I thought it was about time I introduce myself


Hello everyone from the Big Easy. New Orleans. My name is Favio Castan and I am an Architect/Designer originally from Cuba. I have been here at the community just following and reading up on the progress of the V for a while. While I am no expert in tech, i still consider myself an enthusiast and while I may be ignorant in some things I also know that no one holds all the answers or knowledge which is why I love the idea of community driven design. But more than anything I am admirer of good design as well using it to solve modern problems. I made my way here Via windowscentral.com and I am very excited for the V as it reaches its final goals. The reason I love the Community is because its almost like a idea incubator as long as people can have constructive criticism rather than shoot down ideas, i believe no idea is stupid (there are exceptions) enough not to be a starting point to something else that may be greater.


Welcome to the community!


Welcome to the community! If you need help with anything just ask :slight_smile:


Welcome to the community :blush:


Welcome! Glad to have you with us!


You’ve been here almost as long as me. Thanks for introducing yourself, nice to get to know you better!


Thanks Everyone.
Ha @zman888 yeah, i didn’t even check how long i had been here. Safe to say over a year.


Welcome to the community. :grin:


Welcome to the community, glad to have you


Welcome Home ! :slight_smile: Oh i mean our Second Home :grimacing:


Yeah, pretty much. i check this website more than i check facebook. lol


I think most of us can relate xD
Haven’t been very active for a while though… Hopefully I can get back in form.
EDIT: Just realized I necroed a thread. Oops.