Important notice regarding Pyramid Flipper Specifications


Important notice regarding Pyramid Flipper Specifications

Nihao my fellow community developers. Greetings from China.

Lately there has been some discussion and hesitation about the choices made regarding the specification.

We have gathered all your feedback, read through- and analyzed it vigorously. Now, Pyramid Flipper’s engineering has been started and our work on the hardware has begun.

Some of you, who didn’t make it to the community in time, may feel disappointed.
However in general, was plenty of time to talk about specification and that resulted plenty of discussion. We all have read hundreds, if not thousands of comments regarding the specifications so in my opinion, we can be rest assured the decisions have been informed.

As many have noted, there is not one device that can be suitable for everybody. However there are devices that can be suitable for many. Pyramid Flipper will be one of them.

In the end, someone needs to push the button.

It is very hard for us to be active in the community now that we are in China, but the work we do here is very important. We will keep the good news coming :slight_smile:

There are still things to decide, like the minor features (such as notification lights, charging speed etc) and for those who want to keep designing new hardware, accessories are still somewhat undecided .

Additionally, Pyramid Flipper will not be our last product so there will be more chances to contribute. And hey, if you really can’t wait for the PF, you can start your own topic good and early, about what the next product should be like.

While crowd sourcing of the main specification is now completed and engineering has now started, it doesn’t mean that Eve-Tech would not be pushing with its best efforts to guarantee the best outcome. We think about the same matters you do - day and night. The difference between EVE and many other companies is that we don’t make choices based on costs, but user-experience.

Now we recommend everybody to take it easy and and trust in us. We will go to great lengths to ensure Pyramid Flipper will be a great device and experience to everybody who will own it.


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All hail the Pyramid Flipper!
Hope that it becomes the device of our dreams.
We will do our best to provide ideas to ‘flip the market’ .
And by the way, how was the keyboard manufacturer visit?


@AntonyTerence, it was great! It seems we will be able to get an amazing keyboard for our product!


When’s the poll coming up? Can’t wait :grin:


Have you got any keyboard details outlined? I ask this because of recent discussions here that came to the conclusion most people would sacrifice thinness for a better experience (battery, better travel, maybe additional ports, etc…) :wink:


I don’t think that they’re actually “most” in terms of quantity, they’re just most active


Think about voting in a democracy, you might want someone to win, but if you don’t vote, you will play no part in the elections. Same concept here


But in elections, one vote once (usually). In discussions it’s possible to seem like a majority by just being a vocal minority by saying the same things over and over again while the others aren’t as vocal.


that’s true. But we’ll see the poll first, maybe there’s a hybrid keyboard between the thin and thick ones the community wanted, a perfect compromise.


Except this is enhanced democracy. At Eve elections we can always say “nah, that party member is an idiot, he’s not getting elected even though people voted for him” :smiley:

Haha just kidding but you get the point. Its like a combination of sophisticated selfless aristocracy and democracy


When’s the poll coming up?


Don’t throw that information and then go disappear!
ITS BRUTAL :tired_face:


Hi Ervin we are now going to HK fair now. In the Q&A we will go through most questions !


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