Ideas for Gen 2


V is almost the perfect device in my book.

There are a couple very minor details/options that I’d like to see implemented as accessories or in a future design:

  • The charging ports (one on each side) moved to the lower left and right had sides of the V2. This would make it less likely to tip and/or get snagged on something.

  • The kick stand could have rounded edged on the top corners so that when V2 is opened, there aren’t sharp edges.

  • Solid keyboard (similar to dell 2-1) that provides a solid base as an option

  • A full size SD card would be interesting, but not critical.


isn’t the thing that AMD ryzen has higher idle power draw but lower load power draw than Intel? At least, that is what I did see in some of the reviews that looked at power draw.


I’d love a Eve Mini but I think a mobile 7th / 8th gen mobile Pentium would be better as Windows on ARM can only run 32 bit programs. An option could be the 4415U.


I just take a look at the new product of Acer - Switch 5
Their cooling system is super interesting!
They’re using liquid to cool down the cpu, even the i7 u-series cpu model. NO FANS IS NEEDED! Therefore, I think the @Team can make it as a reference. :smile:
Maybe the new V can use this design and improve it to cool down the cpu and gpu at the same time!


I will suggest Snapdragon or some iris graphics things,


Didn’t that throttle even with a light load?


The cooling system is a heat pipe, each heat pipe is a liquid cooled circuit. Hard to tell how much better the loop is when compared to a regular heat pipe, fact is it is an excellent marketing catcher as they could call it they want, i would not be surprised if that was the idea behind the design from the beginning (different enough for a patent, name it you want and all the adv benefits from it)
Looking at reviews of just the i5U versions it gets so hot you can barely hold it then, the point is the heat has to go somewhere and so accumulates in the body instead of being transferred to air with a fan design.


So it’s time that I give some personal 2$ (no, not 2 cents, 2$ instead because this will be longer)

First of all, I want to throw in a ‘If the V was freshly developed would I see X feature as an upgrade to the V now’ as more and more people popping up and saying that the hardware of the V is ‘outdated’ at this point.

  1. SD-Card: More of a Sidestep in my eyes. So I’d not really care. In general for a second generation V it’s also more of a sidestep - thus I’d leave it up to the community :slight_smile:
  2. Windows Hello Camera: Yep, a upgrade. Windows Hello Cameras have improved quite a bunch since the last time I had a look (and since we planned the V). For a V upgrade I’d 100% would want that in there :smiley:
  3. Lighter: Up to this point there is no tech available for that. And no predictions for the future as well.
  4. CPU: Due to NDA I can’t really talk about that - so I’ll leave that. But I’m personally a happy camper with the Kaby Y series :wink: We might look into bringing a bit more of a pack to you as well but no spoiling that yet :slight_smile:
  1. LTE/GPS: We’re working on that one in the background still :wink:
  2. Passive cooled CPU: While the new SP is decent, it’s long-time performance is not really worth of a U-series CPU in my eyes. For a next V I’m not sure if it’d be worth it.
  3. I don’t personally see the use-case for that. In a current V/future V. Maybe splash-proofing might be interesting, but then again good build quality is also a good deterenet for that :wink:
  4. ‘Power Base’ - While cool, I don’t know what to put in there. a small GPU like the Surface Book, HDMI maybe extra battery - but other than that I’d not need it. And even the GPU is something I’d personally be hesitnat about as I feel a 12" tablet is not really the category that’d need a GPU.

In a current V I don’t think any of this is possible - for a future V upgrade I’d want to look at that :smiley:

Again, something I’d personally would think a now-built V would not really have much improvements as the hinge-market has nothing improved out there yet. For a V upgrade however we might be even able to develop our own hinges maybe? :smiley:

On a current V the cameras are one of the only areas I see real potential to improve upon - maybe not 5K but higher resolution. For a future V I think the cameras are 100% worth upgrading :smiley:

For a current V I’d LOVE to see that, if we did bring it up now. However there is simply no screen available :frowning: For a V upgrade however let’s see what it brings :smiley:

So, that are my 2$ on that. And yes, I gave up on enough money for a good cup 'o coffee so I hope that someone takes the time to read my opinion on what’d be feasible to upgrade - given what’s on the market now.

TL;DR: Nothing is really upgradeable right now except for the cameras - all other components are on the A±level already.


