I want to make DIY EGPU with my existing hardware please help me


I know you might think this egpu discussion again . I have searched many times , surfed web , reading egpu.io , eve community posts , still not sure i can make one by myself , as long as i understood we should open those old laptops base and connect graphics card to pcie lane right? But for now thunderbolt 3 cable is here to deliver near that speed via a usb type c port , if im saying something wrong please correct me , then we connect pricey egpu to to new laptop , tablet or whatever via tb3 cable . Think i have the mini itx gpu , mini itx psu too , then i need case (not so necessary maybe i make one by wood) , and motherboard to connect gpu to pcie lanes and connect everything to each other and then again think i have motherboard too , so can i make egpu by myself ???
Did i miss something ???
Is there any problem or issues im going to face like driver issues or bios??? can i solve them???
I want to buy eve v and i should travel so i can pick these pieces from my pc .
At end can i make it portable???
These prebuilt egpu boxes are expensive and i think Diy ones can be better and with having these pieces it can end up be 50$ .
Thank you for you attention and help.

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You know making something similar to gygabyte 1070 mini egpu in terms of portability.


A thunderbolt 3 port is not identical to PCIe, even though it does expose 4 PCIe 3.0 lanes. It takes software to configure your device to show up as a GPU.

An eGPU cannot be made (to my knowledge) out of a motherboard. A motherboard is designed to connect peripherals to the CPU. Unless you REALLY know what you’re doing, it would be near impossible for you to progrm the motherboard a new operating system to turn it into an external GPU dock.

It sounds like you already have enough to make a regular desktop computer. If you really want to use your parts as an eGPU though, your best option is to get an AkiTio node and add your gpu and psu to it. There’s just not that much hardware availability right now to make your own GPU enclosure (you need a specialty circuit board to make it work).


So nvidia has drivers to support egpu that’s recognizing egpu right?
Then can i buy that special circuit board??
So thats all??


I heard that eve v support’s egpu


The Eve V supports Thunderbolt 3 which has the speed to make eGPU possible. Nvidia drivers are capable of being used for an external GPU when connected correctly. You still need proper hardware to fit the two together.

Think of the connection as a regular USB port with extra speed. If you connected a USB wire from your Eve V to another computer, you would not be able to automatically use the GPU of that computer for the Eve.

There is currently no way to purchase just an external Thunderbolt 3 GPU board. All eGPU on the market have proprietary boards that are not sold to consumers. However, an AkiTio Node is just that board with a metal case. The hardware is expensive, since it is a very high speed data transfer device. If you could just buy the board, it would not be much cheaper.

If you really want to have an eGPU now, you’ll have to purchase one. If this seems too expensive, then I suggest you use the components you have as a desktop computer and just keep the Eve as a portable device until you can get a GPU system that works for you.


But akitio node has a built in psu
You said its just that board and metal chassis but no it wasn’t.
I believe if there was an option without psu it would be cheaper


https://www.akitio.com/expansion/node-lite - for PCIe without a dedicated PSU builtin.

But this wont run GPU’s as it only supplies 25w.


@dunkeroni is completely correct. and change near impossible to just straight up impossible. At 40Gbps, the signal integrity of the bits flying down the line become the primary concern. You’d face two problems - parasitic losses and impedance matching. Basically, at those frequencies, you have to imagine circuits as waves and wires as waveguides. How those waves interact with the media around it is identical to light passing through air. that ‘light’ can be reflected or refracted which causes signal integrity issues.


Its quite difficult… hers a idea. Search up the publicly available invidia razor core pattens and start from there. Be inspired


So there is no option without chassis and any psu?


As in just a barebones thunderbolt to pcie bridge? At the moment no. Ergo the high prices on these devices.


Thanks i just wanted to know that . and as i can see best option is akitio node and for those who don’t have gpu aorus egpu is best choice , should see what will happen .


Make sure you keep your software up to date when you get an external dock. There was an issue with a lot of them that forced the data transfer rate to only 50%, but I think all the companies have released a software update to fix that now.


You’re missing a piece. You need to direct traffic from your laptop’s PCIe lanes to the graphics card, right? Well, the lanes are already wires to the TB3 port, and then the traffic can go “somewhere” through a TB3 cable. But your graphics card doesn’t have a TB3 port. Even if you have a motherboard with that port, I’m afraid it’s a one-way road. Motherboards are designed to use ports as the host, not the slave. Additionally, a motherboard just won’t function without a CPU in it, and if you add a CPU it’s already a separate PC. It just won’t work with a simple motherboard, you need a special Thunderbolt to PCIe board like the one that comes with Akitio Node.


So i should buy thunderbolt 3 to pcie board , let’s think i have both psu and graphics card , if i get skilled enough in woodworking , probably i will make a wooden enclosure too :wink: , actually i’m building my first pc ever :smile: and i’m planning on everything even future . Due to cryptominers , best 1080 option available here in canada is zotac gtx 1080 mini 660 ca$ or approximately 520 us$ , don’t even think of rx vega you know what i mean , by buying this mini card i can use it on a portable diy egpu too for 2019 :smile: i’ll buy phanteks evolv shift mini itx case , 600 sfx power supply , intel core i7 8700k or 8600k ( yes i want overcloak with liquid cooling and i want strong single thread performance for emulators ) , waiting for motherboard , i’m planning to buy next cannonlake quad core eve v after pc , i’ve been waiting three years to get enough knowledge to buy pc .


Don’t build a wooden enclosure. Just don’t. Unless you want your house to go in flames.
What are you going to emulate? Modern processors can emulate pretty much everything that there’s an emulator for without overclock. If you want to be futureproof about emulation, go for multi core performance, because newer consoles have multiple cores. Oh and Xbox One doesn’t even need emulation, it’s x86.


There is an emulator called cemu , it can’t use multithreading due to wii u’s hardware limitations , the more single thread performance you have , faster you can run it , not gpu dependent . And yes i should go for more cpu core and i think 6 core is sweet spot and looks like it’s better to buy i5 8600k . I know ryzen 5 1600 but its single thread performance is not good enough and optimization foe amd is bad .


And about wooden enclosure , are you sure ? I’ve seen people making wooden case , but if you sure , ok maybe just a wooden cover on enclosure , overall i like wood :smile: you know feel of touching wood .


Wood is an insulator. You wont get any conductive or radiative heat transfer to the outside environment like you would with metal. Furthermore, some of the passively cooled devices on a motherboard (voltage regulators, bridge controllers, etc) rely on cooling through the metal ground plane of a motherboard. This ground plane is sometimes aided through thermal conduction through the metal standoffs to the metal case to radiate outside. Wood would not provide such cooling. Though, if you’re looking to bake a pizza with your 8600k, wood would be great.

Oh, and wood isn’t electrically conducting, so theres the ESD issue too…

Its just a huge risk.