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Hey Community,

We have a very pressing announcement to deliver today that our support team’s availability has been significantly affected due to the military escalation that is currently ongoing in Ukraine.

The majority of our support team are based in Ukraine and will be understandably unavailable during this difficult ongoing situation. All our agents are safe, and some are in the process of relocating due to being in close proximity to airports, and that of the initial escalations in the east of Ukraine.

We ask for your thoughts and prayers for all those affected by this crisis. We encourage you to continue to contact our support team if you have any support-related queries, but please be mindful that our team’s response times have decreased significantly due to staff shortages.

If you have any support requests that are awaiting response, we please ask for your patience and understanding during this time. Stay safe everyone!


My heart is with all the staff and your countrymen. Having grown up in the Cold war, I finally felt happy to bring my children up (born 96’ & 99’) when the world seemed to be calming. The last President of the Soviet Union did so much- Mikhail Gorbachev, followed by Yeltsin.
But now we all go back 50 years.
Thankyou for the team getting my Spectrum to me after many shipping problems, I never expected to be sat at my display crying in dismay.


I also hope that most of the workers residing in Ukraine are well. My greatest support and understanding to their families, who are the ones who care about them the most :palm_up_hand: :heart: No one in the world should feel so terrified and worried about this serious situation. We have to support each other :triumph: :+1: :sparkling_heart:


It is a shame and a scandal. I have a colleague from Ukraina with her mother, sister and nephew (23) residing in Kiev. Why in the world do people have to suffer again from an egomaniac politician? Hitler attacked Poland in 1939 under false pretences, then he breached his agreement with Russia to divide Poland and attacked Russia as well. Now history repaeats somehow 80 years later by Putin lying to so many European politicians and then making the absurd excuse, that Ukrania was a nationalsocialistic regime convicting genocide, where in truth Ukrania is a working democracy with a Jewish president and then invades an independent country by military forces, breaking internationally agreed rules.
Putin in his desire for power has decided to walk dangerous path. The price is mostly paid by the common, innocent people, as always.
Let us pray and hope, that this conflict does not spread any further.


Our thoughts and prayers go out to everyone affected by this crisis. Please stay safe everyone!


Please let us know if there is anything we can do for these team members and their families, who are in dangerous positions. I have been praying for months.


This is really a good news.
I hope no more casualty.

I have one request which is right on discussing with the support team, but I can wait. Sympathy to the minority of the support team, who must have much more job to do than before.


Want to support Ukraine? Find out more here:


I have a question. It’s been over 16 months and I haven’t gotten my refund yet. All your support team does is say “please tell your bank about this code” and my bank said the code is useless. Are you guys going to give me my money back?

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Do you know how the support team are trying to refund you? Is it money going back onto your payment card, or are they trying to do a wire transfer?

If they’re trying to refund back to your card, ask them to do a wire transfer instead. You’ll need to provide a bunch of personal information, including some bank account details, which are required for the wire transfer process to complete. You can ask your bank to help provide the required information, which will reduce the chance of further problems.

If you’re already trying to do a wire transfer and that’s what’s failing, ask if you can do a gift card instead. They should be able to send you a gift card for a retailer in your area that you’d shop with anyway (e.g. Walmart, Home Depot, Best Buy). It’s not quite cash, but it is pretty close.


I’ve been waiting over a month for a refund of around £1300 after Eve never delivered my devices. I’ve been chasing customer service about where my refund is however no one gets back to me. It seems like they don’t want to give refunds at all, which is ashame as it means the only way to get your money back is through court.

Can an Eve worker contact me because I am trying to get a refund as soon as I can!

Have you tried this first?

Support – Eve (

I’ve seen mixed reports about speed and/or reliability on these forums, but most posters who announce their refunds seem to have gotten results within a reasonable time frame.

yes I have tried it, maybe I’m rushing it but I sent them a message last night and they told me to email them back for a refund but ill get is recommendations on keeping the product

They will keep telling you to wait a bit longer as “shipping will be starting really soon”. You just need to persist and respond stating that you want a refund. You can also go through your credit card company if you have no luck with Eve.