In Order to Regain My Trust, Eve Must


Thats clearly your perspective


Everyone has “his/her” perspective … question is which one is the right one.



That question will never be determined here as even the short history of this forum proves time and time again.

The question of loyalty is nothing more than a frivolous and complete waste of time on this forum.

It and only serves further to fan the flames of disappointment,frustration and anger for those suffering from those feelings. I can only guess for those of us who are loyal and satisfied, so I can only speak for my self that I will not post my view about it except discuss the irrelevance of asking such a vapid and useless question in the first place.

This question is nothing more than something for each and all here to continue to debate and disagree on something that will serve no purpose other than to the satisfy the ego and amusement of the person asking this question.


Marvellous work as per


I just want my money back…


What do you mean by this statement? Just trying to clarify to make sure I understand what you are asking me.

I’m not sure how I’m implicated nor what you are saying I’m being implicated in. I’m not part of the Eve team.

Let me see if I can elaboarate on why Eve still has my trust. I don’t see lies and scandal. I see a serious of events that forced Eve into a bad situation. If they weren’t a new company they may have been able to see some of it coming and avoided it but they don’t have level of experience.

Yes, communication could have been better at times but I think it’s been tough for them to figure out the right approach. There’s NDAs that prevent them from sharing some info that we would all like to hear, info that maybe they need to keep quiet about to bolster investor confidence, things they would like to share but aren’t concrete enough yet, things they think are concrete so they share them and then a supplier does something that changes things and Eve is forced to back pedal. It’s not easy. As I wrote in a previous thread, my observation on updates when things aren’t going well has been…

“”-If there’s no update someone will complain and say “You need to at least tell us that nothing has changed. A non-update is better than no update.”

If the update is basic (non-update) then someone complains and says, “That’s not an update. Why won’t you tell us something? You’re hiding something. I want an exact date for xyz.”

If the update is detailed then someone gets mad when one detail changes by the next update. Then they complain and say, “But you promised xyz! You’re a liar! Just another excuse! Don’t give exact dates unless you’re sure. It just sets us up for disappointment.”

So apparently they can’t say anything that will make anyone happy. Yet they keep trying. That tells me that they’re doing the best they can to keep us informed and aren’t trying to string us along.-""

What I have seen happen and what Eve has said since the beginning of the IGG campaign leads me to the following conclusion. Where you see lies, I don’t. Where you see a company built in a way that allows it to hide from consumers I see a company built in a way to give it the best chance of being able to run an international tech business and achieve it’s goal of bringing crowd developed tech to market. Where you see an orchastrated scandal, I see a ship’s crew that is too busy fighting to stay afloat to have time to mastermind some nefarious plan to take our money. I find what Eve has said to be plausible. I find their story to be believable. I watched several other entities do things that hurt Eve and caused a great deal of problems for all of us. I feel that they have tried hard to make the best of things and that sometimes there is absolutely nothing they can do to makes things right fast enough.

Things suck for a lot of people right now. I hate where things sit right now. Everyone’s frustration is justified; our frustration, not attacks and outright demonizing. I don’t think any of us are justified in persecuting Eve as an evil entity with zero integrity. I think that kind of judgment should only be applied to PayPal, the screen supplier, etc…the parties responsible for taking actions that put Eve in a bind in the first place. They are the ones who got in the way of the dream and the progress needed to achieve it. Eve didn’t decide to bail on us and quit. They are walking through a shitstorm to try and get things worked out. Unfortunately, to do that they have been stuck making desicions that suck but are neccessary to making things right in the long-term. IE…pushing refunds back. I agree, it’s lame. But they don’t really have a choice. They have to play things this way to ensure they can secure investment, fulfill orders, process warranty cases, establish new sales and issue refunds. They are trying to make sure that everything gets covered in the long-run rather than choosing to cover less things in the short-run and endanger their ability to take care of everyone.


I didn’t read your entire post… it’s already to give you a straight answer about what you are asking if you wanted to reply more.
I need your appreciation of what would be the limit to know if a situation was actually a scandal in terms of protection of consumer for example ( and I’m not speaking of a scam here ). Because from what I understood from your message is that you don’t recognize that they have lied, nor that something is their fault. So what would be the limit where you would cross the line to say « it’s a scandal ». I need it to know from where you start and how much you can anticipate .


Okey now I ve read. This post doesn’t answer to my question. I need a clear example, so a projection of your mind into a situation that apparently doesn’t exist at the moment for you, and that you describe it in details in which it would be scandal.

Some things I need to clarify.
Scandal /= scam
I’m going to say some things about your post in another post


How Many More Computers have you ordered from EVE ?
Put your money where your mouth is,


@Smyler316 About what you said:

So scandal is not scam. You describe a scandal like something organized. I don’t see it like that, it could be of course but it is also a situation where the actors are just incompétents for example and other possibilities too.

I can agree with you about the fact that they didn’t plan to have that much of trouble.
I can agree with you about the lack of knowledge etc etc

At some point I call it incompetence. What we say in France and in Belgium about a good leader, for example about the prime minister or the president is that he/she doesn’t need to be competent, he/she does need to surround her/himself with competent people. There are famous example in history about that.

Another thing, and I don’t want to push anything about it on you. How do you call the fact that none of the PayPal or bank inquiries have been answered to ? Not one message from eve tech nor fortress. I double checked to be sure. So how do you call that ?

How do you call the fact that they didn’t communicate about the lack of funds ? About maybe the fact that they did the orders from IGG with the money of the flash sale ?

How do you call the fact that we don’t hear anymore about the money frozen(supposedly because we don’t have any proofs of that) in PayPal account ? Where is this money? It didn’t vanish did it ? And PayPal can’t take it as acquisition of money for them, it would be fraud and i’m pretty sure that japan or IRS USA would be happy to just fine PayPal for it like they did already so many times like for BNP parisbas so where is it ? And why don’t we hear about that anymore ?


For now it is EVE who is investigate by Revenue Canada and RCMP for tax fraud.


They are currently still accepting new orders from people who have no idea about the current crisis via bank wire only (lacks chargeback protections). They admitted to blatantly using new orders to fulfill old orders.

To me, this is highly unethical and reveals characteristics about the company that I do not wish to encourage as they are not strong foundations but cheap wooden stilts to prop it up.

I’ve been waiting over a year for a refund and Konsta & team had plenty of opportunity to use a bad moment to craft a unique relationship. Instead, most of the team doesn’t post on the forms at all and Konsta gives a vague update a week: this entire eve initiative was advertised as a community run and transparent operation.


Have been waiting for my refund also… And each time I email them about it a standard reply about them being sorry and working on the refund come back… While they are accepting new orders…