I found this on desk this morning 😲


something is lying next to the a bit broken MacBook air:)

Sorry for the messy picture but i had to show you what I discovered at my desk in the morning:) :astonished:

I found this on desk this morning :astonished: Part 2 [China Edition]

All I can say is OMG!!!




NICE! More of this!
And some videos of the thing in action, please! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


:scream: Why do you do this!

:pray: Please stop… my :heart: can’t handle this hype!

Looking promising :grimacing:


Can you show the bezel of the screen? What I hate most about my MBA is the thick bezel.


If you don’t need it anymore, just drop me a note. :grin:


Oh you will see everything on the 21st :wink: Videos, Pictures, Prices… :innocent:


When I buy the V, saying that it has a small bezel, I will sell it :wink:


It looks sharp enough to shave with.


After seeing this, what can I say, what can I say, what can I say?
Only one thing how much for it and does it come in Black.


And one more thing which phone is that lying close to the device in second pic.


It is priceless as it was really developed with you dudes!

It will come is Graphite Gray. It looks awesome! By the way, make sure to ask it in the FAQ!

@ANIRUDDHA_AGARWAL Surface Phone :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Ok kidding! I don’t know :smiley:

We received this tooling revision together with some finish samples so I guess it is one of those :slight_smile:


Damn…the quality and finish…simply stunning :scream:

If I stare reeally carefully…I can see really thin bezels (no bigger than my fingernail on my index finger) and it is only slightly thicker than that iphone behind :sunglasses:


I reckon that bezel is about 12-15mm - pretty good!


Sorry to say but that’s not an iphone


oops my bad :flushed:


These are the bezel I can identify without editing the photo… Something like Dell XPS 13, Xiaomi Mix would have been amazing however…


The bezel are there so that you could hold the device comfortably as a tablet without messing with the touch screen. It was a hot topic in the community some time ago:) If the bezel is too slim then it is real hard top operate the device as a tablet.


Seems cool to me: Tablets need bezels because they are supposed to be hold somehow, in landscape and (!) portrait orientation.

Edit: Don’t know which one is it? “Great minds think alike” or “Fools seldom differ”…? :innocent: