Ideas for Gen 2

The surface doesn’t that was my point. If they really want to crush the surface pro this would be the key. The Cintiq Mobile Sutdio 16 has up to a NVIDIA® Quadro® M1000M 4GB GDDR5 internally, though it is much bigger and heavier. My phone the BLU LIfe One X2 has a Qualcomm snapdragon 430 1.4GHz Octa-Core with Adreno 505 GPU. The technology is definitely there, just needs better implementation. They don’t need to reinvent the wheel, just find an existing chip that could boost GPU performance side by side with the integrated graphics.

Edit: I realize that comparing my phone in this case is apples and oranges. However I would be curious as to what the NVIDIA options would add to the cost/bulk of a V version 2. Wacom is a bad pricing guide since they seem to add $1000 just for the name.

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No just me not remembering to check the specs before posting. A while back there was a prototype discussion about the pen when they were saying it compared more to the SP3 pen than the SP4 pen but after i went back and read the thread again it was corrected there as well. Thanks for the link though! :slight_smile:

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Well, if I could deside the next step, it would not be so much about 2-1, it would be 2-x.
What does it mean?
Considering the fact that most professionals are using shortcut keys in their workflow, the logical step to boost the sustem would be focusing in the keyboard.
This can be done without touching the current design, but yet we are able to boost the system significally.
Did you get it?
Yas, the keyboard.
Make it a dock!
Have it in full size, with number keys and all.
In a tilt position.
Maybe a vesa-mount.
Make it have a fun-fan or two.
Liquid cooling with slot for everyting.
A buildable one.
I do not know anyone who wants to carry dock around, so it could be heavy, #€|| it MUSTbe heavy so that it will keep yhe screen steady.

Since it was not planned from the start on, the V has no Port to connect a dock on the bottom side… You can only attach this keyboard dock per TB3 which is unfortunately on the left side of the V…

is the current keyboard sleave port useless for a dock? (E.g it doesn’t transfer enough data)

Yes it was stated somewhere, that it is only usable for the keyboard, touchpad and charging of the KB. Maybe you could add an additional USB plug (at least 2.0) but that would be anything you can do.

It would be impossible to have another plug for an gpu with Y processor afaik, since we only have 4 PCIe lanes and they are already used by the TB3 Port (that is the cause we only have one TB3 port)


Hmmm… I see your point.
well, at that point you can take a look at Surface Book. They keyboard is retachable wit nick nacks and everyting but no bluetooth, tilt or full keyboard.

Yes I appreciate that you take the time to look at the conversation we have here even though sometimes they go over board, sice there is full job to even get the first one out and running.

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I’d like to see ports closer to the bottom of the tablet so it doesn’t look weird when you have a USB cable sticking out of a tablet when it is standing up.

I’d also like to see Eve incorporate Dell’s XPS Infinity Edge technology for future displays if they can license it, develop their own, or procure similar displays on the market if available. This allows for the screen to go right to the edge of the display.

Finally 4G (LTE) and 5G support would be a nice option.

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I’d love a 14" OLED screen with HDR, a kickstand with the movement range of the new Surface Pro, 4096 pressure level pen, and both USB-C ports with TB3.



I travel a lot globally, and would love to have both wifi and 4G/LTE available in this form factor. Would also be great at home if the comcast goes down, which we all know it does constantly anyway :wink:

“Performance Base” equivalent

While I recognize that the processor is a bit “underpowered” in order to achieve a fanless design, it should be feasible to couple with a GTX 1050 Ti and provide decent low-end gaming+workstation capabilities. Couple with an extra 48Whr battery and you could easily take on the recently released Dell lineup with their 1050s.

OLED Screen

OLEDs are gorgeous. I know they also tend to take more power, so this is more of a “nice to have” for me – but the black levels are amazing as is the color reproduction. For a machine just begging to be used as a portable multimedia device, this would be awesome.

Matching external thunderbolt monitors

As I mentioned above, I travel a lot. I’m also a sw engineer, and multiple screens is something I really miss from my desktop setup. Theoretically, you should be able to daisychain and power two thunderbolt displays off the TB 3.0 port on the Eve. Having a design and kickstand setup that matches the Eve would be great, and having matching display performance would be /fantastic/. Currently the best out there is ASUS’s crappy USB-C 1080p monitor. Eve could kick their pants.

Second M.2 4x Slot

Would love to be able to toss in a second drive. I have lots of NVMe drives laying around, and the ability to put in a second one to run Linux off of would be great.


Dell’s XPS Infinity Edge technology

Not really a tech. Thin-bezel frames have existed forever. The problem is that they’re heavy and expensive. For a tablet form-factor, I don’t think it’s worthwhile – you need the bezels to help hold onto the device without touching/covering the display itself.

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Duly noted, although Dell does have Infinity Edge (thin bezel frames) displays for their XPS 2 in 1 line as well.

Oh I know they do, and I think it’s ridiculous xD IMO it’s a marketing gimmick that actually detracts from the device’s usability. I like the V’s bezel size, personally – it’s there, but not huge (have you ever seen the bezel on a Razer Blade Stealth? Omg).

But who knows, but I just have slipper hands :stuck_out_tongue:

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Maybe that partially is because it is a laptop convertible and not a tablet form factor. Try to hold that as a tablet

An Eve V2 of course! Or maybe it’d be called Eve W (for Winner?) :slight_smile:. I’d imagine that it’d be modular and have 2 Thunderbolt 3 ports. It would also have the option for discrete graphics and Windows Hello Facial Recognition! And anything else the community wants! What do YOU want to see?

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There is already a thread for the possible second generation of the V:

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Hello. My first post here. If Windows for ARM processors would have good performance, I think it would be nice to have that option for Eve V2. Maybe even a 7.9" Eve V mini on Windows-ARM

I think it would be best if they were to focus on improving the current “laptop” over a few generations before branching out the product line. Not to mention ironing out any logistics and QC issues that may (read: will) arise as they gain popularity.

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  1. LTE; YES,that would be great
  2. perhaps a antenna plug for external GPS and/or LTE
  3. charger plug for the keyboard

LTE & GPS built in, a wireless charging keyboard, and an SD slot.