Indiegogo Stretch Goals! Let's figure it out!


Hi Dudes!

Lately, there were a lot of people suggesting us to set up stretch goals. As always we ask community:)

So guys what do you think about stretch goals? It would be amazing to hear your ideas on what could we offer!

For those of you who don’t know what a stretch goal is:
When project on Indiegogo reaches certain limit all backers get something (like an additional color to choose from)

Let us know your thoughts!

Suggestions so far. Poll will be made soon:) :

  • GPS
  • Different color keyboard / Alcantara
  • Different device color
  • Protective case
  • Screen protector Tempered Glass
  • Spare nibs for the pen
  • Eve Points = Buy what you want with it later :blush:
  • Eve Camera
  • LTE
  • Docking station
  • Type C to HDMI
  • eGPU
  • Linux
  • Win 10 Pro
  • Second Power Cord
  • eGPU discount voucher


Seriously though. Perhaps a slightly better camera?
Different colour keyboard?
Different colour?
Slip case?
Screen protector?


I’d love a screen protector, or a slip case.
Spare nibs for the pen? Or a second pen for when you lose it?

and a slightly better camera would be awesome, but maybe too costly for a freebee.

Oh, what about Eve points?



These are the most important things to me, too. I’m wondering if @Konstantinos can answer this: can we use the pen tips of the Surface pen on the Eve Pen? That would be just great!


If possible a keyboard - metal and with a hinge (so no need for kickstand). dGPU would also be a nice addition, as would be an HDMI port, a SD card slot, an Ethernet port and who knows, a battery? Wireless capability too.

This keyboard would probably be too expensive but who knows?

And since the campaign perks have almost finished, why do you now ask about stretch goals? After all there are now more than 850k worth of orders and there’s not much more you will do from the campaign unless you make more perks.


LTE. And a cool carry case with handles


A question: Is there a way to sticky a User post to a point in the conversation? I feel like it might be pretty useful if we had one post that kept track of all the things mentioned, so that things don’t get lost in the stream of new things…


A slip case, a screen protector and a docking station with integrated battery. All the necessary for a very intense weekend without a plug.


Guys, remember to be realistic. Giving all the backers a docking station would bankrupt the company. I love free stuff as much as the next guy!


True True. A dongle may be realistic though.


I completely forgot you had to give the backers the stuff :joy: so forget that keyboard I mentioned. :wink:


yeah, or I remember someone mentioned a custom cord to charge the keyboard when not attached…


What about localized keyboard layouts? And for those who don’t need it - something else.


Of course I would like an upgraded version with LTE, properly attachable keyboard with metal hinges, exchangeable SSD and CPU.

However, I will be content with what I will receive and have paid for. And then, there will be excellent, related products to follow.

And, what is wrong with cranking up the production and let it run for a while to make customers happy and proper money for the company. That way it survives and has money to spend on new product development and people who can handle the enormous amount of ideas, expert views and chatter.

Long live crowd development, long live EVE Tech

I remember seeing a feature about Borgward, car builder from Bremen, who went bust in the 1950s because he made too many modifications to existing models (and a crap CFO I guess).
Never made enough money although his cars were great and ahead of their time.


Others have suggested a proper keyboard with a proper hinge - I agree. I want to be able to use the machine on my lap, so using the kickstand is dubious; if it really ships without being able to prop itself up, I might have to come up with a workaround, like a case that helps prop it up, or something. I have a Thinkpad Helix (not the latest model, the one before) which has an excellent hinge design: the machine detaches, but when it’s attached it opens and closes just like a real laptop. And in practice that’s how I use it - I hardly ever detach it, because who wants to make do with an onscreen keyboard when a real one is available. I have it on my lap almost every day on the metro, and I’m a developer so I do more typing than anything else.

Failing that, umm those pogo pins are going to be documented, right? In case I make my own keyboard for it. I’d even be interested in making a laptop-sized ergodox keyboard as an aftermarket thing. Do the pogo pins expose USB? So a keyboard could add a USB hub for more ports and devices? I hope you can charge the battery via those pins too?

How about two SDXC slots, one micro and one regular?

Iris graphics. On the i7 model at least, I’d practically insist.

Let’s make sure the stylus is really a battery-free, passive one; I’m seeing conflicting reports here: in one thread it was said the pen will take a AAAA battery, in another it was said that it uses capacitive technology so it is powered by the screen. Ideally it should be a real Wacom digitizer. But on my Helix, that has not been reliable: it simply stopped working for a long time, then I got it fixed under warranty, then it stopped working again - but on rare occasions it will work when I’m lucky. I want the stylus to be reliable and accurate and not to need batteries. Like the one on my old Galaxy Note, for example, or any of the good old reliable Wacom tablets.

Yes a docking station would be nice… even if it’s not included, just so it doesn’t cost too much. Unless of course there’s already a perfect USB-C docking station out there, which does everything with one connection, then maybe we don’t need a custom one.

Make sure that with proper cooling, there are no performance limitations. How about design the back side with extra surface area somehow, instead of smooth? Like a honeycomb pattern, or some ribs or something. Otherwise I guess I have to point a fan at the machine when I compile for too long, right?


Maybe it would be helpful if we understood what things were locked down and not possible to be altered/enhanced (e.g. anything inside the chassis, like camera?). Should we limit suggestions to ‘accessories’?


I’m sure someone will short list this with real possibilities and have a poll.


When you get the EVE V on Indiegogo how will you get receipt?


BTW I have no intention of actually running Windows on it, so please make sure there aren’t any big obstacles with Linux.