Ideas for Gen 2


I don’t think people take pictures with their tablets very often, especially considering most/all smartphones have really nice cameras.


Probably because tablet cameras have always been shitty…
Now, imagine a tablet that takes as nice photos as the Google pixel 2… And suddenly we’re at danger of knocking tablets off others wherever we walk!


I have a strong dislike for Apple and their eco-systems.

Actually I don’t like saying this, but the iPad pro series we use, for our inspection business take great pics and come with the Live feature which captures a snippet of video at the same time. (You gotta see it to appreciate it. Not groundbreaking but a neat feature.) They have a 12MP camera.

Quote from Techradar:-
Both front and back cameras also stitch together Panorama photos, with the main rear-facing camera able to shoot 63MP, topping the 43MP pieced together by the iPad Air 2 and iPad Pro.

The rear camera also is capable of shooting 4K video at 30fps now and Slo-mo video mode has been upgraded to 1080p at 120 fps and 720p at 240 fps. You won’t find any of these video features on its tablet competitors.

Now if the Eve can have a camera as good as that or the Pixel phones, I’m sure they would be used more often than we might think.


I love to customise and upgrade my devices and the only thing I don’t like about the V is that it isn’t easy to get in and replace the SSD to be faster in the future and maybe have a second slot for expansion/ Second SSD ram isn’t an option in such a small device so I understand its not upgradable.

A magnet Locking screen could be an option.


Rear camera with flashlight is not for taking beautiful shots or anything like that. Just a flashlight could be useful. Important part is flashlight. You may find it useful when you really need it one day. Just my experience in the past.


While we are talking about cameras, we could have a dual camera on the back with Ir or some thing for 3d scanning, maybe with different appatures like the iPhone ect.


Really? Dual cameras on tablet/2-in-1…


Yea mate but for the purpose of 3d scanning only. I use the pen for CAD and it works well for me.


i think your MP are missing points or the specs of the iPad pro is incredible better than what i thought it is.


I’ve used it for recording meetings and lectures while taking notes on the SP4. I’d like it if it wouldn’t at a great sum on the price tag.


It’s a panorama. The tablet takes a lot of photos and stiches them togethet into a big picture, hence the large pixel count


Ty for telling me that the camera doesn’t have a 63MP resolution.


Another crazy idea…(well not that crazy) implement an oled screen that goes from bezel to bezel. But what of the web cam you may ask? My solution is use the back facing camera! Imagine when you simply need to make a Skype call you flip the rear camera too the top and you have a probably best in class web cam. Because true bezeless will get plenty of attention. What about the keyboard fold that locks to the screen? This is why I mention AMOLED. Pixels can be completely turned off. Imagine you are using a beautiful 13" inch screen (hint hint) then you go into tablet mode and BAM the screen resizes to account for the bottom keyboard fold. Other things that would be awesome to see is 8th gen I series processors (or g-series but I understand thermals and battery limitations), DDR4 ram, keep that amazing I/O and you’ll have a do it all machine! On a more serious note, love the company and the first outing with the V but let’s really turn that V into a W(VV)




G-series is the new quad core series that had amd Vega graphics built on chip


Flippable parts would cause production challenges for the casing and possibly affect integrity, although we really need a MD designer to figure that out.

Another idea could be magnetic (?) and detachable camera which connects to the tablet with a cable. (Or wirelessly but I think there would be lag or unstable connections.

Just take the camera out and snap it to where you want it to be.


Pros of flippable
Always attached

Cons of flippable
Mechanical movement is always a point of breaking

Pros of magnetic
Interchangeable camera
Won’t snap if made contact with
Quick and easy

Cons of magnetic
Another thing to carry/loose

Having a magnetic attachment (kinda like essential attachable camera) could be a great solution!


Magnetic with cable then! Like a snake cam…

Or consider the material dbrand used for the grip cases. Something that can attach to surfaces easily.


Me personally I don’t think you need the cable, it could be an accessory but not required if the magnets are good enough


Mate, really, remove this :joy:
Does a completely bezel-less screen and a magnetically attached camera seem like a sensible idea?