Ideas for Gen 2

It might be easier to increase the number of USB-C/TB ports from one to three (or four!) and use adapters. :blush:

The other alternative would be a magnesium alloy or carbon fiber body :blush:

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I think it should be possible to remove two of the four bezels without impacting usability (one would have to grip with either side. This could make the device smaller or allow for a taller screen.

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any1 thinking about Mini PCIE port :smiley: ? for those extremely cheap eGPU which performs faster & better than TB3

Of course all of the below ones are up to us to decide together once the time comes, but here are my personal opinions

Should not be a huge problem, but may prove to be a medium-sized one :wink: (the stylishness of the device comes from minimalism, and if we add full sized reader, it has to be placed somewhere else than under the kickstand, which makes it visible - on the side - and decreases the minimalism of the product)

Seems that - given the current trends in component pricing and performance - it should be implemented

If graphene batteries are widely available at the time, this should help reducing the weight. Going to magnesium would in terms of the casing would also do it, but then we would lose some durability and a lot of coloring options.

Personally I feel that where we can reduce some weight as well is the keyboard.

Oh and since people started trowing ideas (which is very nice)…

Dare I say (drool)…

OLED??? :smiley: (disclaimer; we may want something in a product, which may not appear in the end result)


This would hinder your experience in portrait mode though. Our landscape, depending which bezels you want to remove

A left-handed person will likely hold the device in their right hand, and will want the right side bezel for landscape mode.
A right-handed person will likely hold the device in their left hand, and will want the left-side bezel for landscape mode.
The top bezel is needed to house things such as the camera and ambient light sensor.
Users will therefore likely be holding it by the bottom bezel when using it in portrait mode.


Dell XPS and LG Gram would love to have a word with you :smiley:


They’d also like to shoot a photo of you in the least charming way possible :wink:


If I understand the suggestion correctly, two bezels would allow for both left and right handed use. The difference would just be whether you have a top or bottom bezel (of course camera would need to auto rotate). It might be a way to reduce device size, but I don’t know whether it doesn’t look too uneven for users to actually “like” it that way.

Yes but imagine you are reading something and your hand gets tired and you want to grab the tablet with the other hand you also have to rotate.

Edit: Rotate the tablet not youself (even if it would work :grinning: )


I agree, it is not a convenient solution. I only wanted to show that it potentially serves both types of users (left and right handed). I am rather hoping for a solution with reduced bezels which in parallel has a good and flawless software component to it for detection of whether you try to input or whether you’re just holding the device.

Agreed I think the implementation of Alexa would be a joke at best. AI is software not hardware and can be done limitlessly with the V already, as well as any other computer on the market. I love my google assistant but I don’t want it built into anything but my Google O OS.

I would favor an increase in size up to 13.1 inches which would also add room for a longer thinner battery and even more battery life with very little weight difference. I am all about the extra screen space while not connected to an external monitor. I am a digital painter and that extra half inch gives me a lot more to work with. All my tool bars fit in that extra space very comfortably and leave 12.5ish for working.

I would love the addition of a mini Display port as they are still much faster and higher quality than Thunderbolt 3 and have a lot more implementation already. I like the thunderbolt and usb c but it would make a great addition.

AMD is really looking like some solid competition to INTEL at the moment with better prices and cost per performance, not to mention the advances in efficiency. Threadripper 2 in 1 anyone? or much more realistically the new Rizen Pro Processors set to be released in early 2018.

(mix of both?)
All about the pen features. I will probably end up buying the (new) Surface Pro pen for its added tilt and slight increase in pressure levels and wish the Eve V would have gone with an upgrade over the SP4 and not the even more downgraded SP3 like pen. Despite what they might say no human can actually feel a difference above 2048 levels and tends to be a gimmick, but 4096 is a good capping point all the same with the future of more focus on latency and tip/grip feel.

(This may already be possible but I haven’t found a good method. If you have please please please enlighten my ignorance)
I would love to see a Pen Input Display mode to use as an external display for my powerhouse workstation while at my desk. That would make for a perfect 3 in 1, tablet, laptop, graphics tablet. This is already possible with other similar devices like the Cintiq Companion and iPad Pro but they aren’t even close to the screen resolution and independent performance and don’t even really compare with the V already in even just prototype functionality.


