Ideas for Gen 2


I have an idea to fix it in the Eve, but it would require a 1mm-thick flat heatpipe with a 180deg bend and a bend radius of less than 2mm. I’ve never heard of a heatpipe doing this before, and you’re a miracle worker if you can do it with a pre-fabbed heatpipe. I may try to order some online, because I would like to try it out.

I also have a sneaky feeling that replacing the thermal pads with ordinary thermal paste will increase the thermal performance considerably. Yeah, the pads are simpler and easier for the manufacturing process, but use thermal pads on an ordinary CPU and you’ll be laughed at.


1mm heatpipe? With a 2mm bend? Why not just use solid copper to transfer the heat?


Depending on how cruel I’m feeling, I may try this to see if it works as well. but Eve wanted to have a heatpipe somewhere in their machine, so I’ll see if it can be done. If not… solid copper could work too.


Share your results if you do modify the heat transfer system. I don’t know what the minimum heat pipe size on the market is, but if you intend to use them then I suggest going with the absolute thinnest option and run multiple in parallel. Trying to flatten them too much will cause issues with the internal porous structure.


+Need charging indicator with fully charged state. Preferable able to see it when keyboard attached and closed.


guys… you know how the iphone X has is circuit board folded… why don’t ww do that too is V gen2? i way motherboard takes up less space and we can place a bigger battery inside to increasing the watt hours to the maximum allowed of 100wh. (that’s the goal)

bezel-less OLED screen and the world best palm rejection would be nice

and maybe a complete redesign of the keyboard pogo pin connector… my idea is to place a TB3 port where the keyboard pogo pins are now. the calls for a magnetic type C connector on the keyboard… having the TB3 may allow for a surface book performance base situation where there is a discrete GPU in a separate base.(sold separately)


What about anti Fingerprint and frosted Display?


Because it would make the device thicker and heat transfer gets really worse… Everything on the Motherboard gets much more heat from the processor before it can dissipate at the case. And it needs a lot of engineering power. And I do not think that anyone has done something like that with a PC processor.


Here my ideas for Gen 2

  1. 10.1 inch … lighter tablet not exceeding 1.5 pounds
  2. Only one USB A and 1 thunderbolt C
  3. Maybe Core M or
  4. Qualcomm snapdragon AND Nvidia pascal - fanless Design


And 6K uselessness. I wouldn’t like to be rude, but I’m even seeing comments of people requesting a 15" bezel-less screen. Guys, please. It’s a tablet.


Would like to see it use m.2 storage and love to see it use the Intel/AMD graphics combo chip or just use a mobile ryzen cpu


We already have that in the V :wink:

For a Gen 2 that would be interesting, but I doubt we could cool it passively - heck, it’s hard to nicely cool the ~100W of the Intel/AMD G-chip with a 15" notebook :smiley:


6k uselessness :joy:


3 ideas here:

  1. Speakers oriented to the front like in the SP4 :smiley: !!!
    (I like those very much, all the other devices I have put music out somewhere where I hardly can hear it correctly… and apparently, V does the same :frowning: )

  2. keyboard with an on/off switch & a key-combination where battery status is seen: click and LED blinks 1x, 2x, 3x, 4x to show battery status. (I have one of those for the SP4).

  3. yes, I join in with somebody else: KICKSTAND should be able to hold landscape AND PORTRAIT :wink:
    I don’t know if that is doable, though… :thinking:

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So close to buying yet couple things holding me up…

  1. Intel 8th gen or beyond i7 option(quad core)
  2. Smaller Bezels (Dell xps-ish)
  3. 13-13.5 inch screen(once you go big its hard to go back)
  4. Bigger trackpad(keyboard remains the same use the larger keyboard layout to give a bigger track pad)
  5. Wireless charging via keyboard(not important but a nice thing to consider)

Overall love the design and company but if at least 1-3 were implemented, nothing could stop me from getting my hands on one of these! :slight_smile:


Something I would contribute as the adopter of a V (typing on it rn)

  • Please bugs and oversights. Speaker, non-touchscreen BIOS, monitor calibration backups, Bitlocker PIN, palm detection
  • Optional V pen please. I would like SP2017 ones if your screen is compatible with it.
  • 9th or spectre-resistant processor.
  • symmetric ports, left side USB C and A, and headphone jack, right side USB C and A as highest as possible so you can magnet clip the pen without obstructing the ports (both side would be nice)
  • pen loop on keyboard, optionally symmetrical


For a large handheld device, bezels are almost necessary, gotta have somewhere to hold it.

Definitely want a larger trackpad, what’s on the V just isn’t big enough.



Things I would like to see in Eve V 2.0 in the year of 2018 and beyond:

  • High DPI HDR screen
  • Better stylus with custom key mapping
  • Better keyboard (Common problem like Shift + Fn + Arrow key issue should not exist, keyboard causing battery drain while PC is in sleep mode, etc)
  • LTE/ GPS is a good-to-have option.
  • AMD APU is a recommended choice. (Low power CPU has proved to be a bottleneck for a lot of things! Yet that does not guarantee battery life)
  • Front facing speakers
  • Rear camera with flashlight
  • Fingerprint sensor is awesome, please keep it!
  • Making sure all the ports are not loosen (obvious design flaw in 1st gen, the team needs to test them and use them to ensure the quality of the product)
  • Larger battery for better battery life that is comparable to iPad.
  • LED indicator (Not sure who missed that out but a power indicator is always a must for devices that requires charging and stuff)
  • Accessible slots for upgradeable storage or RAM is a plus!


I’m a simple man. I have simple wants. I don’t even want a v2, put these things in my V now pls!


LOL. I wish that could be done in the existing Eve V. Just hope for a better Eve V in 2018 and beyond, mate!