In Order to Regain My Trust, Eve Must


What would it take for you personally to trust Eve again?

Absolutely, having Vs (and refunds) in hand. But I know for me, I’d still want the reassurance that this company will be around to support the devices (efficiently) and that they’ll grow more/be active more (on here and social media too). Perhaps an interview with some largely known Tech YouTuber or blogger?

What about you all? :slight_smile:


Well in my case: they absolutely have my trust. I know they’re doing their best, they try to help with every problem I have and don’t question my honesty when I say I have a hardware defect.

However, I really have to think about purchasing again. I probably will because I like the company and the staff personally. But rationally it’s not a good decision. I was the first backer to receive a V. I still waited a long time but that was crowd funding and expected. I’m still waiting for a V from the December flash sale, which under any normal circumstance is unacceptable.

I think they need to push a new product and be able to deliver that in a reasonable timeframe. Then they’ll have my full trust again. Until then they have my trust, my best wishes and some criticism :stuck_out_tongue:


Once I get my refund I will never purchase anything from eve nor Konstantinos ever again.


Fair enough. It is nice to hear that at least a few still trust Eve.
I brought from the Flash sale, hoping to be able to use it for my college classes. Unfortunately, no luck yet. I hope I get this product before I graduate next spring lol. XD

Yes, I am curious to see how they handle a new product. And how they progress as a company (assuming that they do, hoping that they do).


Is there anything they could do to make you not as supicious of the company even if you don’t purchase at all?


TBH, there are plenty OEMs out there are doing a great job than what Eve does. Look for the one that suits you.


Honestly, if they were open about the refunds to the December 2017 buyers, I think the situation would’ve been better.

Instead they keep delaying, and never even stating/mentioned it once (since this few months) there are only 1 liner updates and ZERO replies.

Some Eve diehard fanbase or people who already got it, kept defending the delays/supporting Eve’s behavior to not reveal refund/investor/V shipping specifics. That’s what grinds peoples gears.

Glad I gambled to buy a Surface Book 2 from MS when I was abroad (I’m from South East Asia, so yeah importing ain’t cheap), and never considered to buy anything from Eve. A student discount, a direct store/great experience, $2400, and a direct purchase in 1 day.

Seems more worth it for a year of productivity that going cheapskate/taking risk of a 1st gen product. I don’t think the V is a bad computer, since the whole idea is cutting middleman costs (marketing/frontline stores, etc), but from what we see in 1 year (in 2018) is that the V’s build quality/customer support is abyssmal (Yes, that’s sad for ya’ll defective owners)

With Konstatinos back at it again with the Eve delay tactics 101, “a lot of our partners are in holidays” (see ya next 2019 suckas…). When all this December the “frustrated” customers aren’t interested anymore with the V/outdated product, and just want a refund… In a lecture, that would mean Zero Communication/Zero customer feedback.

“They’ve played you like a damn fiddle…!!”


They need to start shipping products, giving refunds to people who opted for them etc.

I’ll never say never about buying from Eve again in the future, I love the idea of a small(ish) company trying to complete with the big ones, cutting costs where they can to give the consumer a better deal. If they come out with a compelling device (like the V again) I’ll certainly think about buying one in the future, however I will not let myself be caught up in a similar situation to what so many of us find ourselves in currently, endlessly waiting for a device or a refund with no real time scale to be seen and so on, instead I’d wait till you can order one and it be with you in a week or so.


lol… Eve from being things that i was looking forward to get.To something like EVE = IF you can get your orders.


Here’s how to regain the trust:

  • (most important) Keep consistent shipping timeline for 6+ months with absolutely no delay
  • Provide support to loyal customers in the form of honored (speedy) RMAs, BIOS/driver updates, etc.
  • Stand by their product and show that the products are dependable and reliable.
  • Make the V (specs frozen in 2016) competitive in 2019, for example by an 8th-gen CPU upgrade
  • (in the long term) Keep making great products without alienating the loyal customers. That means, the future products need to have the core advantages that made the original products desirable, and the brand popular among the loyal customers (ahem, OnePlus)


lol… how do you expect Konsta and the other can do that with tons of their inabilities…
your list is bunch of wishful thinking


Well, this thread is basically a PR suggestion from members. Which is basically listing the things Eve should do/reply… since all we get from the “weekly updates” is full of ignorance from @team/isn’t relevant to what people want to know.

There are good/altruistic/ideal suggestions such as from @patrick , but realistically speaking @Prolongpain I have to agree with you, I don’t think it’s even wise to trust that Eve can do any of this.

