Ideas for Gen 2

Intel will assuredly fall behind AMD next year, so here is hoping for an AMD-powered Surface-style tablet!

I got to love Intel’s slimy-as-ever double talk. They are shipping very few engineering samples to their long-term customers, nothing more, nothing less. Unless they were selling in mass quantities, these account for nothing but a drop in the bucket. 2019 is the earliest anything is coming to market. And some aren’t even expecting Intel’s 10nm products until the second half of 2019:

2019: this is the turning point. Eve is about the underdogs pulling off the impossible. AMD, such an underdog, and their 7nm Zen 2/Ryzen 3 processors are just the thing to power a device encapsulating that idea.

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Before Intel brings 10nm amd RTG will beat the 1080ti xd

Computex - good news:


“The firm said that new ‘Amber Lake’ Y-series processors are coming later on this year, along with Whiskey Lake U-series chips.”

"More battery life. We all want it, but batteries aren’t improving, at least not quickly enough. So companies have to find battery savings elsewhere. But when it comes to laptops, chipmaker Intel may have just found a veritable jackpot. According to the company, Intel’s new Low Power Display Technology will let a standard lightweight laptop run up to 28 hours on a charge.

What’s the secret? The screen. Intel says it’s using a special LCD panel from Sharp and Innolux that consumes just 1 watt of power. That’s half as much as a similar laptop screen would use before."



A successor to the Eve V laptop(2 in 1 laptop):

Suggestions for improving the product:

4K resolution
3x USB-C/Thunderbolt 4 port(to connect to a external battery,storage and monitor)
NvmE PCI SSD storage(a Removable storage)
32/64 GB RAM DDR4(Non removable/removable doesn’t matter for me)
Nvudia/AMD non removable graphics card(optional for customers).
the latest bluetooth(5.0) and wi-fi support

Imagine the Nintendo Switch being the V (a totally normal, standard port), and the Keyboard being the Switch Dock (a male connector fastened directly to the outside of the keyboard).

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My suggestion to the 2nd gen:

must upgrade memory to DDR4
new smart pen with higher pressure sensitivity
1440p Oled screen as an option for energy efficiency
12 mp rear camera : Not for street snaps but scanning document
front firing speakers

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I see many people here focus on particular technical specifications. In my case, I am more interested in an improved ergonomics of the tablet design and ease of use. I would like to propose the following design:


I totally agree with you!!!
And awesome design :+1:t2:

@Konstantinos must see this.

P. S.
I am your first subscriber :wink:
Oh, and forget that 1kg on this design.

Gen2 should have:

  • beefier processor, with active cooling if necessary (like Surface Pro)
  • 4G/LTE (or 5G) integrated
  • GPS integrated
  • Please, seriously, fix the keyboard issues (mostly software, but touchpad is annoying too)…
  • On-screen firmware keyboard, to enable full use of software like BitLocker or VeraCrypt

All the rest is just perfect.

Thank you, Ervin! I just wanted to show the ideal design we should target. Above 1kg, tablets are a bit uncomfortable to hold. I hope that eventually, it will be possible to make that design under 1 kg. Of course, it might be unrealistic for the first iteration.

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Hi guys! I really got some ideas for the next generation EVE V and I’m going to list em here.

First of all I have to say that I’ve experienced several special minor-oriented devices, like: Blackberry Key2, Razer Blade 14, and Porsche Design Book One. For me, these products indeed got some points that I hope other giant manufactors like Dell or Hp could include. And I really hope to see somehow a “perfect” laptop in this market.

  1. a hinge like the ones on Porsche Design Book One. Even Book One was published years ago, it still gets the best hinge I have ever seen on a 2-in-1 device.

  2. thin bezel like the ones on Huawei Matebook Pro or Gigabyte Aero 15. Thin bezel isn’t a new topic anymore, but most of manufacors cannot cope with it “correctly”. My Lenovo Yoga C930 gets pretty great bezel on top and left and right, but on bottom it’s terrible. In my opinion, till now Huawei Matebook Pro gets the greatest bezel in this industry. Aero 15 is also good idol.

  3. huge touchpad like Macbook or Razer Blade Stealth. Everyone knows that Apple is the best with respect to touchpad. The newest Razer Blade Stealth also gets an impressive one, although a little smaller that the ones on Macbook.

  4. DO TAKE CARE OF WEIGHT RATIO between display and keyboard. DO NOT learn Microsoft Surface Book 2 (15 inch). You will never want a device with heavier display than its detachable keyboard. BUT! It is good to follow another idea of Surface Book: to have a dedicated GPU in keyboard and take care of thermal stuff.

  5. TAKE CARE OF WEIGHT. If you compare LG Gram and Dell XPS (any version with comparable screen size), you will definitely find the difference…

  6. T H U N D E R B O L T !!!

That’s all for now! And thanks very much!


Please make sure you keep the USB-A port - I don’t want to have to carry adaptors around to use someone elses flash drive.


There’s two things to consider regarding weight though:

Taking the V as it is and making a heavier keyboard base (for the sake of weight ratio), the device would be much heavier alltogether. - So what’s the maximum tolerable weight for a 2-in-1/Laptop to carry around all day?

Making a Gen 2 V lighter than the current model (if that’s what you are suggesting) would definitely come with some downsides. Though I do not know exact numbers, most of the V’s weight would come from the large battery and the cooling system (directly affecting performance). Now what sacrifice to make for the sake of weight reduction? :thinking:

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I would buy it, if it featured the new 10th gen chipset

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I think first is solve your company problems and deliver the pendings order and the refunds, meanwhile any other attempt to produce something will have bad publicity.

So start fulfilling your commitments with your customers.




It’s been well detailed that investment is needed to get all the refunds and pending orders processed. Without that Eve would disappear everyone would be left empty handed. The investors have said that Eve needs to show that they can produce successful products before they get help with problems from the past.


We have heard lots of things.

We have heard that people are able to order now and receive within two weeks. Why isn’t that money being used to provide refunds?

How are these devices even available? Are they old stock that should have shipped out over a year ago? Or new stock that has been produced with investment capital?

Two sources of funds coming in during 2019; nothing coming back to those who ponied up the dough in 2017.


I suspect that the number of Vs being ordered is small and the amount of money coming in isn’t enough to be used for refunds. I also suspect that money is needed for other things to keep Eve on track to getting to a position in which they can issue all the refunds.


But do you agree that even waiting nearly two years we can’t receive any product/refund is really make sense on customer view? For those who paid the money to buy a product but he can’t get anything for his pay. I don’t know why a customer need to suffer/trust their excuse and need us to keep waiting. Please teach me how can we no annoying / trust this company in future when we already listened their excuse and still unable to solve all the pass order in last two years

For those negative comments about the paid order they just deleted all the comments to look like we are no any problem about the order fulfill. This action just make me thought that they are not actually work on solving the problem on unfulfilled orders