If you missed your chance - you can make a downpayment to get a V in the batch right after the IndieGoGo batch!


Good evening everyone!

Since the V sold was out within 3 hours of the initial campaign we decided to give the people who were not lucky enough to catch one another chance!

You can make a downpayment for each model (199 for m3, 299 for i5, 399 for i7) and get the remaining amount charged in January! This will guarantee you a V in the batch right after IndieGoGo.

And the best part? Before January your downpayment is fully refundable.

So, if you didn’t catch a V now - don’t hesitate and grab one from the next batch! :slight_smile:

#[Click here to go to the IndieGoGo campaign] (https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/eve-v-the-first-ever-crowd-developed-computer-laptop-tablet/x/9025634#/)

Eve v Downpayment option

Which remaining part will be charged in January? Up to the Indiegogo price or up to the MSRP price?


Up to the IndieGoGo price as indicated in the perks description :slight_smile:


Ooops, didn’t see that immediately. Thanks.


The overhauled page on indiegogo states the following for the new perks:
… to lock down Unbeatable Indiegogo price of 699$
… to lock down Unbeatable Indiegogo price of 959$
… to lock down Unbeatable Indiegogo price of 1399$

And it is refundable. So that seems to be a good offer for all who did not catch one of the first batch.
But delivery is only April/May 2017 it says.


Ok so I don’t want to sound ungrateful but…

I was one of the lucky ones to get one of the 500 however due to Christmas looming over the horizon and other financial commitments I had to go for the i5 rather than the i7. If the secure now pay later offer would have been on earlier I probably would have took that on the i7 and waited a little longer.

Do we have any options available to us?


The other difference is that those who reserve now for 2nd batch wont get the Pen (49$) as those of the 1st batch will get…


Hi, nice option! I made my father preorder one for himself! Would the downpayment followed by a full purchase guarantee the Eve credits on the referral program of already eligible users?


I did down-payment of $399 for i7 - $1399 so the next charge will $1000 not $1399 on January.

How quickly will the second batch of V will be shipped after first batch?
If I add the V pen separately will it come few later or earlier or come together with V bundle that i reserved?


Hi @johnnytesttest! :slight_smile:

They’ll be shipped pretty much right after the first batch - so you can expect the second batch in April-May :slight_smile:


Not everyone in the first batch would have gotten a Pen if we didn’t sell out in those 3 hours :slight_smile:

@lamu: I don’t know, but let me ping @Thor since I’m sure he knows! :slight_smile:


Why omit the pen for this…the waiting time itself equals money to buyer…dont be so greedy Eve!


Hey @fauzip! :slight_smile:

Those bonus goodies were just for a limited time for the people that were fast enough. It’s the same as every other IndieGoGo campaign that offers a “Early Bird” bonus.

We’re not greedy, we’re basically offered some extra goodies to people that were fast enough. The Alcantara e.g. is as you can see still given to everyone that still preorders :slight_smile:


If you change your mind, you can change your order from an i5-y to an i7-y. Don’t know quite till what time you can make changes. @Konstantinos @Mike @Thor till when can we change our order?


As said before, after the campaign we’ll contact everybody for details. We can adjust the payment amounts and orders at that time safely and sound before deliveries are even close :slight_smile:


No problem

Before deliveries you can upgrade to i7 and keep the package you bought. As we said before, people can change their order after the campagin when we contact them for details. :slight_smile:

There is now a limited bird offer, which includes the pen for 80% discount = for only 8 usd!


Where can I get the pen for 8$ ? IGG still says 39$, even though I made the Downpayment…


Now I see that the Pen is included at the perk for the Downpayment.Even though I made the Downpayment when the Pen was´t part of the perk I will get it? For free? What is about the 8 $?

Thank you


The 9 USD for the pen comes from the fact that you’ll pay 9 usd more than the list price when you pay up the remaining balance :wink:

E.g. thus 1399 for i7 becomes 1408 :slight_smile:


Hey all, I wanted to know, is there any other payment options? I was hoping there would be some idegogo left and I would have the funds, unfortunately the Veterans Affairs didn’t pay my hospital bill, and was wondering how long the down payment plan would be going on for or if you all had plans for continuing with a future payment plan.

Kinda got hit with this issue last minute.

Thanks in advance.


Hi, after IGG ends we will send a confirmation email and instructions for the upgrade possibility to everyone who has participated. During that point you can still upgrade the purchase. After that time frame you cannot upgrade anymore since the batch is going into production.