Ideas for Gen 2


Isn’t this already possible with Miracast?


Uhm… let’s see.


  • Full-size SD slot
  • Screws to access the internals and replace SSD and battery
  • Intel U-series processors, for improved performance especially GPU side (tweaked so minimum frequency can be pushed below its normal, which is above 2GHz if I recall correctly)
  • The 4 speakers spread on the 4 corners
  • LTE+GPS, because you would expect them on an high-end device
  • a switch on the side to turn off the antennas (airplane mode, hardware enforced)
  • a keyboard docking like the one in the Surface Book, for better lapability
  • a whole set of changes to the keyboard and the way it connects that I’ll detail below


  • ability to set a maximum level of battery charge
  • pre-boot keyboard

Keyboard changes:

  • integrated large battery to power the V, effectively doubling the overall life
  • keyboard should connect through thunderbolt and offer docking capabilities detailed below. When detached, only keyboard functionality available
  • additional I/O on the keyboard, like ethernet (other I/O can be discussed)
  • a version with dedicated GPU (mid-range), if possible

About the changes in the way it docks: the idea would be to be able to use the device as a regular laptop, as the kickstand on the back doesn’t always work well when using such devices on your lap.


You mean something like the TF300tl from Asus? Was a android tablet with Keyboard dock that nearly doubled the battery lifetime.


For the battery yes, but then there’s all the rest that makes it so much different.

The keyboard would actually be more bulky in this case, as it would also act as a docking station, but I feel that’s ok considering how much more it would add.

With the additional battery it would be the first 2in1 with 24h of battery life. That alone basically sells itself in terms of marketing, from my point of view.
Then to make it actually compelling once checked there’s all the added features, that would make it a an amazing choice even though in the end, between the tablet and this super-keyboard, would end up weighing somewhere near 1.5Kg.


Intagtated gbatteries tech for better battery


@Team I’m not sure if it has been mentioned, but I would love a display INPUT port. I have a powerful (in comparison to all models of the eve v) desktop and usually only need to take notes or do some light coding while I’m on the go, and would like to be able to use the eve v as a second monitor powered by my desktop while I’m at home/work. Perhaps even include drivers to use it as a drawing tablet as well, but again, powered by an external computer. This would fit beautifully into my workflow as I could brainstorm/do scratch work on the eve while I work. I’m sure creatives would love this as well.


Have a look at A video-in port and Eve V as a second monitor with thunderbolt? (Artist perspective) , where this feature has been discussed in some detail. It’s an awesome feature that we’ve definitely got our eye on! (But that will likely not make it into the V any time soon…)


Any idea if there could be a software/firmware solution to this using thunderbolt 3? Or will it need specialized hardware in a later iteration of the V. Might impact if I go for this version or wait :slight_smile:


I think to early to look ahead to gen 2 imo I think the next one should just be small changes ie do a 1.5 version then


If there is any truth in the rumors that Cannon Lake Y and U series will be available almost simultaneously with the X and S Coffee Lake series and before the Coffee Lake i7 U and Y series, I do not see any room for an 1.5 version. It would make more sense to start planning for an Ice Lake version, to be available as soon as Intel starts making them.

And in the meantime? Well, the more I think about it, the more it seems to me that EVE’s best bet is to strengthen its cooperation with Wintel, by moving into the smartphone market, ideally with a dual OS product (why MS might be interested in the idea? Well, because to make such a product possible EVE would have to argue that Google’s demands for root access are an abuse of dominant position :blush::yum::innocent:)


Amd should definitely be used for gen 2


I would love if the next v product would be the stealth but actually deliver on what it promises so I know that there is rumored to be a quad core processor in the U line up so if we used that it would greatly in prove performance with higher end gpu and cpu intensive games or even the 6 core that will be in the 45 tdp spot so HQ line That also might be better because maybe when coffee lake is released more games will be optimized for higher core count cpus which ever cpu it is It would be great if we could put it in a 15 inch chassis and if we use the u series quad core then we could try to passively cool it because their would be more room for heat sinks also if the display could be oled that would be very nice I am fin e with it not being 4k like 1440p or 1800p is fine also a 99 watt hour battery life for like 10 hours with the 6 core and 13 for he 4 core and if it is possible which it probably wont be but if we could make our own connector that runs on pcie 8x to have the egpu run with no bottle necks also

ah so many word but that would be my perfect laptop then the egpu would be like very small maybe have a 2.5 inch drive bay because we would have enough left over bandwidth from the 8x connector


How? For the time being, there is no AMD 15W TDP (let alon 5W TDP) cpu in the horizon .


Any specific reason you want a AMD rather than Intel.


Oh, easily answered, there are 3 possible answers:

  1. fanboy
  2. if it would have better price/performance rating
  3. if it has the best performance but not necessarily the best price/performance rating

those are the 3 most used reasons to stick to want a CPU. And guess what? When just wanting a brand, it most likely is the first one. Intel still holds the best performance per core count, and amd has the best price/performance for the moment. And for AMD that best price/performance is mostly backfiring for them, since they ask quit a bit more for a 1800X over a 1700, or 1600X over a 1600 etc, while those non-X CPU’s can be clocked almost as high as the X counterpart. That is one of the reasons why intel still has locked CPU’s. We will see how the next years will go for both AMD and intel, intel has made some promises on coffee lake and canon lake, while AMD is still tweaking the ryzen platform and is about to release threadripper and will also release mobile CPU’s in the near future. Until than we can’t know for sure who will make the best performing or best price/performance mobile CPU’s.


AMD doesn’t even offer a mobile Ryzen part.

It’s not even an option.

Anything other than this fact is mostly speculation.

If AMD does offer a mobile Ryzen and that it gives a good price-performance-per-watt ratio, it should definitely be considered. Remember: the community voted for longer life on battery rather than performance.

There is one thing though: Intel is supporting Eve in some way, it would not be surprising if Eve chose Intel even if that hypothetical AMD mobile CPU is slightly better. Directly support from the manufacturer is nonetheless a tangible benefit. From a customer’s point of view, its completely rational.

ps. Maybe it’s just me, but everytime I see someone labeling another person “Fanboy”, I see that person who labels as yet another “Fanboy”. Perhaps we should stop labeling people.


No mobile ryzen exists

It should be coming soon


I didn’t necessarily say that DGMurdocklll is a fanboy, I only stated that people who would choose a CPU based on brand are most likely a fanboy. But to be fair, I can also be considered a fanboy since I like almost every person can’t be completely neutral in a discussion.

Aside from that, AMD will come with mobile CPU’s second half of 2017, and intel is also close with its next gen mobile CPU’s (although it is not confirmed if it would be 2017 or 2018). Than we can see what processors are the best, regardless of brand. For the moment Intel was the only viable choice for laptops, hence the usage of Intel in Eve V. And for what I know, Intel only helped Eve out with information and not a sponsorship or such, so it is possible that Eve won’t have a big enough bias to Intel to overrule the community demand for AMD if it comes that far.


Here’s the thing with that notebook: (Trust me I’m on top of my mobile cpu game recently) - it’s using a desktop cpu.
A freaking full blown desktop cpu (likely with a insane power limit but still!)

While Ryzen did drastically improve idle performance I still don’t want to see the battery life on that.


lol i did not know that but thats funny