I found this on desk this morning 😲 Part 2 [China Edition]


Today I am flying back to Finland from China. I have a lot of stuff to share. Stay tuned for it.

Meanwhile I would like to share something that I found on my desk in China this morning:

Looks like I keep finding all kinds of stuff on my desk:) Last time it was V prototype I found this on desk this morning 😲

[:fire: HOT UPDATE :fire:] Results of The Team Workshop Today: Timelines, Keyboard Layouts and Other Hot Questions Answered!

The link isn’t working for me :frowning:


Thanks for the video, great to see more progress with the V!
Should we expect to see some more videos this weekend?


Ooops sorry. Should work now! https://vimeo.com/200350290

@Nahkarankaisija yep this week!


There’s another one on your channel :smiley: sneaky @Konstantinos


Yeah my chanel is 5 min old :slight_smile: OK ill put one fun video there :)))


Great to see all this progress on the V.:smiley:


@Konstantinos What size is that monitor? Just for reference :stuck_out_tongue:


Maybe I think it’s from 21 to 30’ :)))


Does V come in varying sizes as well, like 12’ - 15’? :)))


wow that’s a really compact looking eGPU dock


I’m already in love… :heart_eyes:

can i have mine right now?? PLEASEEEEEEEeeee… i can’t wait till march :scream:


That’s Nvidia 1070. The secret here is that it’s not replaceable. As a result a lot of space can be saved


The V only comes in 12’ :wink:

We’d have to redesign the housing completely for every different screen size so we’re staying at 1 size for the V for now.

But if we have the input from the community that e.g. people want a 15’ notebook, we’ll deliver that :wink:


Just a quick question for the Team, do you know yet when you’ll send out the confirmation emails/changes to order emails?


Hey @benej98, there was a note about that a few days ago - did you get the email from Eve via indiegogo it had other info in it as well.

“2. We will send out order confirmation email on 25th of January with instructions on how to pay the remainder for people who bought reserve perks. You will also be able to confirm your shipping address and purchase accessories, you might have missed during the campaign. You will be also able to confirm the keyboard layout.”


Comparing it with the V, it’s probably a 21" 16:10




Ah great, must have missed that mail! Thanks for the response


What price? Also, I don’t think these demos can tell you anything useful about the actual performance. They’re very short and it’s not totally clear what benchmark is running on it - it could be even pre-recorded video (I mean, it’s a possibility, but I don’t believe Eve could be so evil :slight_smile: )