If you could improve on V, what would it be?


For V-2 has copyright Wernher von Braun:



No, I was looking for 60W+ chargers. So if you charge your laptop with this, it will not have any juice left for other devices. In addition to that, I was not comparing “per device” because I was looking specifically for laptop chargers. So if you can find a cheaper 60W charger compliant with this nonsense, please show me.

Speaking of adapters:
My micro HDMI to full HDMI adapter costs $2. USB-C to HDMI costs $30. See the difference? It’s also about 5 times bulkier.


:joy: Yeah i thought of that too lol


As a photographer needing the V in the field I really wish for a full sized SD card reader. Number one item:)
4K, preferably OLED screen. Hi res screen is key for me.
A differentiator, despite the difficulties with thickness and design, would be better serviceability i.e.HD and battery change.
I agree with others, I’d loose the ‘Oops’ key.