Indiegogo Stretch goals Part 2. Let's lock first goal down!


UPDATE: Mozo pouch won! Let’s see which one exactly. Join the discussion here.

Hi guys!

Thanks for your ideas in the previous thread

We have discussed all of the ideas among our team and came to the conclusion that now it’s time we do some voting:D
Some options were more doable within our timeframe than others. Also some of the items need to be further evaluated like eGPU and LTE, so here is the list of things that could work out for our first stretch goal. The first stretch goal? Let’s make it 1.2 million (250k to go)

Select the item you would most like to get once we reach our goal. After we reach the first goal we will have a similar vote about more items.

So here we go:

What would you like to receive once we reach 1.2 million stretch goal?

  • Tempered glass screen protector (Not a cheap and wobbly one :blush:)
  • Extra tips for the Eve Pen
  • Type C to HDMI adapter (cable)
  • Second power cable
  • Premium pouch designed by Mozo at a breakeven price! (You can see potential pouch pictures below)

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You can see some pouch options in the link below:

P.S. We are working on GPS and if it works well in our final test we will include it at no additional cost!
P.S.S. We are also working on the LTE model and will keep you updated

Eve V - Screen protector

Maybe the pouch could have “V limited edition” written on it


Good idea @tiktoktoyatoya that’s completely doable!


Hi Konstantinos, do you think that the glass Protector could be factory-installed? Especially if it’s not a wobbly one, might as well place it “properly”. I’ve done it few times before, but there is always the odd one that doesn’t want to play ball!


Will def uprade my order when I get my confirmation email! :smile:
I had originally picked the i5 but must have had something to do with the backend sales crash settled for m3. .
IMHO, it’s things like the gps and 16 Gb ram that srt us apart from the mainstream market and gets us the publicity.


Yes for sure it’s possible. But we are not sure if all the users would like to have it. I personally don’t like screen protectors:) Also screen protector will reduce Anti-Reflection coating performance (as it ads reflectance). so I really think it should be a choice of each user.


If pen tips are not the Stretch goal, will we be able to buy them in the online store? Also, would the Microsoft Pen tips work?


We will test our tips with Microsoft’s. But for sure our pen tips will be available in the web store!


@shakeyhome Roger! Work in progress :slight_smile:


The pouches look great, but before I click a button, can you estimate (definitely not a promise) what a breakeven price might be?


Around 15-25 USD as some of them have leather :slight_smile:


Wow, that is surprisingly cheap!


Enable the pen on the touch pad or make the entire bottom area of the keyboard as a long touch pad so that I can write on it with the stylus. This would kill the apple second screen ( which make no sense to me)



20 character limit


Let me clarify one thing: so if we reach this stretch goal (say 1.25M), everyone who ordered will get a free Mozo bag??? that would be amazing!


That was my question as well @pauliunas


If we reach 1.2 mil Everyone would get Mozo bag at the breakeven price. So around 15-25USD (Depends on the bag we choose) We will not make any profit on it and offer it at a cost taking part of the price on us:)


Konstantinos Just replied to this question some minutes ago, they will cost around 15/25 USD


Oh, so basically a discount? I’m afraid I don’t fully understand what “breakeven price” means :stuck_out_tongue:


The last Mozo case (black case with perforated section) is by far the best looking one. Very premium.
I’m not so keen on the “Limited Edition” text on the case though. Just the V logo would be nice, clean and simple to have embossed within the leather