If you could improve on V, what would it be?


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  • 1 port for charging and 1 port for display : During a presentation or at a desk if you don’t have a charging dock :
  • 1 port for charging and 1 port for connecting a USB-C device (yes it’s going to happen)
  • 1 port for display and 1 port for connecting a USB-C device
  • 1 port for charging, 1 port for display and 1 port for connecting a USB-C device : oops there’s only 2 USB-C ports but this scenario is less likely to happen for now


My suggestion included a separate charging port :wink: I also explained its superiority :slight_smile:


I am going to wait until I have a V to think about improvements. The current model implements a lot of features in a way I wished for. However here are some nice ideas in the different accessories treads.

USB PD chargers are cheaper then standard laptop chargers already. Here are models with additional features.
Same goes for power packs.

I consider the possibility to use generic docks and power supplies the actual “killer feature” of USB C. It will change how companies setup workstations.

Only right now and only for home/work use. The second port allows you to connect the power supply and a display adapter at the same time. The alternative would mean that you need adapters that pass trough the USB C, so that you can connect the power supply to it. They exists and it works, but not as comfortable. The second port allows you to use much smaller display adapters. And with Apple forcing the issue we get more USB C accessories fast.


:smile: :smile: We’ll have to agree to disagree on this one.

For a Tablet or Ultrabook that can last all day on battery, having a A USB-C charging port means that then during the day you have an extra USB or display port… :relaxed:



Now tell me, which one is cheaper? :smile:

Sure, but this comment was meant to be taken together with my “regular charging port” suggestion :slight_smile:

Nope, it means you have a port that you NEED adapters for. It would be much better to have a type-A port instead of it, because then you don’t need any adapters. Micro HDMI is also an option, because it’s commonly used in cameras and there are cheap and very compact adapters for it, much more compact than type-C to HDMI adapters.


I wonder, if fanless and U would’ve been possible though… :grin:


For me - the second one - as I could charge EVE V, iPhone, iPad, Smart Watch and something else together …


And at $9, I wouldn’t trust that adapter not to burn down my laptop and my house with it…


This is just a thought, but maybe this should go to the USB C discussion. I’m sure there are other things worth discussing that don’t already have a thread.


The main feature I’ll miss when compared to my Surface Pro 4 M3 is a Windows Hello capable camera. I know Eve V has a Windows Hello capable fingerprint reader, but not as convenient as just looking at the screen and you’re logged in.
LTE would have been nice, but not sure if I really need it for the small number of times I can’t access a WiFi public access point or just tether to my Phone.

Otherwise the Eve V looks pretty damn perfect.


But you would trust a USB PD charger for $30? Just that the technology itself is 3 times cheaper doesn’t mean the charger is of worse quality.
@Lukas_Fikr what if I don’t want to charge all at once? This is the cheapest PD charger with 60W I could find, so let’s just assume it has one port, ok? :smiley:


The thing with the camera was that it was around 100-150$, if I remember correctly. That’s not really worth the extra IMO. But the cameras are pretty neat though since they really scan the whole face in 3D with infrared thus making it pretty secure.


No - it has 1 USB-C PD port and FOUR (4) USB-A … And it was not about you … I usually need more ports/devices to charge, so I was describing my case.


It’s not about you either.
It’s about the FACT that PD chargers are much more expensive than simple laptop chargers. Don’t believe it? Go ahead and find a PD charger that packs 65W for 10 bucks.


Some people don’t feel that USB-PD is a positive thing, some people do. Any further discussion of the merits and flaws of USB-C and associated features can continue in USB-C - A step to the future or not useful at all? .

Back on topic: If you could improve on V, what would it be?


I would never buy $10 charger for anything as I’m not stupid …


My surface 3 pro does not think there are people wearing glasses thoug :kissing_closed_eyes:


The first thing I’d love to have is a bit unrealistic for how small the device is and the current form factor, but it is something I’d like! How about some type of Graphics Card that isn’t an integrated chip?

NEW KEYBOARDS!!! Alacantra may be awesome and all, but I’d love a new metal version that has the same finish as the V, hang the extra weight… Or maybe alacantra on top, metal on the bottom. That’s what Microsoft did with the Surface Laptop, so it is possible… How about keyboards with added functionality? I know this is probably super impractical, but with new ports, extra battery, or even ala Surface Book, some type of graphics card? Like I said, impractical, but AWESOME!!! And thick. … and heavy. :wink:

NEW COLORS!!! I love grey, and I like the color on the V, but I can’t resist dark DARK red, crimson, blue, and silver colors… Yes please!


Yeah, an Eve V in Crimsom Red would be awesome.

  • User accesible pannel. ( Hidden by the stand, maybe?) To Change the Battery with a spare one, or even the HD (Current version is located too far for it to be feasible tough…)
  • Weight optimizations.
  • Battery technology change. (Solid energy, lithium Air, etc…)
  • Qi compatible charging capability.
  • Better Optics on the frontal camera.

    The list goes on and on.

But given the time and current tech constrains its not posible. Maybe for V2 or V3 We can have all that and then some.


Since the second option you gave has a total of 5 ports, you would divide that up by cost per device/port, which comes out to $7.99 per port, vs. $8.99 for a standalone laptop charger that uses a proprietary connector and can’t be used with any other device. I think the point that was made still stands that USB-C is cheaper than the old-style laptop chargers.

As to the adapter situation, I have a cheap NuVision tablet that has a micro-HDMI port, other than that, I have never owned a device that uses that port, so I would have to go buy an adapter anyways. On the other hand, USB-C and it’s associated adapters have rapidly become more mainstream than any MHL connector, and they are more versatile to boot.

Back to the topic at hand, really the only improvements I can think of at the moment would be quite simple to add to V v.2 (V-2? V.2? :smile:) are color choices such as blue and red, a Windows Hello camera on the front, and functioning GPS on the Wi-Fi version of the V.