I am Xinjie, just joined Eve-tech



I am Xinjie Duan, new product guy just joined Eve-tech. I am Chinese and based in Helsinki.
Previously I worked at Huawei Finland for two years, before that I was in Nokia (or Microsoft mobile, you know that time :slight_smile: ).

I have been in the community for 2 weeks but being silent, just to learn myself to all the staff about V, Eve, and all of you guys!

Now I am working closely with other team members and suppliers to make sure you all get the desperately wanted V as soon as possible!

If you have any questions or any topics want to discuss about V, or future products, just ping me!

Community Digest 14.08

Great to have you Xinjie. Hope eve is becoming a more reliable employer than your third and second last was… Maybe it’s a sign that your introduction comes at the same time as the new screen samples…


Nice to hear from you! :slight_smile:
Maybe you can tell us just a little bit about what you’re actually doing in Eve team? So we know what topics to spam… I mean “ping” you. :stuck_out_tongue:


Haha, sure! I am mostly responsible for products, means from the initial design to the final production.
Welcome to discuss with me about, for example, technical questions, what features of V you like most, what features you expected most for next product, important details to improve your using experience…


Welcome aboard! Good to have you and hope you’ll get up to speed fast… this is an unstoppable hype train at a very fast pace :slight_smile:


Hi and welcome! Great place to work I bet.

For lots of product ideas this community is an uber rich source. Look forward to hearing your ideas here too


Awesome to hear your on the team. Curious about how that came to be; did you approach them, how did you find them, etc? I find that hires at startups are usually far more interesting than at major companies.


Welcome Xinje! Have you been nicked named yet in EVE?:sunglasses:



I am glad the Team is gaining more and more momentum to get unstopable :smiley:


Welcome - from strength to strength


Great to have you on board! Hope the team is treating you well!


@Xinjie welcome to the family.


Eve posted an attractive job ad at an recruiting agency, and I was tired to working in big companies, so we found each other. Simple as it is😄


Not yet, do you have good ideas😏


Hello @Xinjie welcome aboard, looking forward to hearing more from you :grinning:


what abot afforable high powered ar


Are you talking about a device like Microsoft Hololense or Googke glass?


Stuff like Microsoft hollo lense with the convinced of goole glass
(excluding that battery life)



Welcome, good to e-meet you.

We’ll work on your nickname :wink:



HI~I am dendi,i am chinese too,so i just want to know waht time can we buy the product in china?you know ,the surface pro’s price is not friendly。