Improvements at Eve's Customer Service


Dear community!

For those of you who haven’t seen me active here I’m Mike, the other Co-Founder of Eve.

I’ve recently come back to work after finishing V’s product development.
But this topic is not about me. Its about you.

For the last 2 weeks, while @Konstantinos and @Thor were in the United States, visiting CES and our important partners, with the rest of the team in Helsinki, we have been going through the customer service’s situation and structure.

Concerns about Eve’s Support

There have been some posts in the community about Eve’s customer service not responding in time. We hear you and see this.

After reviewing the structure completely, we have identified a couple key bottlenecks that have caused the situation. The main causes were mainly understaffing and some oversight/visibility.

This is to say there were a few cases where we had lost sight of a customer’s “ticket”, as they’re called. This is of course unacceptable.

It is also true that there have been a few cases of V’s arriving with major issues to some of you. These cases are naturally under warranty, which we will honor.

We’re extremely close in shipping the last replacement devices to everybody concerned.

The good news

As the issues some are experiencing with their Vs are discussed in the community, it may sometimes come across as if a majority of the Vs arrived damaged or with defects. We are happy to say that our internal numbers show that only 3% of V Hyper Early / Limited Bird recipients (from around 1500 Vs delivered so far) are experiencing any issues.

That is to say, the overwhelmingly greatest majority of all devices arrive and have arrived to their owners without any issues.

I’m personally very sorry, as is our team, for you people, who were unlucky enough to belong to the other group :frowning:

In terms of the product quality, we’ve already been addressing the root causes of these few issues, and are rapidly advancing in solutions with our partners.

At the support front, the other good news is that after reviewing the system, we’ve addressed all root causes for delayed response times.

New processes and responsibilities were assigned to make sure we can get back to you guys faster. We’re also looking for extra member(s) to join our customer service team to make sure this wouldn’t happen again in the future.

Get your support… from the support :slight_smile:

As mentioned, the new structures are already showing us better results internally. Hopefully to any of you in contact with us too!

As has been mentioned before, we are moving the support from the community to our customer service. This is to keep the community true to its origin and roots = Crowd Development.

So in case you happen to find yourself in that unlucky group with issues, please let us know through:

Just click “contact support” :wink:

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