Ideas for Gen 2


Yeah why not? It’s a feature that has been implemented in smart phones already and would be interesting to see in a tablet/Laptop form factor. With the current trend of devices going bezeless it would be pretty cool to see done. A larger screen to body ratio can reduce costs while giving more screen real-estate, a magnetically attached camera would allow for better viewing angles and call quality when talking or taking pictures. Also i great way to differentiate the product from others currently on the market. If they’re able to do it then why not?


I agree with you, “interesting” is the right word. However, making it “so bezel-less” that not even a camera can fit there may not be a good idea. If you want to make a really interesting product, let some space on the upper and lower part of the screen and include the camera and some front facing speakers. Amazing screen + well-engineered sound system = great multimedia usage. That would really be an intere$ting product.
BTW, wouldn’t having a magnetic camera need a tablet with flat sides? (not like V ones?)

This is the part that shocked me. How?



Maybe what if the gen2 keyboard cove’s connect to gen2 V was a highly modified USB C connector? And the bottom of the gen2 V would be another thunderbolt 3 port. This port expands the V’s functional possibility and can easily be docked with the donald dock. Just saying… that a universal port is better than a proprietary connection?


Thought about the idea of having all the cameras and such in the bottom bezel kind of like the xps line-up but was trying to come up with a method that avoided that obnoxious angle. Also to the question about it could reduce cost, i was thinking in a sense that with larger bezels more casing is involved but ideally you’d only be saving about a dollar or two in materials.



Great for when your nose hairs need to make a video call.


What if yen 2 ditched the aluminium back for a custom alloy? A alloy that is strong, durable, light weight and have good thermal properties???


May I ask Why?

Just what exotic custom metal alloy exactly, did you have in mind?

Or do you expect the community and Eve to invent a new one?
And have you researched and considered the cost as opposed to what most manufacturers are currently using?

BTW there were extensive discussions previously on Aluminium Vs Magnesium Alloy.


How about they just actually have product to sell?


Intel will assuredly fall behind AMD next year, so here is hoping for an AMD-powered Surface-style tablet!

I got to love Intel’s slimy-as-ever double talk. They are shipping very few engineering samples to their long-term customers, nothing more, nothing less. Unless they were selling in mass quantities, these account for nothing but a drop in the bucket. 2019 is the earliest anything is coming to market. And some aren’t even expecting Intel’s 10nm products until the second half of 2019:

2019: this is the turning point. Eve is about the underdogs pulling off the impossible. AMD, such an underdog, and their 7nm Zen 2/Ryzen 3 processors are just the thing to power a device encapsulating that idea.


Before Intel brings 10nm amd RTG will beat the 1080ti xd


Computex - good news:


“The firm said that new ‘Amber Lake’ Y-series processors are coming later on this year, along with Whiskey Lake U-series chips.”

"More battery life. We all want it, but batteries aren’t improving, at least not quickly enough. So companies have to find battery savings elsewhere. But when it comes to laptops, chipmaker Intel may have just found a veritable jackpot. According to the company, Intel’s new Low Power Display Technology will let a standard lightweight laptop run up to 28 hours on a charge.

What’s the secret? The screen. Intel says it’s using a special LCD panel from Sharp and Innolux that consumes just 1 watt of power. That’s half as much as a similar laptop screen would use before."