Idea for a new accessory : external USB monitor


Eve V has no other ports than USB and USB-C, so it’s inevitable. If you make it an HDMI display, then first of all it will need external power, and secondly you will still need a USB to HDMI adapter, so why not have the conversion already built into the monitor?


DisplayLink is an external USB graphics card. I think he means using the HDMI (not sure that it is actually HDMI) signal on the USB type C port. So that it uses the GPU from the V, not its own.

However an additional HDMI input would allow to use the monitor for more devices.


That’s exactly what I meant.


Hello @Konstantinos @Team
Can you tell me if this idea could be developed by Eve in the near future ?

As the delivery of my V is near, I am looking for a second screen to attach to the V while on the go.
If it will never happen I will look for another manufacturer.

Thanks for your answer


What is near future for you? AFAIK Eve stated anywhere in another thread that the schedule for a next big new product (not DD) is due to the number of eve employees delivery end of 2019 maybe…


By near future I meant 1 year as a part of the work would already have been done (casing, choice of screen, choice of suppliers etc…)
I know the logicboard is the most important component but it would be almost the only element left to develop.


I wouldn’t hold my breath on this, EVE is already going to produce the Donald Dock and Project B accessories now, and creating a USB monitor wont probably happen.


ok, thanks, this answer my question.


Just because I’m curious: What will be your special daily usecase to use a second monitor on the go…