IGG Backers! - Where Are You Now? - Did You Get Your V At Last? How come you don't share your joy with us?


Several months ago there was somebody here, who was in this community and was very upset because his work colleagues and friends were saying his V would never arrive.
He seemed very embarrassed at the delays and was virtually blaming Eve for his embarrassment. (probably because he had bragged like crazy about his great new device that was coming.)

There were also quite a few others who also had similar experiences from family, friends or colleagues who felt the V was some kind of myth or delusion, or money hole where their money was lost forever in the internet abyss.

And yet again there was a large bunch who were just simply angry and pissed off and it seemed that nothing would please them.
They were determined to stay angry and continue to vent their ill feelings here on this forum no matter what.


I would guess and expect most of them would have their V’ by now and their silence tells me they must be very happy at last.
I find it very interesting they now, after they seem to have received their V, that they don’t seem to want to share their joy and happiness with the community. Yet before now they couldn’t help themselves in the way they ripped the company to shreds for being late and often inferred they’d been ripped off.

I would also think they’re probably shocked and surprised at just how good their V actually is in the flesh. And now it seems they’re probably too embarrassed to say so and admit their keyboard warrior silliness.

I’m certain that many of these people are now very happy and that they can now actually see and feel just how impressive the V is.

Their feedback now after such a lousy feeling of disappointment caused by the delays and finally followed by the arrival of the “Awesome V” would be good to read.

I’m sure that some are like me, where you might have a missing accessory or two.
But I’m certain that this will not stop us from the enjoyment and use of our V.
They are only add-ons after all, and I’m certain we’ll get them in the near future.

This question is only to ask about your V and if you have received it!

It is Not about your accessories or that you might still be waiting for delivery of them or your V.


I’m still here!!! But hopefully on Monday DHL will deliver my V (and not just a box of accessories) and I’ll be able to post my happy experience with the device.


Hey Peter,

The ones I speak of, I remember well .
I remember all of their names. You are not one of the ones to whom I refer.

But Thanks for responding anyway.


kinda worried
the tracking number they gave me has seen no movement in a week


@Masters888 I’m still here - waiting for “missed” accessories and how EVE team is going to solve missing HEB engraving on my V …

V is a good toy/work tool, but it it would be better if delivered about 6-9 months earlier … in that time it would be probably THE best field tablet and EVE team could get a big order from my colleagues … but not now, they just missed timing. I’m enjoying it and plan to use in field. For my use - there are not limitations - field software is working, CAD/GIS programs are so-so (but this was expected - V is not workstation), Adobe Lightroom works OK, groundwater modelling software is slow but usable (but this sw is slow on 64GB RAM, Xenon workstation too).


It’s a shame that the new & happy V owners are very underrepresented on the forums


I’m still here - and no I haven’t got my V at last.

Hoping for a good experience with the V - the accessories I can wait for if needed, what’s another 2 weeks…


They must have switche mine with yours, I got the engraving but I shouldn’t, they put the 1tb in the wrong one :open_mouth:


Well, I never actually complained about the delay but I did express my frustration a couple of times.

Anyway, although it’s early days yet (still less than 24 hrs since I got my V), I’m mega pleased with it and can’t (yet) find any of the issues others have been reporting apart from, like @Lukas_Fikr, not having the HEB engraving (although I did get the goodies).


mine still Shows just ‘info received’. And I’m typing this with my V so no worries :slight_smile:


Mine arrived a couple of days ago here in the UK, thankfully before the snow did its worst. I’m now snowed in, which provides a great excuse to play with my V.

It’s fantastic. Really quite pleased. I’ve been using it as a tablet this morning, and it’s quite usable. A bit heavier than I’d expected, but just the right size for me.

Mine did arrive with a faulty keyboard (the colon key doesn’t work), but I hope Eve can sort that out with minimal fuss. Support has been in contact to ask for a video, duly provided.

The only disappointments are the battery, which seems to just not last that long even with the screen on its lowest two brightness settings (my preference).

The other disappointment is that shift-win-S doesn’t work - it should launch the screenshot tool. The lack of home and end keys is beautifully handled by Fn-left and FN-right, though, even working with ctrl to go to the top and bottom of the text.

As for frustrations with the delays, I certainly did get frustrated and regretted my decision. What the Eve team has done is incredible, though, for a small team and I look forward to seeing what they do next.


If you have the V on best performance battery setting, you can drop it one notch to get a bit more battery life without noticing much.

also try turning off the keyboard backlight, and stop ET from phoning home from the windows folder.


