I discharged the battery too much


You may want to ask a friend to loan you one for the day you are trying it.


Hey there I currently have the EXACT same problem. Although every now and then, Eve V does turn on (about one out of 20 times) and I can not say why. I don’t change anything it just works sometimes but most of the time it stays dark as yours.



See if you can get one with a ground (3 prong)


It’s good idea! I will look for a friend who has an AC adapter.

OK. I will try the startup many times.

I’m sorry. I could not successfully read the meaning of the sentences. Should I check for electric leakage?


So US and Japan are supposed to have the same wall plugs. This image is an example of a 3 prong plug. The third cylindrical one is for ground.
Try to get your hands on a charger that has 3 prongs, like the image above, for the V. I used my brothers HP USB C charger and my V turned on after that.


I understood by a polite explanation.
I have the same type of plug, but I do not have anything to convert to USB-C. I borrow this, or purchase.


I wouldn’t say “convert the USB C”, try to borrow a full charger that is USB one and 3 Prong on the other end. Try to borrow one from a known brand that is also USB-C PD ( a standard for USB C chargers that V is compatible with )


Hope you will get your V working! Sad to see these different issues come up.


The expression “to convert” was incorrect. I imagine a product like this image.

In terms of product stability, it does not exceed the product produced by companies. So, using V as the main machine may be a bad choice. Still, the product made by collecting ideas of everyone is very interesting!