I even dream about the eve V


This night I dreamt I had received my own eve V. I was bragging on this forum that even I, a none-backer already received his device and everyone should get one. I just now realized that it was a dream :frowning:
I know, it is not really tech related, but to whom should I tell my sad story if not this community. No one else would understand. :pensive:

Nothing else. I am just a little bummed out right now for not having an eve V. :sweat_smile:


I know exactly how you feel. I have only been rooting for this device for about 3 months (way after the backers) but I feel my excitement is equal to that of the creators of the project. I want the Eve V to do well. So much so, that I check this forum every weekday morning to see if there are any updates.

We will hopefully be not waiting too long. It is in Eve’s best interest to get the device out there to those that would become brand ambassadors. We will champion the features of the V and market the product better than any advertising budget would.


food for the local psychologist ? :joy:


I totally second that. I said fuck that and bought a Surface Book for school, but I have now a bitter taste in my mouth because all I think about is how it’s no match against the V.
It feels like I settledown with the wrong guy, ahaha


Bro I check every two hours :sob:


Erm, Surface Book is in many ways better than V, in my opinion. What makes the V more interesting is the price… but if you already paid your money, there is no need to regret.


I fell in love with the Surface Book and when I thought about getting a Surface Pro… I didn’t like its type cover, felt it was quite cheap, but It was not the Alcatara’s one.

So I like its display a lot and its keyboard is a dream to type on, but I’m super weak and its weight was bothering me even thought I had heavier laptops before. Those one, I’ve never thought about transporting them, they were always at home. It only became heavy because I put other things in my bag so it was not a big problem.

I like and dislike the 13.3" screen. It was really great to read my pdfs for school on the go, but it is big and I was being super cautious in the metro or the bus. It really does standout and I’m a scaredy cat. Sometimes, I just thought about how ut would be great if it was smaller.

I was using it’s tablet / canvas form a lot. Either to read things, to draw or to watch my movies and it was bothering me because I had to pickup the keyboard as well to have my fulltime battery. It’s tablet battery was roughly 2 hours. I dislike the visual keyboard so I was really annoyed to not be able to use the physical keyboard while I was on the canvas mode like I would kind of do with the V and its Bluetooth keyboard. But here’s again when I was using its laptop form it was fuckinh great. I still try to scrolldown on my friends laptop because I think they are touch.

Sometimes, when I was removing the tablet from the keyboard, I was getting a blue screen of the dead or the screen would just freeze even if all the updates were installed. It’s a common defect from what I read about it. The SB really boots up fast so after a minute I could just mind my own business again, but what if I was doing something important… just the thought of it cringes me.

My last point is the fact my SB was a refurbished one, so the battery was not at its best and I couldn’t buy the MS protection. I’m a clumsy person and for my peace of mind I would have liked to have it, but I can’t afford a 2300 $ i5 / 124 / 8gb SB. I’m a student, I could pay a semester and half with that money. It also costs a lot to replace the battery or the screen. So if I could buy a brand new i5 V for the same price as a Refurbished SB, I’m sold. Unfortunately I’m not sure anymore if V’s price is going to be lower than the last one.

At the end, I thought about keeping the SB and selling it for almost the same price ( hihi. ) when the Eve V would come out. I performed some test and people are sending me message when I list it for 1400, but I wonder if it’s going to be the same few months later. Maybe the SB2 will comeout and the SB worth is going to drop, maybe… maybe… maybe. I still think about it. I was mad in love the SB and every bad points I found could have been endured, but the V kind of seduced me.

I don’t know. Am I being too picky? :persevere:


No, surface books are way too expensive in my opinion.
I think the most important features for students are Battery, portability and build quality. Screen performance come after those three are met well, and in your case it failed the first two, and possibly the last in due time because it is was refurbished.


Yea, if I would really take in consideration convertible laptop, I wouldn’t only think about the Surface Book


Well, if you got a defective unit, I totally understand you. As for the screen size, you ARE going to stand out with Eve V just the same… It’s only one inch smaller, so you wouldn’t even see the difference when looking from a distance without directly comparing them.

I think we can all agree on that point… But my point was that @Celestae has already spent the money so this is kinda not important anymore.


Not to sidetrack the “topic” :sweat_smile: but I don’t think the Surface Book is has the same usecase as the the eve V, hence no better or worse.
But for me the choice of Surface/eve V vs. Book is weight and size. I want maximum portability and with USB C the eGPU for home. But as always it depends on what you need it for.