Summed up in this thread (with a realistic goal is): Why aren’t they talking about when the REFUND processes can be done; are the investors actually on board/or is it delay-lies; when will the V (for the hopeful) be shipped in 2019?

That’s an answereable question that they have been smokescreening/evading.

Not to be pessimistic guys, but I’d expect the same news going devils circle with Konsta in January/February 2019. Where it’ll be like:

Hi Community/Eve Family! Unfortunately our investors/partners are busy with preparation for Chinese New Year 2019. Yada… yada… yada… We are moving forward to shipping the Vs after… yada yada. Project B…
[Nope no refunds you fools, nothing we can do/you do*]

  • *Even if they are doing this for a greater good, delaying customers right for Refund in 2019 is too criminal to be ignored

I swear if the community still holds up/liking that kind of updates in 2019, they must be insane and on par with IGG backers that will be waiting 2 years for their product.


Give me my money back with significant interest and compensation for the misery we’ve been put through.

Also @Konstantinos should step down and leave the company


I agree with the compensation. We all deserve it, I think.

Why should he in particular step down? He’s the one that delivers less than promising updates, but how much of this is really his fault? He’s not the only Eve worker, yet he’s the only one I really see people ratting on. . .


@Prolongpain @blissrunner

The question was:

What would it take for you personally to trust Eve again?

Whether they could or would do it, is not part of the question, and therefore I find it to be off-topic. Feel free to create another thread on that very topic.


He’s the main face of eve, he’s the one that gave us the promises imho.

Happy for the full team to be replaced however


I was an LB backer during the IGG campaign. I rode the roller coaster and waited a long damn time to get my V. Despite all the obstacles that resulted in delays, the Eve team always worked through it. Nothing has happened since then that makes me think they won’t do so again. Don’t get me wrong, it sucked at times but I never saw bad things happen due to Eve being bad or dishonest. If anything, their good intentions, optimism and excitement are what got them in trouble because they weren’t trying to be another cutthroat player in the tech business.

They got shorted along the way by several other entities and factors that they couldn’t control. I’ve seen this happen to small companies before. I’ve had it happen to the company I work for. Rather than bailing, they stuck it out. They had to make decisions that slowed things down but ultimately led to a better product… knowing those decisions wouldn’t be popular with all of us. I see them doing the same thing right now. I’m not trying excuse or justify anything in particular. I’m just saying it is what it is and I still believe that Eve is operating on good intentions and committed to finding the best solution they can. Sometimes this involves having to make realy shitty decisions in the short-term.

I agree with a lot of the points raised above about what Eve needs to do to rebuild trust with current customers and gain the trust of future customers. They definitely have a lot of work to do to make things right. Personally however, they still have my trust.


+1 for refund compensation now that they have the funds to do so. If they have faith in their product they should be able to process refunds (even if it is just starting with a handful of them) and trust in their sales once the reviews come in, instead of hiding behind a wall of excuses. A happy and satisfied community will provide way more benefits in the long run than desperately clinging onto what remaining funds they have. At this rate I can’t imagine the company ever being net flow positive…

If Konsta is reading this, wasn’t EVE founded on the idea of crowd sourcing, trusting and doing what is best for the community? I can empathize with your struggles but it seems like the vision of the company has been lost, and the company is no different than the big giants out their taking advantage of consumerism.

I was one of the initial backer from IGG, received a flawed item and sent it back for repair and replacement. The company never lost my trust because they responded to my emails right away, and I believed (at one point) that I would get the product. But I became wary when the communication got worse and worse until one day they just stopped responding, even after multiple attempts of me reaching out to them. I figured since they didn’t have the funds for manufacturing, it is reasonable that it takes time. But now 2 years later, I bought a new computer that has specs exceeding the initial version of the EVE, I no longer need the replacement but a refund instead. Even if the refund is at 75% the initial cost is fine with me to regain my trust in the company.

To EVE and Konstantinos: Do the right thing.


To be not stray away much from the topic, i would recommend eve to abandon PayPal which make this issue happen.

I would love to have the next gen eve at reasonable discount. (10-20%)

However, to be real, discount is not necessary, just rise from ashes and becoming Phoenix is the thing i want from eve.


The problem here is a lot of customers would only buy from PayPal for various reasons, so by doing that, you are also throwing away a lot of potential sales.

One possibility is to discourage people from using PayPal (but still allow those who insist), maybe by increasing the price if you pay with PayPal. I have seen a lot of online shops doing that.