If you could improve on V, what would it be?


I would say none of that :smile: (except for a removable hatch behind the kickstand)


I think we had this discussion before.
I think you are talking about dedicated buttons because afaik the V touchpad has physical buttons.


No, V touchpad doesn’t have any buttons :sweat: You can click it as a whole, but that doesn’t solve any of the problems…


Must agree with this, the tiny arrow keys especially the up and down arrows are way too small :sweat:


If you can click it (I asume left and right) then they are “physical” buttons. But maybe thats just how to define “physical”.
I don’t see any problems at all with this solution.
But that’s fine because the topic is
"If you could improve…" and you are absolutely right if you have issues with these buttons.


No, you can’t click “left and right”. You can just click the whole pad, no matter where your finger is. So it’s technically a button but not buttons (plural form) :wink:

There are many usability problems associated with it, but we can discuss this in private if you want.


There is no right click on the touchpad?
If so I have to order a BT mouse.

It was discussed before and we don’t have to do it again.
You have problems with it and I don’t but that’s perfectly OK.


Right click can be achieved by two-finger tap or clicking it while your giner is in the bottom right corner.


There not a seperate button for the touchpad, the touchpad itself is one huge button, and functions as a left click.

This is like how MacBook touchpads work.

To get a functioning right-click, you’d have to do the two-finger gesture…
Which means you’d probably have to get a mouse anyway :joy:

clicking it while your giner is in the bottom right corner

Oh, didn’t know this worked too :joy:


Like @pauliunas mentioned, you get right click by clicking in the bottom right corner.


OK then there are 2 pysical buttons underneath the touchpad.
Thanks. In this case I don’t have to worry.


Full Size SD Card slot.
As there is enough room anyways:


Oh, did I write “giner”? funny xD That’s what happens when I type on my (way too big) phone. I meant finger of course :sweat_smile:


I don’t know if it applies for the V trackpad, but generally this is achieved with a single physical switch still. The driver simply combines ‘touch registered in the bottom right corner’ and ‘switch is triggered’ into ‘user is clicking the bottom right corner’…


I tend to disagree with most of this
Having 2 USB-C ports is a smart idea, both of them being Thunderbolt enabled would be nice but not necessary
Two USB ports are better than most competitors, I am fine with two. Of course I would want more, but I would rather have a Micro-HDMI output for presentation purposes rather than a third USB-A port
A removable door (with adequate warnings should it be opened) to access any serviceable parts to allow for upgrade of the SSD or motherboard in the future.
Higher resolution screens is the market direction, I know there is a balance between power consumption and screen resolution, but the reality is when others are broadcasting their superiority due to 4K screen resolution, a lower screen resolution makes a product non-competitive. That being said, battery is the limiting factor. Being an early adopter of solid state batteries would be a real kudo, I suspect Microsoft is already on this case based on market messaging coming out.
The OOPS key I believe is an interesting curiosity but I believe seems amateurish and will be picked up by the market as an unnecessary curiosity. There is no reason to steal from the thunder because an OOPS key is on the keyboard.
The alcantara material used on the keyboard is looked at as premium and portrays a premium product. Please keep it.
The market prefers machines as thin as possible, thickening the keyboard would be problematic.
I would like to see a flexible screen (there are products coming onto the market with flexible screens now) which would make the screen much more indestructible.
Setting up a section on the EVE web page for utilities and productivity aids which can be provided by EVE contributors, they must be tested by EVE for reliability and their safety (no malicious code), I think this is a very creative group and there will be things that will Wow all of us.

I think that is about it for now


I personally feel if there is one thing to be improve about the V, it will have to be repairability. Given how clumsy I am, my portable devices screens have a very bad relationship with me. So this is my view, V as thin as it is now but easily repairable.


One thing I might absolutely be wrong about, but I don’t thint the V in its i7 version has an integrated Iris Graphic Card.
Wouldn’t it make the V a more complete device, able to rival machines like the Mac Book Pro and Cie? I saw that the Surface Pro 4 in its premium version (i7 and 16GB RAM) had one.


This! Try to be a company that early implements solid state batteries. They (according to current research results) will have a higher capacity, still be lighter, eliminate the risk of exploding, etc. It truly sounds promising.

Repairability would be nice, but mainly for swapping out SSD and RAM, potentially the battery (whereas a solid state battery should push that requirement out far to the future).


The chosen i7Y processor simply doesn’t have it.
It’s either our way with a fanless Y processor or go for the U processor with iris graphics. This decision has been made.


Why is it “non-competitive”? I mean if you compare FulHD to 4K there is a difference, because videos and movies are slowly moving towards 4K. But if you take this oddball resolution that we chose, it has no benefits at all. You still can’t watch 4K on it, it just results in blurry text.

Why? What would you use that second port for?

But Eve is a small business. They can’t afford experiencing a failure with those batteries. Microsoft can just suck it up, like Samsung did with their exploding Notes, but Eve would go bankrupt.

I agree on this…

But what does this mean?

“Premium”… I hear this word a lot on this forum, but nobody has explained what it actually means in our context. To my knowledge, you can refer to a material as to “premium” when it has properties that make it actually better than other materials. Such as scratch, shock resistance, better cooling capability and so on. Alacantra is a dust magnet and that just makes it worse than, say, plastic.

Nah, that’s what samsung prefers. I think most people on this forum wouldn’t give a second thought about it :wink: And overall, I don’t really see where this thin devices fetish comes from. Just that it’s thin doesn’t mean it’s good. And it doesn’t make it better in any way. To me personally, holding a bit thicker device is even easier. A tablet could go up to 11-12mm without any problems… If it’s thicker than that, it becomes too bulky, but as long as you keep it under a certain mark there’s no problem.

That’s a feature on the processor. We can’t choose GPU and CPU separately, unless we go with a dedicated Nvidia graphics card. There is no Y-series processor that has Iris graphics, so it’s simply not possible. Unless you want a fan in the device, but then it would be in a different category.