If you could improve on V, what would it be?


Better Camera (for video conferencing)


Agree re camera - also hdmi

Will be interesting to see how the real thing performer in a 3/4 weeks


Yes, a netter camera would be great.
Currently I’m using Office Lens. It corrects, stretches and aligns document and board images and uploads them to OneDrive. From there I can just pick them and paste them into OneNote. Works real great. Just give it a try.


I voted no but with further thinkibg I believe the time isn’t right for this poll to be made. When people receive their Vs they will be able to see the photo and video quality and better decide and reflect on these decisions :wink:


It would be nice if the USB-c ports were lower on the V…right now they’re pretty high up, which lends to a less stable product.

I like the idea of a “permanent” keyboard that mounts like the transformer keyboard.

Even if it had additional weight to give the overall unit better balance it would be a welcome addition.


yeah, same with the headphone jack. I know the bottom of the screen is mostly taken up by the battery, so this might be hard…


This is not practical, but it would be cool to have +2 pens for the EVE V. I am ambidextrous by the way. I am not sure if devices can support multiple stylus inputs.


The large Surface Hub (http://blog.stormboard.com/2017/02/microsoft-surface-hub-real-time-stormboard-whiteboard.html) (the webpage for this Surface Hub software says: “Multiple pen support with independent drawing tools for each pen.”) supports multiple simultaneous pen input and it has an N-trig digitizer and N-trig pen support.

Has anyone actually tried this? I have a couple extra Surface Pro 4 pens lying around and a Surface Pro 4 on hand. If it works there, we know it will work on the V. One second…

EDIT: No, it doesn’t work with more than one Surface pen at a time.


A keyboard similar to that of the Surface Book, with an embedded more powerful graphics card (and possibly an additional battery).

A full-size SD slot, instead of a MicroSD, for maximum compatibility.

A magnetically attached power plug, with a small cord and an end being a standard USB-C (just for the power, of course) so you don’t have to replace the whole power supply if the cord gets damaged. This, of course, in addition to the already available USB-C for recharging.

Screws to disassemble it without any sort of glue to keep it together, for maximum serviceability.


HDMI port!
LAN port
Better, maybe asymmetric pogo pins configuration, so they would snap easier
Better power button
Hardware windows button.
Better distribution of the speakers.


Improve serviceability:
What about having an access cover under the kickstand to enable to replace ssd, battery (i know the opening would be quite small, but the tech solution could be to disconnect and slide out)

  • optionally too to enable to replace the remaining stuff that connects to the mobo through a cable…
    I can imagine enabling to disassemble the entire unit would have negative impact to the thickness and or bezel size + such devices tend to start to squeak after some time, so having the screen be glued as it is now and just enable access to replaceable components could be a good compromise.
    In the case the screen needs to be replaced, it is irrelevant if the old screen breaks during removal as anyway broken, and in the case mobo needs to be replaced i can imagine the price would make a repair uneconomical anyway…

What about having a sleeve for the pen on the side of the kybd, or having the pen to get into the tablet (although that seems a bit overkill) as a permanent storing option for the pen. I take the magnets as just a temp option to use during breaks when not using it.

Option to independently charge the kybd (maybe just a simple usb-c to pogo pins adapter would be enough?)

Better cameras and light (flash) on the back.


Thins the body is already aluminium, a hard coating would be nice instead of that optical coating. That way you don’t have to worry about scratches that could be seen better or not because there wouldn’t be one. I think you would be the only one that would have such a feature.

  • A Thunderbolt 3 on each side, to charge, plug or dock on either side, instead of a TB3 and USB-C Side by side. And it would bring a symmetry to it : 1 USB3 and 1 TB3 on each side.
  • Serviceability: as Tomas_Ulicny said : having an access cover under the kickstand to replace ssd and maybe battery

  • Get rid of the Oops Key, I hate this key (I know, just my opinion, but do I really want a product where I hate a part of it ?)


Even Larger Battery, Just Because.


That needs a quad core processor. Nope.

  • I would remove one of those type C ports and add a regular charging port instead. These “smart” chargers are damn expensive and a regular charger’s wire can spin around freely, so it’s really great when you have an angled plug.
  • One type C port can be kept just for Thunderbolt (for eGPU, nothing else useful).
  • I would add another USB port, because 2 ports are just barely enough.
  • I would make the keyboard actually useful: thicker, better key travel, full-size arrow keys, touchpad with actual physical buttons…
  • Of course, a hatch to open the device from the back would be damn awesome, I don’t want to melt any glue when opening it.
  • I would choose a lower screen resolution, because this super duper high resolution just increases the price without any reason to it and adds annoying blur to most desktop apps. Movies come in FullHD or lower resolutions anyway.
  • Light grey color :slight_smile:
  • Better material for keyboard (like plastic)

I guess that’s about it…


I tend to disagree, because if you are going to use this one port for the eGPU then I would miss a USB-C port for the transfer to a USB-C capable monitor - which are starting to be come more common and able to charge the V…


If you use eGPU, you’ll connect the monitor to your GPU. If not, then the port is free anyway.


Actually You plug 1 Thunderbolt cable from the PC to the e-GPU and then one cable (thunderbolt, USB-C, DP, HDMI, depends from the e-GPU and monitor) from the e-GPU to the monitor.