Improvement points for the next model (Part 1) Keyboard weak point


Change the bending part of the keyboard a stronger cable.
Change the shape where force is applied to one place of the cable.

I am repairing by myself now!


Please let me know how you repair yours, so I can mine as well!


Oh wow, I’m beginning to question myself about how worth is it. I mean, I’ve been waiting for a year, now I see tear’n’wear and also the screen scratching, the pen breaking in the travel bag…

Besides, who knows what will support look like or if it will there be at all?

EDIT: Oh, EVE is in a festive mood with the hats. After changing the icon on the browser tab, this is a second change in the last couple of weeks. What’s next, unexpected tablet deliveries?


I write a report when I have time.Wait a while.

Repairing is easy, only connecting the parts that are broken.But When you do not know the cause, you better not do it.In my case I checked because the possibility of disconnect the cable was high.

This keyboard use battery, there is a danger of explosion if you make a mistake.


I was upset about EVE 's lie.
Especially at the time of shipment
However, I feel a lot of empathy with EVE’s idea.
If EVE have the next, I will definitely participate from the beginning.
If EVE have the next . . .

QA / QC experts should also participate if there is the next project.

It is difficult to say my feelings with words that are not native…


It happened to me with two Eve V keyboard as well. I was afraid to be the only one but it seems to be definitely a design flaw. This issue must be addressed asap for the good sake of the customer but also of Eve: it will cost them a crazy amount of money to provide a new free keyboard each time a keyboard breaks.

Me too I feel a lot of empathy for this company, I really hope they will sort this problem out.
In the meantime, I am keen to read your report


The same with my keyboard. I’ve been waiting for replacement for two months and still nothing. So my V is almost useless because, connecting keyborad menas immediate BSOD. There is nothing positive around V…