Only 13"? that would be just a slight increase, I can’t imagine that would really matter for most. Than I would suggest to make a big version from 14/15" that would have a much better impact than going to 13". And the upside is that those who want ultra portability don’t need to handle the extra weight and size from that 0,5" extra (which they will, I can guarantee). The extra size could even be used to accommodate a stronger CPU (the V can handle 12W, so the big version would be able to handle 15+W). I do like your idea of still having a mini display port, I don’t want to carry dongles and docks all the time so useful ports shouldn’t be ditched to the thunderbolt.

AMD is indeed competing greatly with intel, but at a big downside, comparing the ryzen 1700/1700X/1800X with the 7800X/7820X/7900X: they use more power on idle (important for getting battery life), they have less performance per core so I don’t know if they can give the same performance/power. Leave TDP out of this, since intel and AMD have their own way of claiming TDP so that can’t be really compared. The biggest upside for AMD is their pricing, the lower performance is compensated by a big price cut. They will be launching mobile CPU’s, but those would need an iGPU and they probably will also have the same performance disadvantage over Intel so for the moment we can only wait and see how good or bad they are. Also I can guarantee that threadripper will not come to 2 in 1, the 8 ryzen 7 eightcores go up to 95W, that promises on the TDP for threadripper… If most 2 in 1’s can’t keep a 15W dual core cool, and those who try 45W quad core have a big struggle to make it not as thick and unwieldy as a laptop (and also still have thermal throttling), I can not imagine 95+W cpu without iGPU will make it.

For the pen: I can’t really test that out since I use a broken surface pro which half of the time doesn’t register the pen touching it or register the pen touching it when still centimeters away… But on moments that it does work, I can’t really tell the 1024 pressure levels apart, so I don’t see a need to quadruple that, but I guess it is for painters and such to decide on that since they have more experience on that side, most of those that I know do say that they don’t really need to go above that 1024 pressure levels.


Its not necessary but they may as well match the quality standard of all of the more current devices and offer at least 4096 levels (Microsoft’s new pen). Wacom’s are 8192… way over kill. The current V pen appears to be around 256 levels if it really is the SP3 like pen.

Very true. Though I have no doubt that we will see that become very possible in the next few years. I was more serious about the laptop/mobile processors slotted to release in 2018. They will be much more feasible. You do bring up another point that I neglected to add to my original post.

It needs an internal dedicated graphics chip. That is pretty much a requirement for any device that really hopes to beat out the MS SP. I have been very disappointed in the lack of implementation on that front. Even my phone has a dedicated graphics chip as well as the iPad Pro, Cintiq Mobile Studio,etc. Integrated graphics are beyond sub par, especially when you slap a 2k+ screen on the device. Doesn’t have to be crazy powerful, just present.

No graphics card < any form of dedicated graphics, regardless of what you are doing. Mostly for those of us who use Photoshop and especially 3D CAD/Modeling. Would also help with occasional gaming should you choose to use it for that.

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it is not the sp3 pen, it’s the same as the sp4, so 1024. Which is plenty for me (as a professional artist, that’s all I use)


That is good news. I found lots of conflicting information on the pen version. Could you link me to where you found that so that I can inform myself?

I would look at m.2 for storage

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Since when does a surface pro have a dedicated graphics card? They do also just use the iGPU. iPad and such having an dGPU is because the cpu doesn’t have an iGPU, and it is custom developed for the iPad and Apple has the money for such custom things. I don’t think Eve will have the possibility to get a custom dGPU tailored, they than would have to search for existing dGPU things, but for laptops I have never seen one with dGPU (not even 930/940M things) that could be so thin. I would propose that Eve makes a surface book competitor, in the base there would be plenty of space for a dGPU and the battery juice for it, and since I don’t see a dGPU coming for those sub 1 cm tablet pc’s so the closest to that is the surface book. And for the surface book there is a lot of room for improvement, having a better connecting solution between tablet and base, reducing thermal throttling and possibly better CPU, better batterylife, and the list goes on.

You can see the info in the picture next to stylus :slight_smile:

I can’t imagine that any info on the forum said that we don’t have 1024 pressure points tbh :sweat_smile: may I ask, where you got your info from? Maybe some press release was wrong and the team needs to contact them :slight_smile: