In Order to Regain My Trust, Eve Must


Eve will never regain my trust. Even if one day I get my refund


I like the straightforward answer like this, rather than all the other passive-aggressive bullshit


Anyone who mentioned compensation, I just added a poll for compensation ideas on this topic: A Marginally Premature Consideration


your second point does not make sense. They must provide support, loyal or not. your way of gaining trust seems to be coming from a authoritarian state. Help only would be given to the loyal ones. great !


That was what they promised to keep me quite, but not even that, they were able to deliver.


Obivously I meant all customers. Those who haven’t asked for a refund would count as loyal already, considering how long they have waited.

Those who did ask for a refund wouldn’t get affected by any RMA or BIOS updates.


until the V isn’t delivered or refund is done there is no way to regain any trust.
I doupt anyone will give eve any money until the contract is fullfilled or money returned.

I think any feature product has a heavy stand as every current customer has to think twice before giving eve any money. So either the new product has to focus new customer or they must spend a huge compensation with the next product.

I mean there is no more trust even if the product is delivered. Any new product must be considered ten times.
So I dont think trust can be regained within the near feature. Maybe in one or two years.


It is completely irrelevant if a company has internal or external problems. I work in a company too and if we do not deliver our customers in time we get a huge fine and lose the client. I do not have interest in their problems. I could sympathize their cause and try to be understanding (which I did on a large extent) but that’s all: we signed a contract. If they promised something I assume they have taken into account all factors and only Konstantinos and his company are responsible for what they offered. If they do not have control, then it is plain and simple incompetence. The only way they could (maybe) regain my trust is by sending me a personal statement and a refund in form of discount for the next project (this is what we usually do when we fail our deliveries to avoid losing the client). And they should be extremely thankful no legal group was arranged on customer side to force a legal procedure for the refunds.


I want to ask a specific question to @Patrick_Hermawan and to @Smyler316 and maybe others who still do trust eve.
With everything you know, the lies, the inconsistencies, the way this company is built (I’m not talking about concept but how this company protects itself from being sued since they are not the people in charge of the sales ), … what is the limit ? Because you keep insisting that they didn’t lose your trust but then what could lose your trust ? And I need concrete limit here not a vague concept.
Because I need to judge at which point you can recognize a scandal when You are implicated in it.


@Patrick_Hermawan and to @Smyler316 and maybe others who still do trust eve.

Pardon me if my English suck, but why do you think I still trust them?


Sorry if that is not the case I really thought so . So then sorry if I presume wrongly


I beg your pardon!
Who made you the imperial judge and jury here?

No doubt you “self appointed” yourself as usual I presume.

You can “Want To Ask” all the questions you want.
But I need to inform you that Nobody in this forum is required to or obliged to answer your petulant questions.
Your sense of superiority or self importance doesn’t wash with the more experienced and business savvy people here. (Though admittedly you do seem to fool the the very inexperienced and youth.)

If you continue to think people need to, even in the smallest way that they are obliged to answer you, then you are once again showing the high level of delusion and theoretical unreality you live in.

I get the impression that you may think that you are a member of the “Intelligentsia” (and this might even be true in some narrow circles of thinking), however I have not seen any real world reality or relevance to any of the thoughts or theories you have pontificated here.


Ooh dear lord ^^ everybody judge my dear. Should I remember you that as a CEO you judge too all the time, your business partner, your future colleagues, your future client even etc. Even in your personal life, your first impression of someone is based on physical appearance and it’s a judgment like any others.
And did I say I was going to impose my judgment to others ? No . I said “I = me =myself need to judge” => subtitle = for myself to understand from where the other guy stand. So yes as any other people here I’m at liberty to judge if I want too.

Man, because you think you demonstrate anything ? As I said to you in a personal note, you are considered as a p**** here since someone appointed to you yesterday that you don’t express yourself nor humbly nor clearly and you are avoiding a series of questions should I recall you. You demonstrate nothing here besides your ability to make a show of yourself like just one example among others: bragging about the color of your dear little girl’s yellow fiat500. Did you help in any way other people like I did ? Did you link reading material when security problems did pose themselves? No
And sorry to not have the same bullshit way of thinking like your guy you linked the past times who is linked to the Chicago school. Which is by the way the same way of thinking than the advisors of bill Clinton administrators who dismantle the laws in the banking system and which leads to the 2008 crisis. People we hate in Europe just FYI.
Sorry then to be a bit more close to thomas pikketty than your guy;)

What you said just prove that you can’t understand nor approve that different way of thinking business is possible:) that’s all.

And since you are accusing me that I didn’t show any proof, but I thought I did nevertheless, there are some companies that are totally transparent about their process and their finances. If you look the companies where idriss alberkane is CEO for example, the company « veja » in bio cotton market, takeeateasy as I linked previously was pretty much straight forward about how they handled things. So much straightforward even that the whole business model was discussed by a lot of e-business courses in Belgium. But I still have a lot of example in my pocket if you want to, but it was just to demonstrate to you that I actually linked previously all those examples. ( you just need to scroll my history of posts in my profile)

Only one more or less positive thing about your post is that at least you recognize that I could be part of some circles :wink:

But in conclusion, yes I prefer to know and to judge by myself from where people are speaking … and by where I mean from which standpoint :wink:

And by the way, how is that coming down for you about your marvelous advices and your so strong standpoint about defending how eve is ruling his business? Just one example among others again : do you also not answer to any banking institution when they do any inquiry on your company ? Because we have a lot of testimonies about that happening with eve including in my thread with the undelivered customers ;). (This is purely rhetorical by the way;))

To your best hearing
Much love


Dear Masters888 and dear Boistordu,
no problems if personal viewpoints differences arise, but is this really the right topic to work it out?
respectfully yours :hugs:


Lol yeah no problem with that:) message can be deleted if you want:)
So anyway I’m still waiting about @Smyler316 if he can answer to my question. It’s not an order of course.


Itr’s interesting that the individual who complains about …

is the one who writes the most aggressive, insulting, and vitriotic posts.

He also says…

I guess it’s a lot easier to point fingers at others than it is to look at yourself :slight_smile: Oh well.


To get things back on topic…

I would have to say i agree mostly with what @Patrick_Hermawan said.

except that providing support needs to be for all customers and not just the loyal ones, and included in this support is of course, the refunds many community members/purchasers are waiting for.


As I said above

Obivously I meant all customers. Those who haven’t asked for a refund would count as loyal already, considering how long they have waited.
Those who did ask for a refund wouldn’t get affected by any RMA or BIOS updates.


I don’t think that lots of those, who did not opt for refund are loyal ones. I think they just choose relatively safer option to at least recover something from EVE … Or do you really think that there will be refunds??? In the best case scenario EVE will send remaining (already built) devices and use rest of it for warranty replacement (which is likely higher that they expected/planned). As Konsta multiple times posted - refunds will come on the end (if they have money - which is unlikely scenario).


From EVE’s perspective - a loyal customer is everyone who is not filling police reports/BBB complains/bank/payPal/Credit card fraud forms.