[IDEA] Business/Boring Edition keyboard (no oops!, no triangle)


So as expected, the keyboard seem to be a polarizing feature. The triangle on the V key, and “oops!” on the backspace key is something that has never been done before in the history of computers, especially in its class.

Some like it on how cute it looks, how its an identity that shows how startups do things differently than big corporations, but on the other hand, people who dont like it got valid concerns as well. Especially on people who’s career hinges on how his/her image is perceived by other people or their business partners.

My idea is to offer a “Business Edition” keyboard (or call it Boring Edition, if you want), and introduce it just like any other local print layouts. That means, it will cost $20 extra. I think people wouldnt mind to pay a little bit extra if its that important for their career.

  • Yes, I would pay $20
  • I would settle with the “oops!” and save $20
  • I actually like the “oops!”

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Good idea. I have nothing against oops! And I think inverted V is anice touch, but I see your point.


It’s a good idea, but doubles the SKUs, right? And I would’ve gotten it for the oops. But I like the V-key actually.


If my CEO or any snr execs had a kb w oops and a V, I’d ask where he got it and try to get that same device. The backspace key was made to correct mistakes…(yes and go go up a line)…aka oops/woops


That would basically double the amount of available SKU’s… And it for sure would cost more than the 20$ of the layouts now


What about buying a sticker. That would be a much cheaper option. I’ve used stickers in the past and they’re not that noticeable.


Or an easier solution would be to have replacement key caps that are either sold cheaply or bundled with the device.

Personally I like the v key but dislike the oops. If there were an option I would’ve gone for a traditional backspace key. As it is right now, though, I think I can live with it.


The problem is that the keyboard is backlit. So, you’ll probably lose that, but at least just for one key.


good point. I’d forgotten about that. But I guess it shouldn’t be too difficult to find.


You will not lose this at all. I have a gaming laptop with RGB keyboard, keys are not transparent at all. All depends on the angle at which backlit is pointing. So stickers would be not a problem at all for those who wanna use them.


Just for clarification - ordering a localized keyboard without the Oops key would set you back $40 then?

I voted that I’d settle for the Oops for now, as I don’t think I’ll order another keyboard.
I see it a valid option though, particularly if Eve considers B2B as one of their future business models.


I think we’re all overthinking this a little. While it does seem to bring many different opinions from reviewers and community members, no one sees this as anything close to a deal breaker. In fact, I think the people who like it are more passionate about it than those who don’t: they seem mildly confused/annoyed. IMHO, creating an entire new SKU, even for stickers is just unnecessary, I just don’t see this preventing anyone from buying a V.


Maybe not the exact combination that you’re referring to, but take a look at the mechanical keyboard groups. There are all sorts of different, wacky, or crazy keycaps that people have on their keyboards. My coworker goes around replacing people’s escape key with a pumpkin around halloween, for instance. Just by looking at https://geekhack.org/ or http://www.wasdkeyboards.com/, it’s obvious that there is a fair amount of interest in having a unique keyboard/


I really don’t think having the business keyboard layout as a ‘language’ option is a bad idea at all. I’m sure enough people will buy it that it becomes worth while, and if Eve ever intends to sell in bulk to businesses/corporations, it’ll be an option I’m sure they would choose.

Right now, out of the 60 people that voted in the survey above, ~13% were willing to pay $20 for the business keyboard; if even 10% of Eve’s English speaking customers prefered this, it would definitely be a good option.


I think he means that this isn’t something typically done by OEM computer manufacturers. Lots of 3rd party keyboards have odd keys, and people certainly like to change things themselves, but it’s something that I don’t think many (if at all) people have ever seen come on the default keyboard for a standard computer.


Had he said “typically isn’t done”, I’d have to agree with you. However, he explicitly said:

Which I don’t agree with (except with the specifics of having “oops!” AND a logo on the keyboard and that’s all). You just have to find the devices made for the right niches and you’ll find customized keyboards all over the place. For example: Acer made https://thewirecutter.com/reviews/best-gaming-laptop/ which has customized WASD keys for gamers. I’m certain there are other niches out there that keyboards are customized for. Gaming is just the first and most prominent niche that comes to mind.


For me, I quite dislike it. But I also made that glaringly obvious while we were making the decision, to no avail. So I’m rather tired of making my point, as those who get it, get it, and those who do not cannot understand why I dislike it as much as I do.

Obviously it wasn’t a deal breaker (but it actually was fairly close to being one) I’ve accepted it.

My main point is this - there are people who really do not like it, but if we had a standard backspace, I suspect there would not be 1 person who dislikes it. They may be disappointed it’s not an OOPS! but they won’t actually dislike it.

As an example, say they had decided to make the keyboard orange. It would still function the same as a black one, and I like orange! hurray! But wait, what about those people who hate orange? Best to make it black, nobody hates black.


We had this discussion already earlier. Although I personally like the Oops and the triangle, I do see valid arguments for being rock solid. On the other side, the V itself seems to have no visible branding (at least the reviews I read) and I think it comes to the cost that at some point it has to make clear who made this device.

My point is Ooops might be rejected but the triangle has to be there as it is.
So I would also encourage the Team to build a keyboard without the Oops and offer it as an additional keyboard option. As the reviews pointed out that keyboards can be expensive I would increase the price for this keyboard significantly (say 60 EUR) due to the doubled SKUs.


There was an idea before to have a separate backspace key (without oops) which everybody could switch out on his or her own keyboard. However, I wouldn’t pay $20 for that :wink:


I like the EVE logo on the V key but would have preferred a normal backspace button.