Idea for a touchpad,... on the backside?


I’m a gamer. And some of us remember different ploys these triple-a companies try to do for us to say “that looks cool enough, let’s play Skyrim on it, and see how it does, because Skyrim isn’t on enough consoles as it is.” Some of us may remember the PSP, Sony’s first attempt on a handheld, which was a phenomenal device, able to play not only most PS One games, but also other full-sized experiences, in the palm of your hands. Some of us remember the PS Vita, which was their last attempt on a handheld, which made major improvements, filled it to the brim with different devices and ploys that boggled everyone’s little minds, yet no one bothered to buy one, because they already had a PSP.

Why am I bringing the PS Vita up into discussion? Well, some of us may remember that the double-touch capabilities, of which was moved over to the PS4 controllers. Something that was used very commonly in a very good game called “TearAway,” was the backside-touchpad, something that was never used for anything else.

I was a big fan of the back touchpad. Some people complained that it was hard to tell where you were touching because you couldn’t see. I personally didn’t have this problem, and it, in my opinion, felt more natural, believe it or not. Chances are, many will not.

This is just a mild suggestion; doesn’t have to be seriously considered, but it would be quite amazing to have such an interesting device attached. I’m willing to accept the fact that many people may disagree with me, but I quite enjoy my PS Vita, specifically from this back-touch-pad, and I’m wondering if others agree. Specifically for this reason, though, I will prevent those who voted to be revealed, as I have been negatively-criticized for my viewpoint on this, to a fairly extreme level (why did you break my keyboard, Josh? It’s just a video-game console, and yes I will never get over it. IT COSTED 50 BUCKS!). If you wish people to know your viewpoint on this idea, you may leave a comment, I won’t judge you. Others may, but I won’t. Others may cause vandalism (Josh), but I won’t. :grin:

  • I support the idea of a touch-pad on the back of the device.
  • I do not support the idea of a touch-pad on the back of the device.
  • I do not have a preference.

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Eve V 2nd Gen: Touch area on the back idea

Are you suggesting a touchpad on the back of the V? Because if so, the purpose/usefulness is lost on me.

If not, what kind of device (other than the Vita/PSP) do you have in mind for this?


For a handheld, it makes more sense. I haven’t experienced the Vita enough to give a good indication of it. Since Sony made the touchpad on the front of the DualShock 4 for a reason. I think that if the touchscreen on the back was better, then it would’ve been implemented on the DualShock 4.

It makes sense for such devices where 80% of the fingers are behind the device at all times. That’s also why elite controllers have extra buttons on the back of controllers, and stuff like avenger controller addon exist.
The V, in laptop mode, won’t be touched on the back, so it’s either not functional or a hindrance. In tablet mode, everything happens on the screen. Some accuracy will be required in most cases. On a smaller screen that is less of a problem. (Try tapping on an app when you flip your tablet over).
The one usecase I could imagine that might have some additional functions is swipes. I can imagine that when stuff like “Swipe for home” like in the iPhone X was implemented on an tablet, touch sensitivity might be adding value on the back for such swipes. But accidental swipes would be a major issue, as well as how you hold the device. Testing would be required to indicate if it would actually have added value.

BUT, i like how you think of new ideas. This might not be the golden egg, but don’t let that get you down!


After having few days of Eve I feel the trackpad rather cramped compared for example macbook pro.
The keyboard is wonderful and very portable. But might it make sense to have another option as larger accessory keyboard with bigger trackpad with better metallic-glass-like surface like in macbook pro. That is joy to use. The recent surface is a bit sticky for fingers.
Another option is to take space-bar away for differrent layout bigger trackpad. Actually the trackbar could function as space-bar …


I would be interested in a usability study of this. Don’t think it’s suitable for mainstream sale though. Seeing the lashback on the “oops” button.