Ideas needed! How should we name our i7 & i5 MORE models?




As you know we have announced the prices and updated our website yesterday. Thanks for providing feedback on all of the issues dudes!

We now have 2 MORE versions of the devices, i5 & i7.

We know that not all of you like MORE as a model name and to be frank we couldnt come up with anything better :slight_smile:

So we need your ideas!

How would you call i7/16GB/1TB & i5/16GB/512GB versions of our device?

Only thing to remember:

  • In our view name should not be plus, Pro or S as it’s used so much by others companies. We would like to be different :slight_smile:


I would call it mega.

I5 and I5 mega.

First idea after 5 seconds of thinking.




Why not just call it what it is?

Similar to what Tesla is doing with the Model 3, they simply called the model with larger battery as “Long Range”, because longer range is exactly what youre getting if you opt for that model.

So I would call it something like “Large Capacity” or “Large Storage”

Or better yet, simply call it i5 512 GB, similar to what other companies are doing, and what Tesla used to do on the Model S and Model X (example: Tesla Model S 60 = 60 Wh battery)

(Before anyone asks, No, Its not my Tesla. I kinda wish it was though.)


eve W



I personally would go with the simple choice of i5+ and i7+ - basically bigger models compared to the regular i5/i7 :slight_smile:


You could call it like i5^2(square, i can’t write with the little numbrr), even if it’s more x2(from 256go to 512go, and from 8go to 16go) it could be different than other companies!


that would make it an i25, since the “i” might stand for imaginary number, that could also mean (5i)^2, which equals to -25.

Yes Im fun at parties.


I like this idea but I would keep it for a second generation V :slight_smile:


maybe just add "XL"
simple and refers to the larger capacity!


I wouldn’t give it any name, just use the specs. Right now the list of V’s has redundant information. I would list it just like this:

Select your V:
m3 / 8GB RAM / 128GB SSD
i5 / 8GB RAM / 256GB SSD

i7 / 16GB RAM / 1TB SSD

Just keep it short

  • I think it’s not necessary to repeat in every line that is an Eve V.
  • CPU version is duplicated
  • The word “storage” is not necessary, there is already SSD

If you like the three liner, I would reduce the content nonetheless and list one spec per like:

Intel m3

Intel i5

Intel i7

Other companies also don’t use special names for their tablets or notebooks. They just list the specs.


I’d recommend a simple solution, like the “+” from @iKirin or simply
EVE V i5 (option) A
EVE V i5 (option) B

“more” sounds kinda strange to me, but I’m not a native english speaker, so never mind :smiley:


My vote goes to:

Eve V Moar


I would call them

Eve V i5
Eve V i5 Fully Loaded
Eve V i7
Eve V i7 Fully Loaded


Eve V i5
Eve V i5 Epic edition
Eve V i7
Eve V i7 Epic edition


I recommend





Since these models are coming to the market with the Flash sale, suffixing the new version with flash. Like Eve V i5 Flash.
And for the initial/ regular models, to attribute part of the success to the crowd, call them Eve V i5 Crowd.


This but instead say “high performance” or “high capacity,” and maybe the 1tb one should be “V Max”

V 5
V 5 high capacity
V 7
V max


the two “MORE” device have twice as much RAM or/and storage. I`d name them:

Eve V i5 2ice

Eve V i7 2ice

and put 2ice in superscript and red


Eve V i5/7 major , that in latin means ‘bigger’


Eve V i7 - Size matters ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)