Hi mate. I have it on the better battery setting. Maybe i’m being unfair in expecting a tablet to last the same 5 hours I get from my much chunkier laptop. The time estimates I’m getting in Windows are way off. I don’t know how that’s calibrated, whether it learns, or whether I can adjust it.


you’ll get batter estimates as you cycle it more, but:

the absolute least i’ve seen (not battery estimate, actual 95-100% to about 30% 2 hours later) was just under 3.5 hours, and that was because:

  • listening to music at a pretty high volume
  • screen was pretty bright
  • keyboard backlight was on

all while i was actively using it (loading browser pages, downloading stuff, spreadsheets etc) otherwise, i average just shy of 5 hours with heavy use, usually its more like 6-8. honestly i’ve got no complaints about the battery life.

how much battery time are you getting?

edit: actually, wait - a couple of days ago i plugged in my phone to transfer some files and that drained the V really quickly too because it was charging my phone.

edit2: i found it in battery report

Hey neat lol, i can cut the html out of the batteryreport
21:55:29 Active 1:11:07 44 % 21,402 mWh


If I’m honest, I haven’t yet run it fully on battery from 100% to 0%, but I’ve just noticed the available battery drop much more quickly than I expected. This might be down to inaccurate estimation by Windows. Time will tell!


I was really struggling with my old machine and vocal about my dismay with continual delays.
As of March 1, my V is here!

Early days in the relationship, and she’s very different to my old laptop, but so far so good.


As has been noted many times, the first few days of battery capacity seem to suck. There are at least two reasons for that: the Keyboard battery is often not fully charged and that is sucking the main battery; there are several downloads and updates that seem to use a lot of power. Dueing the first few days I wsa a little concerned, but was patient.

After a week or so I have ABSOLUTELY NO problem with the battery life. I used it for field work and have never run the battery down with 4-6 hours of use off mains. I don’t even see it get below about 45%.

Mike in Oregon, USA


That’s an interesting point you raise Mike, about the keyboard arriving flat and charging from the main battery.

I too have never had any suggestion that my battery will go flat in the relatively short time that I have had it.

It lasts far longer than the Toshiba Kira that I’m running next to it. I’m very impressed with the battery life of my V.

This is the first device I’ve owned that looks as if it will last much more than a day while I work.


I received my V(i5) a week ago, and I thought about returning it to get a refund, mainly because that the processor is already a year old. But now I’m not so sure about returning the device. Here’s what I liked/disliked about the V.
The Good:
The screen is gorgeous, everything looks sharp, and the color are a lot more accurate than my previous laptop.
The keyboard is really nice, I compared it with a surface pro 3 keyboard and prefer the V one by far, the feel with the alcantara finish is so nice. The Bluetooth capability is a big add on, and I like the backlight for when it’s dark.
The performance is good, I don’t expect more for a laptop, I can browse, use Microsoft word/excel, and play basic game like Cuphead.
The Wi-Fi card is good, good range, better than my previous laptop(Toshiba satellite L655) I like the fact that I can screen my Xbox game on my laptop and see no lag even on Wi-Fi.
The two usb 3.1 gen 2 port of the V are Fast, I tried transferring to my HDD and it was a lot faster than what I regularly see with my desktop pc (180mb/s vs 30mb/s most of the time). The 3.5mm audio port are nice, but I don’t have any good headset to test it.
For now I have no use of the other port, But maybe I will need them later so it’s cool to have.
I never had 2in1 laptop before, but no I think that they’re the best, I use the tablet mode to read and write mostly(and thanks to the 3:2 screen ratio the portrait mode is perfect to read/write with the pen).
No complain about the pen, but I haven’t really tested it.
The SSD Speed is for me, I’d say, Blazing fast.
Battery life is really great, I get between 10-12h of autonomy for my daily use. and if you want some tips to get better battery life, just go check on this post, it really helps.

The Bad:
One point where V disappoint, the Charging cable, I don’t know if the problem is the Usb C port itself, but I’m thinking about changing the cable for a magnetic one. (or maybe someone have a better suggestion?).
There’s also the SSD size, 256go. I think It’s okay but I got an 128go Sd card to store my movie/secret stuff. It’s not really a negative point but I was trying to get more lolol.
The Ugly:
I’m happy to say that there’s no things I hate about the V, really nice computer, Good Job team!


I think you’re right. Battery life seems much much better now after a few days. I’m really loving this device :slight_smile: