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Hey @tmalitz214

Yes that’ll be fine! Just send me the Order ID and Ticket ID!


I’m wondering, if most support team is in Ukraine, what is Eve doing to help support them during this time. How are they easing reliance on their contribution and mitigate work to other teams outside of Ukraine. And I hope they don’t loose their livelihood. This is very challenging and I hope Eve has a plan for it.

Still waiting for purchase, or an honest response…


Hi @Aethel,

I received an e-mail last Wednesday that informed me to pay the rest of my balance. I’ve already paid the full amount for my order in March and can’t press the “continue” button in the cart (see screenshot).

Should I ignore this e-mail? And do you know when my order will be shipped?

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Hi @kstoop,

If you have paid in full, you can ignore this e-mail entirely. It has been sent out by mistake.

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Seriously, what is going on over there?

Hey @kstoop

Yes what @cas said, we are implementing a fix to this email error and want to apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused! Also, if you would like to shoot me a DM with your order and ticket ID we can get you a tracking update for your order!


Sorry to hear that!
I have not been getting any response about my refund. It’s been over 3 month since support said it would be sent. Will I get my money back?

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Hey @Giftless00

Sorry to hear you have not received your refund! If you could Dm more you’re order ID and ticket ID I’ll get that sent to the team so we can provide you with an update! I apologize for your experience with us this far and hope to improve that experience going forward!


Hello, I have been trying to contact CS for a refund for my order that I wish to cancel and so far have only been ghosted. I just send 2 mods DM’s to @Aethel and @ReignDespair for help and included order and ticket #'s. Thank you so much for any assistance you can provide.

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Hey @Aethel

I put in a refund request in January that was approved, but I never got the money to my account. Got back in contact with support one day before this announcement for an update, but still have yet to hear anything. Can my refund be looked into again. Thanks


Hey, could you shoot one of us a DM with your order number and information? That way we can check with our support team and help you out with the refund.


I’ve been waiting for a refund of around €1900 after Eve never delivered my devices which I purchased in 2017. I’ve been chasing customer service since then about where my refund is however no one gets back to me. It seems like they don’t want to refund at all and even refuse to reply to their costumers. I’m more than disappointed in how they treat their customers and since my case seems not to be the only one all I can say is that EVEs seems to do customers fraud regularly?
Hey EVE, you can teach me better and contact me to clarify my case!. Thanks for your cooperation!

I’m waiting for my refund since years - so don’t worry about “rushing”…

If you could please send me a message with your order ID and ticket ID I will get this taken care for you asap!

Hi @Aethel. That’s excellent news that Eve are now providing the refunds for the people who paid for the original Vs and received nothing. At last! I think there are around 200+ customers who are in the same situation as @MCTP who paid close to $2000 and received nothing from Eve. Should they contact you too?

All are free to contact me and I will be more than help to explain the situation, as original V’s are not correlated with Eve distribution. Here is a link you can fill out with your information and we will try to help you from there.