Important announcement about V protective sleeves


Title of this thread is very formal. Don’t worry, no bad news here. we are not cancelling protective sleeve development :slight_smile: It’s quite the opposite actually! We have some great news!

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Gotcha! :kissing_heart:

Full song is here:

[details= More great news]We have just met Mozo guys today to discuss the latest feedback and suggestions we received from you guys. Mozo was so fascinated by the quality and amount of great ideas you had that they agreed to produce both Concept 1 and Concept 2 cases! Just to remind you here are concepts I am talking about.

The next steps::fast_forward:

  • We will further refine both concepts based on your feedback in the previous thread

  • On Monday we will provide more detailed pictures of refined concepts and show you prototypes of both concepts. We will shoot a short video from Mozo office showing the prototypes as well.

  • Both cases will cost 39.00 USD and will be made from premium materials.

  • You would be able to order the case you like the most starting from Monday on our IndieGoGo page. We will add it t your shipment

So what do you think guys? Make sure to let us know if you have any questions:)


Our Naked V made it to the Intel labs today where Thunderbolt 3 functions were tested. We can confirm now that eGPU, USB 3.0, external display and other Thunderbolt 3 functions work! Stay tuned for more updates and photo material coming when we are in China. This is a big milestone for us as Thunderbolt is one of the hardest features to implement electronically!

Sorry for the messy picture. But we think it is better to have some picture than no picture. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
P.S. V is travelling naked because the refined version of tooling taking longer than expected because of the Chinese New year holiday. People are in the festive mood and some guys are leaving to their home provinces.[/details]

Magnet vs Zipper Sleeve and when can we buy them?
Update 11.01 on production, CES, Seattle meetup

Great news! Can’t wait to see the refined concepts! #CommunityFTW!



Oh wait, you’re leaving the choice to us?
How am I suppose to choose between two great refined concepts :persevere:

I like it how the V runs with nothing, not even a heat sink.

Is this really a PC?


Thats great :smiley: thank you guys for your efforts. .
All the best



Can’t wait for the redefined concepts… and to spend more money on Eve products. I am sure they’ll live up to the expectation :heart: :revolving_hearts: :tada: :gift: :heart_eyes:


Is the Picture showing the prototype of our V or is it true that theres nearly no frame between Screen and edge? This looks great, like frameless!?


Awesome news… :smile:
Well, well… deciding between concept1 and concept2 will be like having homework for the weekend! :stuck_out_tongue:


Isn’t there still a month and a half until the Chinese new year? :slight_smile:
@dibadibadu LOL I really hope not. Just imagine how unbearable it would be using in hand! :smile:

Also, guys…

I think they will produce both of them, so no need to choose :wink:


just remember, I’m the guy who does not care about Usability. I care about design and look. Ok i’ve seen the word: naked…


So you can buy a painting and carry it around :stuck_out_tongue:
Jokes aside, a tablet is first of all a computer. And what’s the point in spending over $1000 on a tablet if you can’t actually use it?


Yes, they’ll produce both. But that does not mean that everyone will buy both… thus (at least I personally) will have to choose between two great concepts - which one to buy - first world problems :flushed:


Great news!
We really appreciate you for sharing the info and regular updates!
Keep up the good work!


I think we can choose just one for the named price.
Since @Konstantinos wrote some weeks before, that this will be the pruduction price not the normal selling price.


Sounds excellent. Both 1& 2 seemed great. I’m really happy to see that our comments are heard. And that we had the “longest ever discussion on laptop cases​:grinning:” in telegram​:cowboy_hat_face::grin:


About 14mm frame. (filling up to 20…)


Early long holidays then???

Otherwise great news




Guys you are amazing! I can’t wait to show refined designs on Monday!

@Poms78! We’ll show chargers for different countries when we go to China.


Still confused about the chinese new year being a reason for delay in mid december … pretty sure that chinese new year is normally in february :smiley:

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