Ideas for Gen 2

Please make sure you keep the USB-A port - I don’t want to have to carry adaptors around to use someone elses flash drive.


There’s two things to consider regarding weight though:

Taking the V as it is and making a heavier keyboard base (for the sake of weight ratio), the device would be much heavier alltogether. - So what’s the maximum tolerable weight for a 2-in-1/Laptop to carry around all day?

Making a Gen 2 V lighter than the current model (if that’s what you are suggesting) would definitely come with some downsides. Though I do not know exact numbers, most of the V’s weight would come from the large battery and the cooling system (directly affecting performance). Now what sacrifice to make for the sake of weight reduction? :thinking:

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I would buy it, if it featured the new 10th gen chipset

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Anyways, Eve had said that they are not interested in making a Gen 2 V until these things are settled, and said that don’t see another iteration until end of 2019 or 2020.

This is a very good thing… to wait. For two things that has been a fact:

  • Intel and AMD finally is moving towards 10nm/7nm mobile CPUs, i.e. (at computex 2019 a 10nm ice lake Dell XPS 13 16:10 display was spotted)
  • Wait until Microsoft releases the Surface Pro 7 somewhere between Q4 2019 to Q2 2020, to get an idea on the next best thing.

Fanless Surface devices are becoming a thing. Even I’m typing on a fanless Surface Book 2 and it doesn’t get hot (Turbo Boost disabled/CPU max at 90%). I think since V gen 1 is already fanless, this would continue with bettter thermal designs and coupled with 10nm/7nm it would sell like hotcakes… if priced correctly.


I am not going too detailed into exact specs, as there are many people that know more about this than I do. But having brought to market a couple of innovations, I want to say the following:

Decide what you want to focus on. There is always a tradeoff between weight, performance, price etc. In my opinion though, your customers are people, that really care what kind of computer they have. Therefore price is secondary, while top-notch performance is not. I did not buy an Eve-V for the simple reason that it just was not as powerful as the Surface Pro. If it was and even if it was 1.5 times the price, I would have bought it, because I use my laptop every day and am willing to pay for top performance. Become the Apple of the Windows world, because there really is no lifestyle brand in the Windows world and I think you guys have the potential to be one! So you can also charge Windows prices, IF you also deliver nice specs.

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Would be great if the hardware inside was easily compatible to support installing MacOS. Obviously it can’t be “officially” supported but intel CPU over AMD would be make this do-able. As well as certain Wifi cards are more compatible than others for MacOS “hackintosh” builds. Just a thought. Sometimes it would be nice to be able to run MacOS unofficially on hardware like the Eve.

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All V2:

  • Ryzen CPU
  • easy to open for repair
  • really good webcam and mic

More configuration options:

  • larger screen (panel choices?)
  • dedicated GPU
  • display input (ability to use this as an external drawing tablet would be awesome)

on the idea of needing bezels on a tablet makes sense the only thing I have trouble understanding is
why i haven’t seen any digital bezels where the device detects it being used as a tablet blacks out the edges of the display and is no longer touch sensitive.
something id like to see in a gen 2. best with Oled as it edges fully blackout and consumes less power

I like the idea but apple occasionally releases updates making their detection of whether or not the devise is legit or not more accurate and then you’d have to run windows. also that is a bad move for a big and legit company such as Eve tech as Apple could easily sue and win.

If The V gen 2 has dedicated graphics id like to see something like the ROG Zephyrus G ga502
where it has 3 Profiles
Boost. Balanced/auto. silent
the Boost and Balanced both run off the dedicated 1660 Graphics however when put in silent mode it actually runs of it special low power AMD Vega APU graphics going from 2-3 hours web browsing to 7-8 hours.

wait… dame form factor?