Also to consider a Snapdragon 835 (or whatever the last version would be) as CPU would be cool… octa-core @ 2.2 GHz (with much lower power consumption if compared to Intel, link->[Snapdragon 835 is a 10nm slap in Intel’s face] ), maybe still 8/16GB of RAM (that’s the quantity I need)… I would be so happy :star_struck:


There are usbc to hdmi cables, I know I want nothing more than to carry around a closet of cables, but…


But that is the same thing as an MicroHDMI to Hdmi cable, a niche product which you can only use with one to two of your devices…
In this case USB-C would be a much better choice ^^


Enough of a gourmet menu for me


So already a thing for the Surface Pro 2 - keyboard with built in battery pack.

MS don’t have it available on the MS store - weirdly had low demand? Despite a market clamoring for more battery life.

I’ve worked my way through 2 , though had to order from the US on Ebay as a UK user. No regrets despite the added weight. I’ve been enjoying a 10-12 hour laptop/folio/hybrid/Frankenstein for years now.

I wont accept less that 10 anymore.
I’ve been spoiled.

Edit: I realise this isn’t an update to the core V machine, more a keyboard variation. Still, might be worth looking into the peripherals over the next year before serious hardware refreshes. Also assuming people want even more sweet sweet battery life.


Windows 10 already has a Project to this PC capability allowing you to use Eve V as a second screen for a desktop.
Update: Windows 10 “Projecting to this PC” supports ink back and touch back so you can use a stylus on the Eve V to draw on your desktop PC. There is a certain amount of latency which you would need to take into account for certain applications. BTW writing this on my Dell XPS 15 via my Surface Pro 4 connected as second display :slight_smile:

Using Pen Input for an External Monitor
Future Features of the V - Drivers

So how is the latency for drawing? Well, I would most likely use gigabit ethernet to connect the devices over a switch (with a thunderbolt adapter/dock with ethernet port), so hopefully that would reduce the latency


AFAIK Snapdragons aren’t real octa cores, thez are two quadcores with different spec for different use.
one is lower specced and has a lower base frequency and is used to save battery, the other one gets active in more demanding tasks like when you play games or watch a video. idk how the load is spread across these if only one of the quadcores is active at a time or if the different kind of demanding workloads get spread most efficiently across the cores.

Mobile parts are also usually the first ones for new production processes, cauz they have a small footprint and thus have a higher yield rate compared to bigger cpu’s.


As intel is rushing out all it’s platforms i would say waiting for ice-lake is definitely a good idea. By that time AMD probably also has ZEN 2 out which would be one of the first cpu’s made on a 7nm node. (save me the complaining about how accurate this node measurement is).
It would be kinda foolish to do a refresh on a intel cpu atm, not so sure about the mobile parts but the cpu parts get rebranden, i7 is the new i3 or visa versa.

Drink Tea, wait, taste, bring the poll and let the cpu war begin xd when it’s time for.


I see the following V improvements:

  • Kickstand: The edge is too sharp close to the screen, where I put my hand (fingers) to hold the tablet when I scroll or when I hold it.
  • Front camera: It was a reson why the direction of the camera looks a bit down in the Surface. In that way much easier to do videocalls without the need to put the laptop almost 90% stand state when it can fell.
    -Improve sleep battery drain

For Gen2:

  • Kickstand edge too sharp
  • Fix camera angle on front, and put there decent FHD camera. (Personaly I don’t need rear camera)
  • Newer CPU and more possibility to chose SSD size for all CPU types (all combination - like M3 now ti
    with 256 GB SSD)
  • A bit less black frame - increase screen size. (Keep a bit of frame as need for tablet mode, but a bit less)
  • GPS option
  • (Dolby certified) even better sound speakers and sound
  • Support to use the V as a pure USB screen.
  • Improve keyboard backlit (currently it is visible under the keys)


I don’t know if this has been mentioned before, but I’m going to leave this here… It would be beneficial to design the next device so that the heatpipe has direct contact with the die. “Finally,” I thought, “we get a tablet that doesn’t throttle horribly if it is asked to do anything stressful for more than a couple of minutes.” And then I saw the teardown pictures and factory videos. For some odd reason that I haven’t been able to wrap my head around, the die is given only a copper shim, while the heatpipe (which as far as I can see is attached to the larger of the heatspreaders) is stuck on the bottom of the PCB.

The heatpipe is given the job of drawing heat from the CPU die through the interposer and the motherboard PCB, both of which are atrocious conductors of heat. This set off red flags in my head all over the place. Unless I’m missing something, this seems like an… illogical way to design a cooling system.


It was said before it could even sustain higher tdp settings, but i guess that wasn’t under load.