Ideas for Gen 2


Not sure if it’s been mentioned, but a structuring to prioritize ‘higher spec’ and almost ‘over cooled’ CPU to allow for the eGPU market to flourish.

With apple opening its ‘official’ doors to the eGPU scene now even thought its been going for some time. An amazing Tablet/Laptop with a great CPU and internal GPU can handle day-to-day work. However traveling students/photographers/videographers can utilise an eGPU and Thunderbolt 3 to get the most out of their machine.

From my understanding, the bottleneck then becomes thermal throttling of the machine. With a high end GPU working alongside the CPU things get pushed, but with the small form factor, the Eve could get hot (as happens on many gamping eGPU laptops atm) As such, designing “overcooling” so to speak into Gen 2 would allow it to be a truly versatile devise.

Price/Complexity standpoint, I’m not certain, but i’m pretty sure the eGPU scene is taking off in a big way now, so Gen 2 might as well factor that into is design.

Hope that make sense.


I think an eGPU will not compensate for a weak CPU. I tried video rendering with a surface pro once and it was a big misery for mediocre video editing. For very light video editing it can work, but once you start to pair the clips with the background music, fast forward or slow motion, text overlay etc it all gets laggy and shirt experience. So I would say that a great CPU should be considered before worrying on the eGPU side. Most games I know will be CPU nottlenecked when gaming on an Eve V with eGPU.


It’s funny how you guys are already talking Gen 2 when no one has even beating the hell out of Gen 1. Give it a rest.


No I would like to continue making suggestions :grin: Galaxy book AMOLED screen please! For next device. 28 watt quad core, with gpu keyboard base?


Mechanical keyboard I would like to see and possibly upgradable ram and if pen use battery storage in device that also charges pen




I think we should wait to see what Intel will come up with as Coffee Lake laptops will be here soon. Then, start fielding suggestions for Generation 2


I think all of this has already been mentioned, but Id just like to vocalize it as well…

A dedicated GPU would be wonderful, I’d love the option of being able to edit a smaller batches of photos on the go, and render them at reasonable rates.

Water Resistance
Just adds a lot of peace of mind, esp. when utilizing it in tablet mode.

More range of motion for kickstand
I really appreciate the increase range of motion available on the surface pro.

Some solution for lap computing
Not entirely surely what the solution here would be, but I’d like to be able to do lap computing more comfortably, something that the kick-stand option doesn’t really offer…


I’d like to add to the general conversation:

portrait mode kickstand
The current kickstand works only in landscape mode, but I tend to use my iPad mostly in port mode, especially for reading documents and the like.

There are design options that would allow the kickstand to also be useful for portrait mode readers, and I think that the V design team would definitely be up to the challenge.


Toughbook like durability so it can stand up to being driven over and what not and gorilla glass screen or Sapphire glass


I know this is ahead of time, but with apple introducing 120hz into their iPad Pro line, i can’t help but suggest a 120 or 144hz design on the new generation. This may be completely over looked, but as a constant 144hz user I can never go back to 60. Highly important for me as a user.


I think it’s a valid idea and one that may be taken into consideration, for V2 or whatever next product will be.


This is an amzing idea. It should be in the next generation of the V.


Let’s try not to have too many different threads about V2… would best be merged into the Ideas for Gen 2 thread @nawthor @Helios @iKirin :wink:


If you looked at the current layout, I believe there was room to make the battery larger (without increasing the display size).

Increasing the size of the screen (and the battery) is a increase power capacity - while increasing power draw. Normally this is a non-significant improvement in battery life, but does increase weight.

I think display port 1.4 tops out at 25Gbps while thunderbolt 3 is 40Gbps.


This would probably be a step backward. This is a SATA 3 interface that is slower than the NVME interface we’re currently using.


• I would like to have a dock which would use the keyboard port, so that I can use the keyboard remotely.
• I would also like to the Eve to talk with some screen remotely so that I can expand my screen to it without cables


Well the keyboard pogo pins won’t have sufficient data transmission for docks. Why not connect a dock to a USB C port and still use the keyboard remotely?


The idea behind it is that one can just drop the pc easily to the dock. But you are right, the connection to the keyboard could be more intelligent than itis now.