Impatient waiting for immediate responses and updates?


LOL, i guess the guys here dont see the irony.

A growing number of us have repeatedly asked for updates based on milestones set. We have heard the “you get one a week” statement many, many times. From some of you that seem so keen to repeat it that you even made a thread about it when we were not asking!

Some of our posts are upset, some are inquisitive.We are only seeking information by asking relevant questions. However the response from a small number is simply “wait”, rarely adding anything to the conversation and only generating more fragility in an already tense situation. I know some of you think its a bit of fun, but i assure you that for some backers that have spent a lot of money and repeatedly been let down it isnt fun.

If you think the video linked at the top has any relevance to our messages then you have fundamentally misunderstood the situation.



The second video is the most important and most relevant.


Maybe the crux of the matter is that some people think that asking for updates and more information for a product that is 9-10 months later than promised is ‘unearned entitlement’ (and therefore spurred all this talk about millennials, which is definitely not my opinion of them)

Personally i think the IGG backers are totally and utterly entitled to updates that are clear, simple and frequent so they can plan their lives.


Can’t speak for everyone else but yeah I have had 3 new Eve’s and 2 surface pro’s to defend them. :upside_down_face:

Or maybe I know that EVERY Kickstarter/Indiegogo goes over time and my life will not end because my PC is late coming to me and the world will keep on turning…


I think this illustrates the reason for the polarity on the forum. Life indeed does not end because a laptop is late, everyone agrees with that. It makes life more complicated when you don’t have a laptop to work with. To each their own circumstances, instead of righteously defending Eve regardless of all the delays, please accept that some of us have circumstances where we need the new computer for work, travel, whatever. No one’s whining, people are looking for information. I know I am…


Especially when some of us have been patiently waiting for MORE THAN A YEAR.


OK, lets look at my situation then, I run my own IT support company, I have had no laptop for 6 months, I have been waiting for my V for 13 months, I am on the 5th week of a trip to New Zealand with no laptop to do work stuff on.

And sorry but the world is still turning and life will go on because it’s just a laptop/2in1 and it isn’t that important.


Glad to hear you were able to work in IT with no laptop, that’s a feat I cannot accomplish. I work in IT too and I cannot give a presentation without a laptop. Therefore, with no V in hand, I had to borrow laptops for business trips.
My point was, in my earlier post, that no, the world doesn’t stop turning but it would make my life so much easier to have the V, hence I am interested to know when I’ll get it. I respect your circumstances, understand that mine are different…


I understand that everyone’s circumstances are different, however if all the V’s have been shipped from China and are in transit to various countries the rest is out of Eve’s hands. They cannot affect the various import and customs problems that each import country applies. There seems therefore no ability for them to give any meaningful update apart from ‘we are waiting to hear as well’


Just from personal experience, I bought a set of step up transformers from Thailand, I had the ability to track them as a paid £65 for express delivery. I watched them all the way from Thailand via each service hub. It took 28 hours to get to the UK and 6 days to get through UK customs!!!


I agree with you. Since Eve’s customers paid up to 119usd for shipping, the tracking number is the thing we’re now looking for! As far as I know, no one has received the tracking number, even though they were supposed to be issued starting last Friday. Let’s hope they start trickling soon…


That’s the problem, if the tracking numbers are given out by the local delivery company when they receive them after customs clearance, then it all becomes a movable feast which no-one ( apart from the local customs people) have any control over.


So I guess someone messed up their SLA? Would be nice to know where the Vs are now!


“We have no news to share this week as all Indiegogo Vs (m have been shipped on 1st of Feb last week and tracking info will start coming any moment now! :tada:

You’re saying that they have go 0 more information from 4px since the 1st.

Yes tracking numbers in this case are down to local warehouses. But the time line of pallets reaching such warehouses would be track able by 4px, and therefore eve. so there really could have been more meaning in this update. We are nearly 2 weeks into the time line of the pallets…