
<img src="/uploads/eve/original/1X/967b4806bd9dfef883d4f187b4550c7627c14681.png" width=“690” height=“371”

WTF is that big Eve fish? We are apparently a German electronics distributor:D

Just mail me f you need these. Community memebrs get 10% discount :slight_smile:


The tempting snake is Mr. Middle man.



@Ervin 's poetry in I Hate Bloatware -thread made me think…

Is this a saluation to flipping success of PF?


U.F.O. Sighting?

Unidentified Flipping Object must have done this.


Golden oldie:

And our answer:


That made me think of Guardians of the Galaxy, which led me to this:

I think it applies to Pyramid Flipper as well.




I have discovered this treasure that @Antony Terrence started in May and wanted to bring it back to see what happens :slight_smile:


I was so jobless I made a thread for memes. Good heavens :joy:


Lol somehow I missed this last year. Hilarious! Thanks for resurrecting it :laughing:




Just reverse the part where two minions flip the pyramid and we have a winning GIF! :grin:


For some reason, this seems very fitting, since most companies on the market don’t listen to their customers.


Perfect :heart_eyes:


But you’re missing the point :stuck_out_tongue: they were trying to build an inverted pyramid, it fell down and became a normal pyramid. Then minion A decided to just flip the drawing back to normal, but minion B hit him in the head because an inverted pyramid is what they need :smiley:


Didn’t think of it that way.